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How To Find WPS PIN NUMBER of HP Deskjet 3630 All-in-One Printer | review.

hi today's videos regarding HB test at

three six three zero printer how to

print a WPS pin number of your printer

now the first FP switch on the printer

and once your our printer is on we

connect it with our Android device like

mobile over tablet now to connect your

printer with your mobile just press and

hold the cancel and Wi-Fi button for 3

seconds it's real easy now your printer

has entered into the setup mode just go

to your device now in the device we go

to the setting and we look for the Wi-Fi

now here we have to look for the printer

so that is 3 6 3 0 printer just click on

that now it is connected if you if it

asks a password just key in 1 2 3 4 5 6

7 8 password and download the HP smart

app now go on that and look for your

printer on the top if you can't find it

there just press the plus button and

look for the name of the printer and

then click on that now once you come on

screen go for the printer setting in the

printer setting option we go for the

tool section and we look for printer

reports in printer reports we go and

click on network configuration and it

sends request for the printer to print a

page and we'll wait for that so now this

is the page we received and in that page

we look for the WPS pin number so I'll

show you that's on the top it says WPS

pin number and it says it's good for 5

minutes from the time this report was

printed that means it's only valid if

you are using within 5 minutes and if it

expires then you can repeat the same

process and then you can print it again

thanks for watching