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GOD OF WAR - How to Get FAFNIR's WHETSTONE (Fafnir's Hoard Favour) - GOD OF WAR 4 Gameplay

treasures for all different realms do

you think that Faulkner went - I'll find

- I do not know aren't you curious

he sounds interesting we go to the

storeroom to collect anything useful for

our journey not to learn more about the


just make sure you watch each other's

backs in a storeroom wouldn't want to

lose my loyal customers


Reavers oh I must have gotten here first


[ __ ]


we are done here

whoa boy

another man that will find something

useful here looks like the rivers made

it inside I hope they didn't take all

the treasure


there's some stupid

no magical treasure no what

keep your expectations low boy and you

will never be disappointed

they caught you off guard I wasn't

expecting them


and useful resources the main reason we

are here boy however these chests have

been emptied probably by the Reavers I

hope they didn't take cities what stone

maybe we'll even find the what step

remember what I told you about

expectations boy keep them off I

remember still good feeling



I saw so I should keep my but always

expect an attack it is a delicate

balance expect the worst

assume nothing and always anticipate an

attack sure is a lot to remember

just don't know what zone and only one

room left I know I shouldn't hope but

you think we'll find it there

so back to piss on my corpse you

ungrateful little who are you - were

looking for a whetstone have you seen it

ah there was one in this room

my son sharpened his dagger on it right

before stabbing me in the back what

little bastard thought it was his turn

to lead my crew I was hard on him sure

hmm guess I shouldn't be surprised I did

the same thing to my dad when I was his

age he killed his own father where is he

now he may be a bastard but he's my

bastard you'll get no help from me fool

then his daddy will help hey hey come


we are leaving


remember what I told you boy or sumn

nothing great father you know half the

story yes you do make quite a formidable


you didn't happen to find that whetstone

perchance we found a whetstone this

dagger belongs to the reader who took it

they took most of the good stuff oh well

here take this in exchange for the

dagger the dagger you brought me is

quite interesting and artless design but

the construction is sound

we're in the temple did you find this

inner ears back oh oh he mentioned he

was part of a larger clan

maybe they took the wood stone quite

possibly I know I've seen this design

before I have a favor to ask just a

small favor really do you remember the

dagger you gave me the dagger stabbing

to the Reavers back his own son killed

him yeah I hadn't forgotten that one

well I traced it to a group of Reavers

that operate out of the North restrung

hold I'd wager that's where they took

their haul from Fafnir storeroom along

with that whetstone that I could use to

help you

another treasure hunt pointless well not

of syndra really can make us better

equipment with that wet stuff plus the

Reavers son he murdered his father

which way


we got here

once you retrieve the whetstone please

take utmost care while handling it it is

a priceless relic after all I still

can't believe the son would kill his own

father that's crazy right I know we only

got one side of the story but come on

his own father I mean I get angry at you

sometimes I mean sometimes yeah a little

but I've never stabbed you in the back

no I imagine not

this clan really didn't want anyone

coming in how are we supposed to get

through there must be a way to lift the

gate maybe with the big water one my

thought is well





when are you angry

what it's me when ah I guess sometimes

when you don't think I can do something

but I can it is not always easy to know

what okay I get it

I'm little where's that what stone I



look here

come look at this


what happened over there

this is the sudden that goes son how do

you know

the sigil it matches the dagger we found

in his father's back

he stood his ground but it was not

enough he betrayed him betrayal

baguettes betrayal my guess young one

muddling his dad didn't sit well with

the others he thought himself ready to

lead it cost him his life

I guess look there lad by his feet the

whetstone yes they used to smash his

face in