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How To Find Your Wifi Password

well hello everybody my name is Joe and

today I'm going to be telling you how

you can find your Wi-Fi password and a

few easy clicks say you forgotten your

Wi-Fi password or you need to give it to

someone you don't know the full thing

you know you'll go on Google you'll

search up how do I find my Wi-Fi

password and it'll tell you to go oh

open up your internet browser type in or whatever it tells you to

do click enter and you're like oh no I

need a username and password with my

username and password and then it'll be

like if you don't know your username and

password try typing admin and then for

the password try admin and if that

doesn't work try admin and try 1 2 2 4 5

and you know you don't know what's going

on you're like I don't remember this I

don't have time for this crap so then

you're like me what else can I do

it's on otherwise what else can I do

then I'll be like hey maybe you can open

up command prompt see what if we can do

anything from there ok what do I do here

what's this mean well we can avoid all

of that in a couple simple steps first

up to do hello Easter Island head first

up we have to do is open up her Start

menu and then click control panel once

again that a start control panel if you

don't see this if your control panel

does not look like this and looks like

this this make sure you click view by

category I just like to keep it like

this as my default once you're here

click view Network Status and tasks and

then here's some Internet's and network

options over here is our connections

this is the name of your Wi-Fi your

Wi-Fi network and then we have our

general info and our properties we need

to click Wireless properties and then up

here at the top click security now here

is our network security key that's what

our password is you need to be an

administrator to click show characters

so if you don't have that you know

click administrative properties and

change yourself to an administrator

yeah so then click the box your password

will pop up and that's that you can copy

it down write it down make sure you

remember it so you don't have to do that

again because you know it's not a very

fun process but I hope you got you've

gotten something out of this little

tutorial it's a really easy way to find

your password without having to do all

this other garbage be sure to leave a

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