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Baro Ki'Teer the Void Trader (August 28th) - Quick Recommendations (Warframe Gameplay)

and in a five four three

two one presto change off that oh hey

guys welcome back

as always my name is lazar and as you

can plainly see it's that wonderful time

again it's

pro time so first let's check out what

he brought on pc then we're going to hop

on over to console

and of course i'm going to give you my

two cents on this stuff the brand new

item is

chroma immortals

oh oh no no uh collision force crash


full contact and pogba my friends these

are impact mods

of all things yes you saw right it's

impact mods

and even worse than impact you can all

farm on from the game so you don't need


waste your due cats on these what else

we got ah

hello this glyph alright i got the rug

rug saves it oh my god actually

oh you can spin the rock now check it

out boys holographic mj

i'm sorry that's oh volca rave

you know what this is not a bad sniper

rifle wanna convince for yourself

look at the cards right now for a full

and detailed guide on the full car


it's basically my favorite sniper for

knothide lawns which doesn't say a lot

but it says something prisma also linked

to the cars right now for a full and

detailed tutorial on it it's

it's not great it's i won't lie to you

if you're just interested in super

awesome inbound weapons and not one of

them but still look at the guy trust me

it's going to be worth your while

i hope uh axe a5 what was this again uh

vesta oh my god act bestow prime the

aggvestop prime is actually do

uh worth your time look at the cars

right now for a full tutorial on the ack

vesta prime free door three day resource

booster for 400

cats and 150 000 credits and if you

don't have it i will pick up the cents

of inaudible's blueprint which will

eventually get you

the warframe and also credit booster i

don't know i feel like the ducat prices

are too high

on these boosters but there you go what

can i say uh

i never thought i never thought we ever

needed an immortal skin for the base

version of chroma but

there you go let's hop on over to


and the brand new item for console is a

tiberon elixir skin so there you go

if you're into these type of skins the

alexa set you get one more for the t-bar

now prime smite uh yeah prime smite mods

unfortunately now these are basically

bane mods

for your melee they can add a whole lot

of power on the right weapon in the

right bill but from my point of view

they're simply a bad design decision so

prime skip on all of these four does a

hundred beacon if you're impatient and

you want something from the zanuka like

the detron

like you would need it because there is

a mara that one which is like miles

better so

oh more like this can see this one is

like this one only not like that one

because it's for another weapon

you get the mara that throne speaking of

yeah the maradetron and the prisman


my friends the one of the throne once

upon a time was one of the best

secondary weapons in warframe

it's not one of the best anymore but

it's still worth having in your arsenal

link in the cards right now for a full

2020 updated guide on this one after the

status changes and stuff

the prisma gracata is not one of the

best primary weapons in the game but it

does pack one serious punch and it has a

very interesting argument as well once

again link in the cards right now for a

full and detailed tutorial on this one

both of these weapons are definitely

worth picking up at least from my

humble point of view you don't get prime

mods outside of the smite one so that's

pretty much it i believe my friends oh

if you don't have enormous pick up the

sands of inaudible's blueprint which

will eventually get you

die warframe well heart of deimos is in

full hype right now so i guess we can

forgive the chroma skin as always my

name is thank you guys so much for


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feedback for me

by all means drop it in the comment

section down below

until next time my friends