find the

How do you find the vin # on an old mobile home

so um how do you find a VIN number on a

mobile home how can you find a VIN

number so now now this one right here

this one's been on pretty much remodeled

at some point or another in the process

being remodeled again so now a lot of

times you can find one you find one on

the on the mobile home car to be

somewhere around the the breaker box

however as you guys can see and probably

the reason you're watching this video is

because there's no property card in here

so lots of times I get painted over they

get removed they get who knows what

happens for them they get misplaced so

I'm and then you know unless you have a

title you don't really have the VIN

number so I'm gonna show you real quick

where they're located usually on every

one of these so if you go to them if you

go to the front of the mobile home near

the tongue usually it's sometimes on the

right side sometimes on the left side

I've seen on both of them but like here

okay there's the tongue of the mobile

home there's some stuff here where

they've been working on it but okay

can't really see it in the pictures well

can't really see it in the video too

well but you kind of see an outline

there of the numbers you see right here

right there okay you'll see like a strip

like that you might have to get some

chalk you might have to take a piece of

paper and do a stencil over it but it'd

be right there by the tongue you can

find the VIN numbers sometimes you might

have to guess and make out a few but

they're right there they're edged into

the frame so that is the only place I've

been able to consistently find the VIN

numbers on mobile homes where I can't

find the tile or can't actually find the

VIN number is right there on the frame

so good luck

look let me know if this uh this helps

you guys just drop me a comment below

here on YouTube