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JC3 | Verdeleon 3 Location

hey guys welcome back to Just Cause 3

its George from gamble games and today

I'm going to be showing you how to get

the super car and it's called the

verdure lien 3 and I'm going to show you

where to find it if you are on the first

island you're going to need to do one

thing first and if you're on this island

into lefante you're going to if and if

you just want to get the car then you're

going to need to just liberate this

small town this stuff on tape which has

got a garage so that you can put it in

your rebel drop so after you've captured

this over obviously already captured it

and got a car so after you've captured

this what you want to do is you want to

go to a certain location in Montana and

I'll show you right here on the map it's

this little box on the map it so there

are 3 of these cars inside this white

warehouse I'll just show you where that

is on the actual whole map so it's here

on the big island and yeah so all you

have to do is literally just drive that

also 1.2 take note flour maximally is

the hardest base in the game you

probably know and if you drive past on

this road here you will probably get

nuked so an alternative route is which

the reside zone is to come up here and

then come around and then go the long

way around so that you don't get nuked

in this car so

hold me close till I get up thumb is

belly outside

I don't want always with love

stores which is leading us love is all

we have a trust

through we stands through the highways

some eye shadow to sun rays and

the house

okay so once you arrive at this location

in Montana you're going to want to just

enter the warehouse but carefully don't

do anything stupid because as you can

see I'm in view of the authorities oh

yeah if you're looking for a time there

are also taxes oh uh just in case you

were looking for a time the cars as you

can see are just behind this crate so

they're on the they're just on the other

side of the entrance well if you're

coming from

if you wingsuit then you can come from

any side I came from this side but just

to show you if you came from the road

then you approach through that entrance

and the cars are on the opposite side

and you have a choice of color so I'm

just going to take your in one that fits

my personal preference and carefully

drive it out

and then half a car and be very very

careful not to get in trouble we were

worthy because they were probably trying

oh yeah there's a guy out there so yeah

there then you pretty much got the cars

and then just drive it happily maybe

that there it is

nice looking cup set tree then you have

to just drive it back very carefully so

I mean if you've live racing most of the

there's part then it won't be very hard

for you but so then just set a waypoint

on your map if you just set a waypoint

Brighton primer then it will take you

past Falco Maxima so what you want to do

is start setting some waypoints like

upset what here maybe and then drive all

the way back

so just be careful in that crashes when

it is people and then yeah when you

through the back we have to do is just

put it straight back your gosh yes there

are lots and lots of things like barley

apples and apples

so yeah soon see you get back pretty

strengths garage yeah so just come to

drive back

anyway as I've already got the car I'm

just going to stop here so I Drive

although that is committable long drive

but yeah it is the one last bit of car

and it's probably the fastest the most

agile as well so yeah it is a really

good one to have for races and things

you're probably almost guaranteed five

contour gears or whatever the local but

yes is what it sounds like

thank you very much for watching this

tutorial I just thought I'd show you

because like I needed a tutorial to find

this so I thought I'd bring it tutorial

to you but it's not always going to be

tutorials is mostly gaming but if

there's a thing in a game which is quite

hard to find then I will try and help

you assist you in your finding so yeah

thank you very much for watching this

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