hey what's up guys I'm back again what

about the drone video today I got my

drone back and I'm super excited the

guys so high that I got my Phoenix drone

back I actually had problems the first

time I got this drone

I mean my guys don't remember that oh

yeah go check out my other video this is

the Phoenix drone it's a cooler drone

here I actually seen a lot of cool

videos on his drone flying but I

actually had problems with my drone the

first time I actually got to fly but I

think it's a joy so hopefully if you get

to enjoy this one and I'm box this thing

and show you guys what this thing looks

like inside so let's take a look inside

of this box and as I'm check out this

drone here you're not gonna be able to

fly it today because it's very windy

outside today today I'm down in

Pittsburgh I'm here visiting my brother

for the holidays so I'm hearing this

burn is very windy out there and it's

dark right now so you're not gonna be

able to fly this thing so tomorrow if

you're gonna fly this thing and see how

she flies so today we're gonna have to

charge up so once we unboxing this thing

we're gonna charge it up the battery

actually takes right I think was about

four hours to fully charge up the

batteries on this on these two long

batteries that comes with it so they

gonna charge this thing up for hours

left charge up so tomorrow we could be

ready to fly this thing up so is I'm

about to sing and show you guys what it

looks like so let's open it up

I'm excited guys over here I decided

with me

let's see why I see this called Roderick

case it's Kruger case right here that it

comes with carbon fiber baby

that's very lightly heavy duty and that

guys haven't seen my last video it's

actually gonna be the same thing I'm

boxing it but we actually gonna get the

flattest thing not today but tomorrow

we're gonna fly

stay tuned to the end of this video I'm

gonna 5-inch on it's gonna be tomorrow

but not tomorrow - yeah guys so stay

tuned if you're gonna fire to sing

tomorrow and this is the front of the

box share power that looks like a

close-up this is the side of the box

where they fold it up is how it looks

when you close it and this is the other

side here explaining to you about the

camera and stuff like that and I'm this

is back here

and now let's get to the good stuff and

Snyder's carbon-fibre case here they

drone find it open it sounds a happiness

we got our drone back so you know these

phones gonna come out crazy so hopefully

this thing flies right and we get some

cool phones for ya guys let's show that

guys what this thing has to bring inside

it goes the drone it's the cool drone

here you go open these things up here

and this is what it looks like without

the battery it's a cool drum here got a

nice little camera here with a nice

little stabilizer to keep stuff a little

bit study when you when it's in the air

when it's flying um this actually got

some good thumb camera guy HD I think it

has I'm not mistaken we check on this

just says HD video so I think was like

the 1080p I think was the recording on

it but it does have some good record and

see some cool videos on YouTube or about

this thing fly so we're gonna fire ours

and I'll show you guys our film you're

sure that guys how this thing flies I'll

show you gotta see what it looks like

with the videos from neck so it's

finished unboxing this thing get your

guys closer this looks like

two batteries this is the batter for the

time you actually clipping this into the

back of this and this is what it looks

like with the battery on

true here guys

kind of looks like his use it's already

had a couple scratches on here which I

could see on there he's my first time on

boxing this thing and uh yeah little

upset actually bought this drone new I

didn't buy used rum so why do I have

scratches especially the drone the first

time wasn't my father where I got my

stuff is having some difficulties and it

just trying all crazy they were trying

to stop in it um see these little

sensors in the bottom he's doing sensory

supposed to UM put your hands on him is

supposed to shut the Joe them off or if

you flip it upside down supposed shut

the John wall or P tilde sideways will

shut the drone walk well my old drone

wasn't doing another day I'm actually

shut the control off by the power Brian

that's only patrol this little bite here

I actually shut this thing off and the

drone was still go crazy like this plane

Hollis was flying out of control I had

to actually flip this thing upside down

sticking it to the floor like this into

the dirt just weren't crazy and it was

like a nightmare that day I actually got

cut myself with this thing so hopefully

we don't deal with that with this one so

hopefully we don't got to deal with it

and I'm just checking out the boxing

it's another little charger here I mean

this is the charger that charges the

battery you got up the battery on to the

air charged a screwdriver in there and

that's that's to change colors and stuff

so they actually funds what a box here

and that was and then because with the

wire also a charger it's pretty much it

a little zipper here it is actually some

structure here this is a couple little

instructions here to book for the draw

so we need to know anything about the

drone this book right here will tell you

but it's a lot of reading nobody reads

books no more everybody on once

you see then find things out from there

so guys check this thing out tomorrow so

this sort of thing looks like it's

actually not gonna be tomorrow to y'all

guys but today's gonna be tomorrow so

see you guys in a few out a few minutes

and uh you gonna find a thing out so

when I just think charged up it's taking

four hours to charge think up so I'm

gonna charge up and I see how guys once

I get out there and I'm fly these things

to show you guys what if phone looks

like the videos quality honest thing

looks like then oh yeah hopefully she

flies good and hopefully have a good

time and I'm gonna get some cool phones

out there we in Pittsburgh so hopefully

we get some cool little sites around is

over here so this is my finished job and

I'm happy I got it back so let's see how

this thing works

hey guys today you didn't give this

thing a try so I'm just try out this

Phoenix drone let's give it a test we

were right here in a Philadelphia

section now when we first started

interview in this video about this drone

here we was in Pittsburgh but the

weather was over there it was very windy

and it's very cold so today we got

testing out and Philadelphia sexer so

just give it a child for the first time

I'm actually gonna get to fly and I'm

really good to review this thing so it's

just this cool little thing out I gotta

see that cool little camera and I think

is very cool reverie like we thought

does have a little weight to it but it's

not very heavy but

let's give it a try

and we getting us started now the guys

can see that thing starting nut right

there and you put this camera little

losses I guys see it

and we're about to take off with this

thing so start it back up again

there she goes back on and it's takeoff


right here

the night of the fire


city right there

see the bridge

is that this can

I'm actually going higher

we'll take the thing back to the house

and offer this

once her computer honey I got the senior

right there but he actually took a

hammer down

thank you guys feels like there


once we get home we gonna edit this

thing I see what it looks like but the

thing just filming very good it's a

little bit

we really beautiful when I'm female here

on the camera as we looking at us up on

the camera on the phone

and that's it so you know I'll see what

this thing looks like once we put on a

computer and I'm hopefully the course

correct as it's gonna be our new little

drone flying ramp and I'm enjoying it in

the middle of the woods get some nice

little clips out there in the nature and

um yeah that was a nice local truck

doing what time yeah if this still flies

nice and good will it take off so a shot

off one more time to take off some stuff

and I do not remember

that'll must be low but he's acting up

right now

it's a coffee let me do it again

so here

he's very cool

I'm gonna take it out a little bit

further out about to see over there

all over

we don't bring it back to us

yeah guys this is a cool drum here

I recommend this room if anybody want to

get a cool little drone for good price

the drum is only 250 dollars at a local

Walmart and um yeah this is the Phoenix

drum it's very good drum and I'm gonna

see once we get home how does recording

really is and that guy's gonna see also

so this is cool control comes with here

a bunch of foam right on top of it this

is my iPhone and it's just there nice

and perfectly fine I had to take the

case out cuz it was a little bit tight

with the case so kept slipping up so

once you take the case off your phone

and you put it on there and actually

holds your phone very good but this is

the finish strong

and not able do review so far about it

so let's go ahead into the video and see

what it looks like