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Where did the word "Rapture" come from?

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I am Jon Shan height and what I want to

talk about today is why is the rapture

called the rapture why do theologians

and Christians call this event where

Christians are snatched up into heaven

from the earth the rapture where does

that word come from you know there's

some Christians that don't even believe

in the rapture because they say the word

rapture is not in the Bible and then

there are other Christians that believe

in the rapture but won't use the word

rapture because they say it's not in the

Bible so where do the word rapture come

from well it's a theological term and

like many many theological terms it

comes from the Latin root many of our

theological terms come from either Greek

or Latin for example even the word

theology itself theology comes from

Thais God and logos a word it's a word

about God or we would say the study of

God Trinity comes from the Latin word

Trinity us Orthodox we talk about our

doctrine be Martha Doc's comes from

ortho which is right or straight and

DOCSIS which is doctrine or belief

millennium we talk about the millennial

reign of Christ millennium comes from

meal a which is a thousand and annum

which is year so millennium is a

thousand years so theology is absolutely

peppered with words that come from the

Greek and Latin and a rapture is one of

those words that comes into theology

from the Latin in this case literally

the Latin version which most people

would know is the Latin Vulgate so for

example in first Thessalonians 4:17

where the Greek has the Greek word is

harpazo that is to snatch away you know

the Christians were on the earth and in

a moment of time in the blink of an eye

we're snatched away into into the

heavens into the clouds to be with

Christ the Greek I mean that the Latin

has robbed EA more Robby a more and of

course from the the Latin word

the Latin root raposo and from that

weekend our English word rapture so to

make the statement that the word rapture

is not in the Bible

isn't exactly correct what we should be

saying that is well the word rapture is

not in the English Bible but it is a

word that comes from the Latin that is

in the Latin Bible so there's no reason

to doubt the rapture based on the fact

that the English word isn't in the

English Bible here's here's what first

Thessalonians chapter 4 says starting in

verse 15 I'm reading from the ESV the

English standard version for this we

declare to you by a word from the Lord

that we who are alive who are left until

the coming of the Lord will not precede

those who have fallen asleep those who

have died in Christ 4:16 for the Lord

Himself will descend from heaven with a

cry of command with the voice of an

archangel and with the sound of the

trumpet of God and the dead in Christ

will rise first verse 17 and we who are

alive who are left will be caught up

together there's your Greek word of

harpazo and your Latin word which we

translate as rapture will be caught up

together with them in the clouds to meet

the Lord in the air and so will we

always be with the Lord if we were going

to substitute the word rapture there

we'd say then we who are alive who are

left will be raptured together with them

in the clouds to meet the Lord in the


this is the clear description in the

Word of God of a wonderful future event

at which time all Christians will be

snatched off the earth into the

heavenlies theologically we call it the

rapture for more information on the

rapture you can see the link below god

bless you