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ALL Woohoo Locations in The Sims 4 (2020) πŸ’•

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in the sims 4 but before we get started

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you enjoy it being able to woohoo in the

game has been in The Sims franchise

since the beginning for 20 years now and

it's a really awesome way to fill your

sims fun meter as well as build romantic

relationships and help their social so

being able to woohoo is just awesome and

there are actually 16 different

locations and different ways that you

can woohoo in the game so the first and

most common way that you can woohoo in

the sims 4 is by using any regular

double bed this includes any of the vent

that come with any pack in the game if

they have to be a double bed you can't

woohoo in a single bed that's

uncomfortable even in real life so when

your sims want to woohoo they will go

stand on each side of the bed change

into their pajamas for whatever reason

from whatever outfit they were wearing

and you will see a ton of hearts flying

above until eventually they both fall

asleep for a second and one of them gets

up the next type of woohoo from the base

game is using the backyard Observatory

that you can use to get the logic skill

your sims will go in through that little

door in the observatory and the giant

telescope on top will shake and move as

little hearts fly around until

eventually the Observatory can't handle

it anymore and spins around like crazy

as hearts fly around around it and then

the Sims will come out looking a little

exhausted the next type of woohoo in the

base game is whoo-hooing in space now

you need to build a rocket ship for this

but what you do woohoo in space the

spaceship will fly all the way up to the

sky with little hearts underneath it and

eventually come back down with those

hearts as well and your sims will get a

mullet from woo-hooing in space you will

also get one of the lifetime achievement

badges if you manage to woohoo in space

the next type of lucu that is now

available in the base game because they

did add hot tubs on the 20th anniversary

of the sims is boo-hooing in a hot tub

all you need for this is a hot tub and

two sims who want to get it on while

they are woo-hooing the water flies

around in beautiful heart shapes and

does some crazy things as they are under

the water and sometimes you'll see the

sims pop up and make funny faces looking

a little bit scared which worries me but

that's okay this one who type was

originally available only in perfect

patio stuff but has been added to the

base game so we don't talk about that

but that's fine so now we're going to go

into some of the expansion and game pack

and stuff tackle who's that we have the

first one we're going to talk about is

whoo-hooing in a closet from the sims

for city living

when sims whoo-hoo in a closet they will

walk up to the closet start making out

outside of the closet leaned up against

the door and go inside the closet will

then move around like crazy with

fireworks and hearts until eventually it

looks like the door is about to break

and the sims come out looking like they

were running a marathon

the next woohoo type that we have comes

from both get together or a jungle

adventure there are two different kinds

of this bush that you can have so if you

have either of those packs you can have

this one this is when your Sims go into

this bush and woohoo inside of it you

can also use this as a bathroom to pee

or poop in when your sims are moving in

the bush it will shake and bounce and

move around with tons of fireworks and

hearts and your sims will look a little

bit suspicious as they exit we then have

the sanno woohoo from the sims for spa

day in this woohoo type the sauna will

get very steamy to the point where you

can't actually see anything that's

happening which is good and little steam

hearts will fly up from the top and you

will just see the hearts show up and

then eventually the steam will dissipate

and you'll be able to see your sims kiss

at the end

a whoo-whoo type that was recently added

with the sims for Discovery University

is the ability to woohoo in a shower

with this whoo-whoo type you'll see the

sims kiss outside the shower go in the

shower fully clothed and the shower will

shake a little bit and you'll see tons

of hearts flying around and eventually

the sims will exit the shower looking

excited but also exhausted after all of

the fireworks the next whoohoo type

comes from the sims for outdoor retreat

one of the first pieces of downloadable

content we got in the game where you can

whoo-hoo inside of a tent while your

sims are woo-hooing in a tent the tent

will shake and bounce and there will be

tons of hearts and fireworks just like

all the other woohoo types and

eventually your sims will exit and

sometimes even be attacked by bugs as

they're done now with the sims for cats

and dogs we have this beautiful

lighthouse in brindle today that you can

go visit now you can actually whoo-hoo

in the lighthouse as long as you go

upstairs and are standing on this little

platform this is one of my favorite

types of woohoo because of how crazy the

lighthouse goes like this lighthouse

light is absolutely going insane there's

tons of little hearts all around and

just like exactly what you'd expect from

woo-hooing in a lighthouse in The Sims 4

and the door that you go into who

actually has two hearts over it so that

door is just for whoohoo next from the

sims 4 island living we have the ability

to woohoo in a waterfall this is a

really pretty woohoo to watch because

all of the surrounding areas are really

pretty there's tons of vines and the

waterfall is just gorgeous and as it's

happening you'll see all of the hearts

coming up I really do like being able to

whoo-hooo in a waterfall because it's

just fun to watch and I don't know it's

not that exciting so the next woohoo

location we have is in the money vault

from the sims 4 get famous this one's a

little bit ridiculous but if you put

enough money in the money vault you will

have the ability to woohoo inside of

your money so if your sims are super

wealthy and this is something they might

be interested in you should definitely

check this one out as their whoo-hooing

the money's going crazy and there are

hearts everywhere next we have the

sleeping pod from The Sims 4 get famous

which is a weird addition to the game

and I don't really know many people that

use this in their everyday gameplay as a

bed or anything like that but to each

their own but as you whoo-hooo in the

sleeping pod you see a lot of hearts and

pulses happening on top as the sleeping

pod actually Rises off the ground and

shakes a ton until it eventually spins

and your Sims get thrown on to the floor

and then it will lower and it look like

they've had quite a bit of fun

next from The Sims 4 seasons we have the

ability to woohoo in a pile of leaves

now to do this you have to rake a lot of

leaves they'll start in a tiny pile the

pile will get a little bit bigger until

eventually the pile is this size or

you'll be able to woohoo in the leaves

as it's happening the leaves will shake

what their mama gave them and all of

these hearts will fly up around the

leaves these Sims were even woo-hooing

in the rain while in a pile of leaves

so probably wasn't the most sanitary way

to woohoo but they look like they had a

good time in addition to double beds and

sleeping pods you can also woohoo inside

of a coffin and a lot of the animations

are a lot like the sleeping pod except

this one likes to sway it back and forth

and you'll see tons of like bats flying

off and purple hearts instead of the

regular pink hearts that we get with a

lot of the other woohoo locations this

is great for any of your vampire sins

and it just looks really funny as it

spins and bats fly around and they fall

onto the floor as the coffin will lower

you can also woohoo in your bat form if

you've unlocked that if you've unlocked

that from your vampire power points if

you have two sims who both have the bat

form they are able to actually whoo-hoo

as bats which looks pretty ridiculous

it looks like two bats are kind of

wrestling in the air while a bunch of

interesting hearts fly off of them I

think that's the weirdest whoo-hoo

location in the game but it's a lot of

fun so there you have it those are all

of the sixteen woohoo locations inside

of the sims 4 and all of its

downloadable content I really hope that

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