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How To Find The Water Shut Off Valve To Your Home


hi rick patterson with the handyman

toolbox coming to you today

to uh kind of explain

something just that's so simple to a

handyman like myself or to a general


that we assume a lot of times that

everybody else just

gets it or understands but in my


um i'm finding out that that's not true

and so that's why i'm doing this video

to help you

and help other homeowners as well as to

what to do so what i've done is i've

asked where

the water heater is okay so that's a

ready supply

that water would come to okay most

generally so what i did it was down in

their basement

and i just followed the water line and i

followed the water line

to the source and it's usually going to

be towards and

most always it's going to be towards the

outside of the home

now this direction happens to be the


so i know that the water meters directly


at the street and it's going to come

towards the house so that's where i'm

going to be looking rather than

at the back of the house or the side of

the house okay

so i followed the water lines back

to the front of the house and i


found this one right here and it led me


a cut off all right now there

if you look here there's a cut off here

and there's a cut off here

well what happens is from the street the

uh the water line comes in from the


at about my waist height here and it

branches off at this t so one goes in

one direction

and then one goes to the other but um

i don't know which one it's going to

take care of as far as the water coming

in it could go out this way and go to

the bathroom i'm working on

or come out this way to the bathroom

we're working on so

i don't know so i'm going to try both of

these all right

so we know that uh to turn

a unit on you're going to

turn it left okay so you're going to

open it

but to close it we're going to turn it


okay so that's what i'm doing right here


this house is probably see this house

here was built in 1969.

i don't know when this line was but i'm

going to assume a couple of things first


i'm going to assume that this was the

original work

on the home and i'm going to assume that

this particular shutoff valve

was not um touched since 1969.

now if you're that old

and you haven't been touched in a long

time things are probably not going to


just as good as they should all right so

that's what i'm saying about this right


is once you turn it off it'll shut off

but be ready to do

a repair uh on a a leaky cut-off valve


maybe the seats and the rubber seals

around them haven't been disturbed in

that long

and they may have worn so when you turn

it back on there may be a leak

so be prepared about that and matter of

fact i'll probably do a video

on um how to uh tighten

or stop a leak in a

cutoff valve okay so that's one now the

other one here as well

so we know counterclockwise it's going


open it but i'm going to close it so i'm

going to turn it from left

to right and already i felt a drip

in my hand i hope it doesn't

do anything else because then we got

another little project going on

but for right now

i'm going to keep turning until it's off

now i'm going to kind of anticipate a

water leak

and that's a completely another video

hope to god it doesn't

but it's off right now now if you're


a repair in the home because like this

is in the basement

i'm okay turning on a faucet

and letting the water drain out of that

because there's nothing above

in the ceiling because it's just a a one

story over a basement

now let's say that you're working uh

in a two-story house and what happens


is that when you're working a two-story

house all the water some of the water is

up in the pipes for the second

floor and if you're working on the main

floor then you've got all that water

steel in the pipe

that is stuck there and so it's good

at the lowest point in your home

to drain all that water out and open up

the upstairs uh bathroom or a shower

open up that faucet there

and let the water drain through uh

quicker if you will on the second floor

on the main floor

okay so these are some ideas to help you


when you're looking to turn off the


inside your home for a cut-off valve

this is rick patterson thanks for coming

to my video

see you next time by the way before you


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