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Borderlands 2 Episode 20 The Warriors Location

welcome back to the borderlands 2 let's

play I'm your host cyber copy and today

we're gonna be picking up where we left

off we just killed this giant guy I

don't know if it was an exploit or

bugged what he liked stood right here

while I was standing over here shielding

him and he died he dropped this sweet

sniper rifle that's pretty nice I like

it so let's go ahead and continue on

into the stockade elevator

hopefully it's just gravy from here here

on them levels this quest 28 so I'm

actually almost 28 so I'm feeling I

supposed to be on that yeah just bring

that back down step on there

no we can go up there we go staring this

episode off to the right start

that's probably what was supposed to

happen I was supposed to come up here

and then he is supposed to spawn in but

he spawn didn't when I was down there

and he jumped down and got stuck you did

no no I didn't pull the plug she told me

to do it some reason I still don't think

she's dead

oh it's lag now

no get away

man I'm a tough spot

yeah you got slagged now what need some

help no man

things the end

yep dammit I got caught in a bad spot

EMP loaders just jumped around me and

then screwed me over I had to pop my

cool down this is downhill from there I

forgot to switch my pistol back out for

the higher damage one there we go

why what is fun we move back here that's

what I got a checkpoint up there

it's a long walk back it's kind of

unnecessary oh well there we go now

see that's why I died cuz I forgot

iridium back there that's totally the

reason why I died

let's finish off that guy see him once

crawling away

critically dude I'm paying off your face

there we go yeah I like to slap my wife

a lot more it seems like the sways down

a little bit more from the old one plus

it actually has an elemental damage so

it's a little bit better than a normal I

guess I don't know what's this crap

guess what daddy's

dang it

oh crap can that fly too

as these are cheap

how much left see of the dam

now let me see if this was a little bit


you know - but it doesn't do like actual

cross the damage over time that was

pretty nice I don't know what that was

about but I think everything up here

just grew up them now


full dammit

although I got that I can drop I don't

need that anymore that or I think

actually I want to pick that one up can

use that don't need that Tony D's

but that's not the one I want

I don't care about that one a night job


you just ran up with the cross of rocket

launcher just whatever oh my god I

didn't want to die

what are you shooting at dude what's in

there that they keep shooting it really

you think so you think well uptime put

that point into pistol

wait a minute what's back there really

that was it

you lured me back here on empty hopes

still in the front I really get tired of

money I'd rather have ammo or guns

hearing coming


they put me in a bad spot

Katy's like that

yeah slag you from behind and trying to

naughty target insights I don't even see


ah that's it now

that slag please

slag him up

well it seems to be working a lot better

it's lagging them in then crow so I

think most the time I don't have to you

if I get good sniper shots off on them

but I don't know man

holy crap that is awesome that is

awesome that is awesome


well damn my place this one this guy

right here things cool down loadwarrior

location am I not doing that right now

oh you think a place named Heroes pass

and you didn't check there first

oh my god man who am i working with oh

yeah he's a drunken Oh God

no laser beams I called it no laser


I like this a lot more let's just keep

doing this oh you're dead already

let's get warmed up though

by the way pay me for all women

feel so guilty but it left me with no

choice there's something else that

remembers that wasn't it that hurt


is that other guy drop anything looks

like it

junk huh I think mine's still a little

better wait a minute

my corrosive damage actually goes up

damage per second goes up yeah you know

what I think I will use that one I've

got to 60 this only has 180 so this does

more corrosive damage now what do I have

to go so I'm leaving okay there you go

okay we're good

I'm running I'm not fighting these guys

Rohan where we gotta go where is this

uncle sanctuary

turning the quest

would you look hey can I have that


well I can't kill you

good turn this into motakay we're out

there doing this you just sitting in

here on your ass why can't I turn this


we ghost and now uh don't really care

for this because I like the Jack Lilith

in the war your own hero's past so

that's where we're headed yeah this is

the final fight amigo it is prepare do

it now go check around the city these

people don't have much they still want

to help you okay

let's good tactic the claptrap first

okay so let's not talk too quiet at

first let's go talk to Holmes really

give me money really this drive started

a joke kill you dog

okay let's go talk to edge right over

here that's talk to him real quick

he's the first one in line this again

every time I come here that I had to

watch this oh my god it's like the sixth

time I've seen this one

stop it kind of case okay no damn it

right yeah member yeah what is that oh

that's not that great but thanks thanks

for the gestural yeah whoa what am I

going that it's closed that on my way I

don't want anybody looking in there it's

dr. scooter yeah you are

yeah yeah no oh that's disgusting what

is that no that's okay

hey wait full what do I have that I

don't need what do I have this junk

I don't care for relics I got the best

one already guess let's go talk to Tanis

I guess I should have talked to her

first I don't know why I walked right

past her I was in the same room right

it's like whatever I don't care you're


okay what do I not need I want that

because that's cool good I don't need

this anymore so let's go ahead and sell

that probably I won't use that that's

out of date that's cool that's okay I

don't that don't need that don't need

that that's 18 slots I'm good let's go

talk to Tanis

though I generally have trouble

verbalizing my thoughts into words that

will not utterly confuse or nausea it's

drawn let's see if that hard disk now

surprisingly focused I have only two

words for you perhaps the most important

on Pandora kill Jack here this may help

you in your efforts to put a hilariously

large hole in Jack's cooldown rate yeah

I don't like relics but I'll take it

cuz I don't want to be rude I was just

get yeah well the heck can I get in this

it's not oh I probably had to do psyche

quest to get in there I didn't do it I'm

gonna go by oh wait I was talk to other

people now I guess I'll talk to Marcus

already did that quest wait what

oh okay it's kind of weird to my guts to

say so Marcus that's not why I want him


I want him dead because he's a greedy

murdering son of a [ __ ] who needs to

die screaming good luck here you might

need this

what that looks like a [ __ ] tommy gun

I'm putting that on right now and I'm

using it or to go right here let's go

ahead and replace on that gun with Italy

ah it's not like a tommy gun know what

it looks like it it looks like it what

was there in my shotgun

that's right okay I sell that crap now

all right stuck to hemlock and Moxie

hammer rock hammer lock

well my old friend I wish you the best

handsome blood on your hands and a smile

on your face oh and let's not forget hey

what did you get for me oh look at that

it's even more damage oh yeah look at


14:51 ah just like my old one side

loaded bucks yeah I don't pay for drinks

anyway that's cool I'll leave you chips


tiny teeny little slots then we gonna go

talk to platy

Oh No just give me some iridium come on

I need the radium need my fix what is

that skin sweet in a decent shotgun guys

I'll put that he's a scare quick

no it's almost a radium

whatever I won't get any I'll just go

buy some upgrades and we'll go talk to


all right so it seems like I maxed my

rifle out I believe

so just I guess I could do pistol

grenades don't really use that much

oh wait that's banks look a shotgun or


little 30 that's not I'm not that bad

I'm only 28 maybe I can do this quest

let's go talk to claptrap and see how it

goes I like this new sniper hammerlock

is the best yeah in fact

really he's gonna meet me at Meridian

blade okay whatever uh you know what I

think I'm gonna call that here and then

go ahead and maybe do a couple side

quests and then pick it up later when

I'm like thirty so thanks for watching

hope you enjoyed and see you around