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Where And How To Find Your Vin Number On Your Motorsports MSO Title Request

hey guys it's dirty here from safer

wholesale comm and today what we're

going to do is we're going to show you

where the VIN numbers are on the ATVs

the dirt bikes and the scooters now

depending on the different sizes that

you have they're going to be on

different spots so it's very very

important that title requests must be

sent through the website at say for

wholesale comm ford slash titles if you

do not request your title through this

link you will not receive it you'll find

the VIN number on the unit it's 17

digits long it usually starts with the

letter L once you receive the completed

paperwork from us you'll then go to your

local DMV and register your you know

your vehicle so let's start here really

quick I want to show you on some of the

different H TVs now this is a one time

CC this for the kids EP d and down here

on the rear end you'll see there's a VIN

number here it's a little tough to tell

but on the little kids ATVs this is

where the VIN number is going to be next

I'll go ahead and show you here's a dirt

bike here's a 125cc dirt bike and as you

can see the plates right inside here

this sticky note here you can't really

see cuz it's basically right in front of

the plastic piece here so this is where

the VIN number is on your 125cc dirt

bike next I want to show you here the

125cc fader sometimes they're in

different weird spots like this one has

it up on the front force here as you can

see next here's a 250cc enduro

as you come over here you can see the

VIN number is up here and again the

moral of this story and the purpose of

this video I'm trying to show you guys

that the VIN numbers are all over the

entire unit they're you know sometimes

they're on the front the back side

there's a 50 CT scooter as you come

around this way you'll see that there's

the VIN number again right here and

usually there's a plastic piece that's

over it right here so you can't see

where the vent is again it's right there

so simply close that up and there

have it very important make sure next

here's a t9 150cc scooter and it's going

to be right over here as you see right

there so there you go that's all the

information there on the 150cc

here is a 150 PT ATV and it's down here

in the front of the actual ATV as you

can see there so and that's again if you

if you zoom out and you take a look at

this ATV you can see that this is what

it is so dad that's ones here on all

these units it's in different spots next

we've got a 125cc ATV and again this one

here it's going to be on the back just

like that first one 10 feet see that I

showed you so again the VIN number is

right here on the 125 CC s so again the

biggest thing I'm the ATVs the scooters

the dirt bikes the go-karts all this

stuff is you have to look on the vehicle

it could be placed anywhere in the front

bumper the rear you know to be on the

scooters it's always mostly going to be

right where your feet six and again the

kids Inc TVs got it in the rear the dirt

bikes test has it usually on the front

fork there so again always pay attention

and then what you want to do is forget

your actual MSO you must write down the

VIN number or take a photo of it and

then go to see for wholesale comm board

slash titles and then you can fill out

the title request form make sure that

you fill out the title request form

otherwise you'll never receive the M

itself the reason why the unit comes

with the without the MSO is because for

safety reason we cannot send the title

with the scooter otherwise someone could

steal it and then they own have the

ownership of the item so again stay for

wholesale comm board slaps titles to get

your title process going and we can send

it out to you you know

expedited and we can get that price

process going again thank you so much

again on all the units whether it's a

go-cart scooter dirt bike you name it

they're all in different spots cuz you

got to look closely and again make sure

to fill out the title request form key

for wholesale comm /title thank you so