Best Place in San Diego California to Fly a Drone

everybody John Cooper donors by squadron

San Diego drunk on we just wanted to

make a quick video and just let you know

we had a couple of questions on joiners

by drone people coming into town

wanting to know the best place does it

fly I gave the best pictures with a

minimum hassle so I just wanted to show

you a few spots and watch some of the

other more popular spots may not be a

good idea if you just want to get in get

some beautiful pictures and get out so

let's go ahead and show you here all

right so this is San Diego easy to see

downtown Mission Bay San Diego Bay all

the way up the coast to Carlsbad


let's hit the satellite view and we can

kind of show you a little bit

differently fill in the blanks a little

bit here but let's point out some

important things here we've got San

Diego International Airport we've got

you know the big passenger planes coming

in and out they're flying out to the

west over Ocean Beach and they'll come

in over downtown San Diego through this


another big airport and I asked North

Island there again usually taking off to

the west here and coming in from the

east and these could be anything from

cargo planes two f-18s point loma this

is all military installations from you

know back in World War two

there we got Mission Bay and we were

just talking about Mission Bay and

Fiesta Island here just island here

we've got La Jolla and Torrey Pines Del

Mar so another important thing to check

out is

Meryem are you silent aapke and it is a

big giant these are all f8 teens very

fast jet so usually again taking off

towards the west into the wind and

coming in from the east over scripps

ranch here so we've decided to fly

tomorrow and our meet up at la jolla

cove we really enjoy the first of all

it's Glass G airspace this is all you

know what let's look at what it looks

like from a manned aircraft point of

views alright so this is a aeronautical

chart this is what manned aircraft use

to navigate get around there's a lot of

information in here but with the PDF

it's pretty awesome we can actually

really zoom in and get into some detail

here so here's my quick primer there's

so much to learn about this of course

but quickly these blue lines designate

different Class B airspace the dotted

blue lines represent different Class D

airspace class there's Class A which is

basically airspace above 18,000 feet

Class B which we say busy that's most of

our big airports and you know military


there's Class C which we don't have

really any of in San Diego Class D which

is some of our smaller airports

there's class key and then Class G is go

Class G is basically open airspace

anything goes

and that's where we're going to want to

concentrate on so a little bit about how

to read this let's go in a little bit

basically I guess these blue segmented

areas are different areas of Class B

airspace which is some are controlled by

Miramar so I'm they're controlled by

North Island some they're controlled by

Limburg so as you can see this area here

wants us from the surface to 10,000 feet

you want to always want to add two zeros

onto these numbers to figure out what

it's saying this one here is 1,800 feet

to 10,000 feet 3,000 feet to 10,000 feet

3,500 feet to 10,000 feet so Class B

airspace ends at 10,000 feet

that's not much reason for you to know

that because drones can only go to 400

so we're looking for places that are

Class G up to 400 feet so as you can see

here a lot of San Diego is right out

that's surface to 10,000 feet here's

this is all surface of 10030 surface to

10,000 here you can see how the

airplanes are flying in you know this is

3,500 feet 3,000 1,800 get slower as the

airplanes are descending and coming in

and of course landing and taking off

this is Ocean Beach Sunset Cliffs so you

can see all of this requires some sort

of authorization notification anything

within five miles of an airport

obviously but this is for sure Class B

airspace but if you notice past this

blue line here something interesting

happens now of course this is Miramar

and this is Gillespie and they're their

own air spaces but pretty much past

crystal pier as you can see this is all

designated Class G we

outer space right here starts at 1800

feet right here starts at 4800 feet this

air space here is Class G from 18 v 1800

to 3200 and then again from 6800 to

10000 feet right here 6,800 feet so

where as you can see basically from

Crystal Pier north all the way until you

get to Palomar this is all Class G

airspace Class G means go and drones are

okay and welcome there's only one part

we were talking about earlier Torrey

Pines is an ecological preserve so they

technically don't allow drones anywhere

around Torrey Pines or the the slough

around there is a drone free area

because of the animals be aware that the

Park Rangers will come and find you if

you're flying up here but now this

brings me to where we've decided to fly

for our flying tomorrow la joya which is

basically Mount Soledad all the way up

through Torrey Pines is all class G's so

Google Earth is Mission Bay again we're

really looking for anything north of

this is called the vor vortac this is

how airplanes navigate or how they used

to before GPS but basically anything

past the Crystal pier here is Class G

airspace and here we are here with our

drone coming up tomorrow we decided it's

hard to choose between this particular

location and my other favorite spot to

fly out here in La Jolla first of all it

is really the perfect place of to fly a


I think it's the most picturesque beach

in the world really cool residents in La

Jolla they don't freak out when you

photograph their house they've been

doing aerial photography since before

airplanes were even invented with

balloons and such but basically this is

La Jolla Shores here there's a nice

little area to take off from this park

but we are going to be here at by the

cave store as you can see this is

Prospect Avenue I believe here then you

do the little turn off and this is the

cave store they call it there's actually

a cave you can go down and come out on

the other side and you can walk all the

way underground and forget where the

actual entrance of the cave is but lots

of cool history there but we will be

meeting right here it's nice a little

patio deck area we can launch from and

we keep people away from our landing

zone I will be busy because it's spring

break and really it's busy all

throughout the year if you're visiting

San Diego but we usually Park here in

this parking with the street parking

here and yeah you can pretty much go all

the way out to the children's pool

without losing the line of sight of your

drone so yeah we look forward to meeting

everybody and seeing everybody give me a

direct message if you have any questions

at all or if you want to fly somewhere

else in San Diego that needs

authorization or you might be close to

an airport again we're more than five

miles away from any of these

airports we are we're close to a glider

port but obviously we keep them in mind

and of course there's the low-flying

sightseeing aircraft we always want to

stay out of their way and land


you know it's never a a legal to go

above 400 feet and it's never legal to

fly directly over person our crowds but

yeah keep it tuned here San Diego drone

con drones by squadron and we'll see out