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"Wallets" from The Leather Shop!


hey welcome back everybody

Jim crane with you today I'm looking at

leather we're gonna take a look at some

of the small hand carry pocket carry

leather goods from our friends at the

leather shop in Seattle these are all

leather goods that I have collected that

I have purchased from the leather shop

over the years that I have used

extensively and so I and I love the

unique designs of these so I wanted to

share them with you just in case you

were unfamiliar with these designs so

the reason I first purchased a wallet

from the leather shop and my very first

purchase from the leather shop was this

wallet right here generally when I

investigate a company when I research a

company I'll buy something small so that

just in case it turns out to be just

something you know not so good you know

I'm not stuck with it and so I I saw

this online this design and I thought

wow that is really cool so I went ahead

and purchased this several years ago I

don't remember how many years maybe

three or four years ago but this was my

first purchase this introduced me to the

leather shop I have since made many

purchases from the leather shop but this

is called the stitch las' palm wallet

and I saw this and I thought that's

pretty cool because I'm not the kind of

person that usually carries a wallet in

my back pocket I usually carry them in

my bags and I thought well that I can

just throw that in the bag

easy but what I thought was cool about

this is there's just no stitching in it

it's held together with with brass

rivets and it holds a lot it's small but

there's a lot of real estate in there so

it's veg tanned leather as are most of

the leather shops small leather goods

they're American sourced leathers

they're 90% veg tanned and then some oil

tan leathers I think they use Halloween

chrome XL so this is a small vegetable

eating about this that I thought was

cool is it's basically one piece of


it's actually - this piece right here is

a second piece but the rest of this all

of these compartments in here this is

all one piece of leather the leather

that's been folded in on itself and then

held together with these really

heavy-duty brass rivets so you have

these different compartments for credit

cards you can stow a lot of cash in

there you can put your receipts back

here and I thought that was really cool

it's embossed on the bottom made in the


beautiful nice little wallet you can

carry it in your palm it's called a palm

wallet you can carry like that it's a

little too thick to kind of shove in

your back pocket but you can easily

throw it in your bag so this is the

first purchase I made I got this I loved

it I thought wow I'm going to I'm going

to enjoy the products that the leather

shop has and and I have so this was the

first purchase that stick stitch les

palm wallet also comes in wings El

Corte oven which is this and if you're a

leather collector you generally have one

item in shell cordovan and it's usually

a wallet or a pair of shoes but this

beautiful wallet and shell cordovan has

just got this really glossy kind of very

firm feel to it although it's very very

soft and pliable but it's just kind of

the king of leathers you either love it

or you're not crazy about it is kind of

kind of shiny but just has the best feel

in your hand so beautiful little wallet

stitches palm oil it feels really good

like this I get lots of compliments on

these when I pull them out of a bag and

someone looks at that when I'm gonna pay

at the register or something they go

what in the world is that that is so


so there it is in the shell cordovan I

think my second purchase was this is

called the this one it's called the bull

wallet and it's got stitching in it but

it's all hand stitched using a waxed

thread so this is kind of a by Fault

design it's kind of unique it's got a

security snap on it brass one you open

it up you've got three card pockets on

one side an ID pocket on the other side

without that plastic film

you don't need that and then it's got

these two full-length bill compartments

in it so that's pretty cool you don't

have to put cash in both you can put

other things in here receipts your cash

in the back it's got a beautiful feel

I've used this a lot you can shove this

in the back of your 501s if you want it

will work it does have this really kind

of cool little coin compartment on there

so if you put your loose change that you

get back at the store you can shove it

in there or just keep some challenge

coins or or whatever in that little that

little compartment so this is a nice

cool little wallet you can see I've used

it a lot it softened up quite a bit they

do make a kind of a traditional bifold

wallet but it's unique and one of the

things I don't usually like about a

bifold wallet is the kind of the

limitations on the design so a bifold

wallet like this when you're going to

put cash in it the its it kind of

pinches the cash down here in these

corners there as you're putting the cash

and you kind of have to kind of put it

in kind of work it in like that to get

the corners of the cash down into these

corners of the wallet but somebody at

the leather shop said hey I can fix that

I've got a I got a design for that so

they put this little kind of

three-dimensional kind of bump out on

the corner stitched it in nicely and it

kind of raises this corner away from

this side of the wallet so when you put

your cash in you open it up this is

wider down here in these corners so cash

slips in really easily you don't have to

you know play with it it just slips

right in there so it's kind of this

convex three-dimensional design on the

inside a contrasting veg tan leather

with four card slots you can put two or

three cards in each one of these slots

so if you have a lot of credit cards

that you carry around you can fit them

in here so a really cool little design

very easily in the back pocket no


cool little bifel that's just called the

bifold wallet this wallet here it's

called the frontier wallet it

kind of a take on a like a bikers wallet

has a little brass little loop on it so

if you wanted to attach a lanyard or a

chain you could this is vege time

leather it is secured with a snap and

that's a buffalo-head nickel snap which

is pretty cool and inside we've got some

card slots we've got an ID slot here and

behind the ID slot you've got a credit

card slot and so you can put your ID in

here you can put a credit card in behind

your ID you can put several credit cards

in here this little slot here is for a

card you need quick access to so your

ATM card or gas card and then behind it

as well we've got another nice big card

pocket so you can put quite a few cards

in there and then the kind of unique

thing about this is the cash pocket

opens really wide so it's very easy to

see what you got in there and it's

really easy to put cash in it so another

cool little design use this a lot I get

compliments on this every time I pull it

out of my out of my bag so if you're

kind of the person that likes to carry a

pocket wallet they've got plenty of

pocket wallets front pocket wallets this

is called the rivet wallet too so again

stitch list made from two pieces of


vej tanned leather and it's got a two

compartment design so you can put your

credit cards in one you can put cash in

the other or just cards in it in both

sides pretty cool very slender profile

so it easily goes into your front pocket

or your back pocket or really any pocket

that you you choose if you need to carry

around a little more stuff this is a

pocket wallet that has a little more

real estate in it so it's a little

thicker a little thicker profile again

beautiful dark brown veg tan leather

snap closure and in it we have three

compartments so we've got a big

compartment you put your folded cash in

there and then two credit card pockets

in the back or you can throw your

receipts in the back nice little design

beautiful firm feel it doesn't feel

flimsy at all and all of these wallets

from the leather shop that have stitched

this is all hand stitched so

high-quality burnished edges beautiful

nice little wallet if you need a little

more room and then one that I use a lot

is this little guy this is a called

their card wallet and it's got two

compartments on it basically and it's

court again hand-stitched and a hallmark

of the leather shop is a little rivet

Det ends the stitch run for security

this little wallet you can easily put in

your front pocket back pocket I carry

this in my shirt pocket because I carry

all of my business cards on one side and

then the business cards I collect from

other people I put on this side and

bring them home so I can categorize them

so this is a very cool little wallet

very unobtrusive in your shirt pocket

fits perfectly feels great and it's

again veg tanned leather so and this one

I have carried for a long time and it is

still in just beautiful shape so these

are just some of the small leather goods

hand carry pocket carry from the leather

shop they are reasonably priced they are

all handmade they are all leathers

sourced in the United States mostly

vegetables and core wines chrome XL so

beautiful little wallets the link will

be below if you're like me and you want

to explore the leather shop you don't

want to invest in a large piece right

off the bat you might try ordering one

of these small little items check it out

for yourself check out the quality use

it abuse it and that will introduce you

to possibly some of the larger items

that are extremely well made very useful

from the leather shop so thanks for

watching everybody

we will see it next time bye bye