find the


hey guys it's Jenny so if you're

installing a printer I believe this is

just for HP printers but it could be for

other printers or if you'd like

reformatted your computer and you have

to reinstall your phone again if you get

this pop-up that says that you need your

WPS pin number to reinstall it or to

continue with the installation process

it says that it's like on the printer or

it's like an instruction manual I didn't

see it there I try printing out the the

Wi-Fi information from the setup thing

it wasn't there on mine so I'm gonna

show you guys the quickest most simplest

way to get your WPS pin number just

follow me we're gonna walk through my

messy house straight to my router

walking walking walking going to the

router all right mm-hmm

here is my Xfinity router I was looking

on the top it says WPS no focus um I was

like pressing that I wasn't sure I could

figure out how to find the number just

flip it over see you're a little sticky

that has like your important information

on the bottom I don't know how important

this information is I'm gonna cover it

up the best I can but it tells you right

there WPS pin and so yeah it's right

there and that's how you get the number

plug it in then you'll be good to go

hope that was helpful see you guys next