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How to Get Started Reading The Walking Dead Comics

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make a path presents let's talk all

right deadheads this is just a little

fun video I've really been wanting to

make I am probably like much of you I

started watching the TV show and then in

becoming a bigger fan of The Walking

Dead I got introduced to the comic books

started to read them and I was hooked

however one big problem with people

getting into comic books it is not

simply a comic book there are fat ones

hard covers soft covers there's these

skinny ones they call trade paperbacks

and it gets pretty confusing I get a lot

of questions on where do I start how do

I start where do you buy them what the

hell let's talk the Walking Dead comic

claimer I'm talking about all hard

copies that you can hold in your hand

I don't do anything digital no movies no

reading digital is not my thing I'm

hands on to avoid a lot of confusion I'm

going to leave some special editions out

pretty much I want to give just the

basic concept of where to start and a

general idea of the price ranges now to

start the comic books are in single

issues the single issues are $2.99 so if

you were interested in getting the

single issues look up your local comic

book shop or possibly order them online

in some kind of comic book subscription

and they usually stock the most recent

let's say three to four issues after

that you are probably going to have to

find them online next up is what's

called a trade paperback these trade

paperbacks hold six single issues six of

these go into one trade paperback now a

trade paperback retails for around

$14.99 but you can find them on Amazon

for around nine bucks eight bucks and

I've seen a lot of them on there

the trade paperbacks run in what's

called volumes so this is volume 17 the

very first one you want to start with is

volume 1 each trade paperback has a

specific three word title and the cover

is specific to the trade paperback you

will not find this cover on any other

issue and if you have the consecutive

volumes you can put them together and

the zombie's on the bottom will actually

line up next one up from the trade

paperbacks now I don't have any of these

so I'm going to pop an image on the

screen these ones are called hardcover

books so we have single issue volumes

and books now one book has two trade

paperback story arcs in each book so

that's two of these in one book which

equals 12 issues

am i confusing you so these books have

12 issues now these are only in

hardcover and they range around $35 a

piece and I've looked them up you can

find these online between eighteen to

twenty three dollars now the next one of

the big boy the one I highly recommend

this is your compendium now we have the

single issue we have the trade paperback

we have the book in the compendium the

compendium is the beast this is what I

highly recommend right now there are

actually two compendiums out in the

retail market and I believe in another

year year and a half we will have

compendium three this is where I suggest

you start this compendium retails for

$60 in Barnes & Noble's and in other

stores don't ever pay that go to Amazon

do what I did you can find this

compendium believe it or not if you

watch enough I bought mine for $25 I

bought compendium one and two at the

same time for around $50 free shipping

but this is where I highly recommend you

start one compendium holds 48 single

issues that's 48 of these oh great I'm

gonna have to do some math if there's 48

single issues and there's six single

issues in here

I believe that covers eight of these $15

books you find in here for just $30 so

like I said go with this and the

hardcover books they hold two of these

each so I think you need to buy for

hardcover books like I said out around

35 you can find them for around 20 so

you have to spend about $80 to get the

amount of stories and I'm not trying to

discourage you from spending money on

this these others I know people that buy

them all I'm trying to get you

interested in starting this story I

guarantee you these will sell themselves

eventually you'll be hooked and you'll

want to buy one of these a month to keep

up with the story or just because

surprisingly they are awesome

I love them I have to get the story on

day one I am hooked on the story I love

it it's awesome about a compendium too

they have the real people on top and

they actually yes Rick included on the

bottom they turn them into walkers and

the art is Walker's the top has everyone

as a human switch it around

everyone's a walker compendium too as

everyone is a human and everyone's a

walker now this is your basic you know

basic after this you get into hardcover

special editions or the compendiums you

can buy this is a comic-con exclusive so

this would be like a limited-edition

compendium this was actually a very nice

gift from our girlfriend let me guide

you if you do start with the compendium

financially this would be your best bet

so you buy both compendiums so now

you're up to issue 96 now I believe you

can find both of these for $23

so for 46 that will give you free

shipping under $50 and you got a lot of

reading material you won't be

disappointed not whatsoever after your

compendium - you're gonna want to get

this trade paperback volume 17 of The

Walking Dead that will cover issues 97

through 102 then you're gonna want to

get volume 18 what comes after that's

issues 103 to 108 next Walking Dead

volume 19 march to war that's issues 109

to 114 volume 20 all-out war part 1

that's 115 to 120 The Walking Dead

volume 21 all-out war part 2 that's

issues 121 to 126 The Walking Dead

volume 22 a new beginning that's issues

127 to 132 now this enters the storyline

that is my all-time favorite already and

we just begun it

once you've finished issue 132 which is

the very last few pages in volume 22

prepare yourself I love this this issue

is one of my favorites this is the issue

that's going to end volume 22 in a trade

paperbacks you can still find this

single issue in the comic book stores

and cheaply online just a few dollars I

suggest you buy this even if you have

volume 22 cuz it is great I mean and

then you can start single issues 133 the

newest one that was just released

recently 134 and then what we're waiting

for to come out was 135 I love this

cover uh I can't wait to see what

happens 136 and this is I cannot wait

for this cover this is Carl

this one's saying once you get hooked on

it it drags the nerd out of you I

want this issue I want this cover one of

my favorite covers already friggin love

this one I can't wait to get this one

and like I said from here on out you

should be on the single issues if you

want to do that route I know some people

they wait every six issues then they

release a trade paper bag they they wait

for the trade paperbacks for three

dollars a month I really really enjoy

getting the single issues right around

where I first started collecting I got

both of the variant covers which was

shown in Rick and then Rick standing

over all the dead bodies of all the

other characters this is one of my

favorite covers as well as the one you

saw with Maggie there's a little badass

Karl and then we have the death of Karl

here that's when Karl die I'm kidding he

didn't die there I got you didn't I this

was supposed to be a neat fun little

video it really dragged on I am truly

sorry if you stayed this long please

just let me know how I did explaining

this cuz I'm not a comic book guy and I

really wanted to get the word out there

a lot of people ask me where to start

should I start you do start let me know

up and down below do you read it or you

a comic fan before I mean do you just

read The Walking Dead comics please let

me know what your situation is you know

because me personally I don't do comic

books but every month I am the first one

in line to get the Walking Dead issue I

love the story I love it alright guys

I'm done talking finally it's your turn


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