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Where Is Your Chassis Number/VIN Located & What Does It Mean?


hello everyone and welcome to another

video now the other day I was discussing

with a friend of mine and he wanted to

know where the chassis number of a car

is or what is a chassis number and then

he was sort of confused because

obviously he wanted to sell his car and

then someone was asking him for his

chassis number but he had no idea what

the chassis number was or in fact what

the chassis number meant now chassis

number is is like a an identification

for your car so a company when it makes

a vehicle it knows where the cloud the

car is made for which part of the region

the car has come from and what is the

serial numbers it's an identity which is

called as the chassis number now first

what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna show you

where the chassis number is located in a

car and then the next part will be where

I will be showing you what the chassis

number is meant so without wasting much


let's get you educated so now this is my

BMW 328i if you don't know I have

purchased this one so somewhere link

will come your where I you can see all

the details about this car the review

about this car everything in fact it has

done a just completed 13 thousand

kilometres yes and it's gone through the

first service as well so eating up a lot

of kilometres anyway starting off with

there are about five different ways to

check your chassis number for your car

chassis number or the wind number the

wind number is called as vehicle

identification number or otherwise it's

called as a chassis number now there are

various positions so the first way to

check the chassis number is if you have

a registration card for your car or the

paper on which it will be mentioned your

chassis number if you cannot find that a

very quick way to check your chassis

number is

on your left-hand side of your

windscreen and where the dashboard and

the windscreen meets you can see the the

chassis number which is mentioned here

it may be on the left side or the right

side depending on the manufacturer but

usually it is in this region now the

next way to check is inside when you

open the driver side door and you can

see either out here or you may see it

here like a plate which has all the

details in fact it also has a color code

if you ever want to miss one on the tip

to find your color code so there is a

color code and also the chassis number

is mentioned out here and then you can

find that easily now if if you cannot

find out of that 2 as well there is

another way let me show you that so

another way is if you pop up in your

hood I have already done that and if I

just open it up so now usually behind

the engine or the front chassis member

has the the chassis number mentioned out

here in this case my car doesn't have it

out here so the next point to check is

next to the washer fluid the windscreen

washer fluid which is somewhere about

here and then as you can see my car has

this mentioned pretty much out here as

you can see and various manufacturers

may give it to you on this side or on

the other side but it's usually in this

this area that you can see so you can

just find out and it's pretty easy now

the last way to check the the wind

number or the chassis number is to go at

the back now let me take you at the back

side so the next way to find out the

chassis number is at the bottom of your

car so well usually the spare wheel sits

but in my case I don't have a spare

wheel but just this and if you see at

the corners I can't actually find out

but it's usually

at the corner of this this corner of

this side or on that side but it is

usually mentioned out here if which is

you can not find it on the engine side

then you can find it out here so what I

forgot to mention before was that

chassis number consists of total letters

or mixture of numbers and letters which

is about 17 the total numbers are 17 so

that is why and that too especially if

the cars are manufactured after 1989

which is like after that the codes are

very standardized so they had only 17

characters so the chassis number will

have 17 characters if it is less than 17

which is between 11 to 17 then the car

is probably a pre 1989 or 81 when when

the letters were little shorter the

chassis numbers were little shorter and

they had less characters in it anyways

now the chassis number which is right

here on your screen this consists of 17

characters now this is correct this is

actually divided into three groups yes

so three groups and a single letter

which is the tenth letter which I am

going to come to that as well so

starting off with the first group which

is from the first character to the third

character now the first character

represents the continent in which the

car was manufactured so if it's a nation

African European or Middle East or

wherever the the continent is where the

car was manufactured that that first

character signifies that the second

player the second character signifies

which country the car was manufactured

in and the third character represents

what type of vehicle it is it may be a

car it may be a truck it may be a pass

it may be a bike so that is the first

group which signifies exactly the

location and what type of car the next

five characters are put in the another

group which is the second group and that

group basically contains all the vehicle

information the first two characters


the vehicle type what type of vehicle it

is sedan or whatever and then the next

letter the next two letters represent

the the engine type of the car and the

last letter represents the model that

your car is so it may be a base variant

or the top end or or whichever it is

based on that the letters are assigned

and it's all up to the companies to give

them a letter which is in their database

also in before when the continents and

the countries in Group one when they are

mentioned they also every every company

a manufacturer has their own database of

codes through which they identify the

vehicles now moving on we were on from

the first three characters to the next

five and now we come to the ninth

character now the nine character is

basically like a verification letter

which is which is like a proof that is

it's it's it's the chassis number which

has been verified by the manufacturer so

it may have different sort of letters in

it and again those letters are in an

individual manufacturers list of codes

and then based on that they verify if

this is the right chassis number or not

now the next group is the the last group

which contains characters from 10 to 17


the 10th character which is shown you're

in this this this photo out you're the

tenth character represents the modeler

when in which your car was manufactured

now again that that is just a character

or order or a number but again if you go

into the company's database they know

which which your this was manufactured

in so the 11th character represents

which plant the car was manufactured and

assembled in or or more like which plant

the car was assembled in so now you get

all the all the letters from one till

the 11th where the entire car has been

tracked down from the continent to the

country to the plant and also what type

of the car it is the the engine the the

variant and the engine size and all of

it the last six characters are just

numbers and they represent the

the serial number of the car that is the

production number of a car so that is

pretty much it all the 17 characters

explained to you and the next time when

someone asks you you may not know this

but otherwise you may at least know

where to show the chassis number which

is your like about five different places

that we saw so you can see about like

five different places you can check out

your chassis number and also if you ever

want to know what your chassis number

means then you can always use this video

and get to know what it is anyways from

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