flying to bali alone cause i got cheated on (i met another guy there lol)

hey guys it's my family here so as you

guys know I went to Bali with my

boyfriend back in November but um

newsflash he's not my boyfriend anymore

because he cheated on me but you guys

heard you know about that I posted lots

of videos about that I need you shut up

about it you guys don't really know what

happened after though and I never really

told you guys so I kind of want this

whole thing and then never put it up so

this was going back in January and I

want to emphasize that because there was

no tribal bounds or anything like that

but I ended up losing my air pods and

then I bought another pair and I was

really sad about it anyways so if you

guys are wondering how I got there

basically paulie's my favorite place on

earth and I didn't wanna have a bad

memory because he went there with me so

I decided to book a flight at 5 a.m. and

then leave the next day to Bali and

travel 27 hours alone it honestly wasn't

even that bad it was better than

traveling with someone that was cheating

on you the whole time you know what I

mean so I got there I was trying to just

by me alone but then the next day I went

to this waterfall which I don't know

being my favorite waterfall saw these

really cute boy started talking to them

and then hung out with them that night

and then we just kept talking and then

realized we had a lot in common so we

ended up hanging out a lot and then

exploring Bali Taylor we ended up doing

a lot of fun things together which I'll

show you guys in the vlog like cliff

jumping and water signs was something

really weird happen because this seems

straight out of a movie we're driving

right and wrote ped and started pouring

rain oh he pulled over it literally

seems sharing a movie I think fell into

place it kind of seemed meant to be so

if you guys are wonder what happened

next keep watching the vlog hey guys

it's my family here good morning it is

currently 6:00 a.m. volley time which is

3:00 p.m. time back at home but I just

woke up and I went to sleep at like 9

p.m. yesterday because I was feeling

sick and I thought I had the coronavirus

little did another three months ago

you'd be a little worldwide pandemic in

the whole world we shut down today I am

in Changu and I'm not too sure what I

want to do yet don't know there's a

couple different parts of Bali

right now I'm in Chengdu and then

tomorrow I'll leave to the Gili Islands

which is like Islands were these like no

motorized vehicles so you like get

around everywhere on bike and horse and

I've never been there but I wanted to go

there so much then I head to a wood for

the rest of the time be Tango's more

like the city light so I don't really

have much plan for today I just wanted

to stay here just like chill relax for a

bit and once I get new but it's like

waterfalls and all that so I'm gonna get

ready and then we'll go out to the pool

okay hi oh this is foggy hi okay if the

careful all these bad is because it's

like fogging up already and I have my


here is my breakfast and it's just like

sammich it's like some instructors and

now I'm going to eat and then see what

I'm gonna do after know what I'm gonna

do I'm just trying to chill and relax

this is like my first ball the tremors

like trying to just relax as most


it just shows like already minutes to

about this waterfall looks fake and the

waters really warm really are diluted no

broccoli feels like man-made if that

means but I went and swam in it and I

didn't drown

the next Melanie hi guys okay so it is

February first

I think yes a February first and it's

currently 538 am you guys probably hear

the Roosters or whatever the Frick it is

making noise day I am gonna go to the

Gilly eyelids which I've been wanting to

go for so long I've been here four times

that I haven't been able to go there but

I've wanted to go there so logically

there's three islands I'm gonna go into

gili t which is like the most proper but

there's no like motorised vehicles

really you just go around on forests or

like really excited I also just never go

to the beach when I'm in Bali which is

really only meant to the beach of Y the

whole time I was involved it was the

first time I was here so that's like

insane I'm just usually chilling on

waterfalls or something

but I'm checking out of this villa this

one was really cool I've always wanted

to stay like in like one of those blowup

bubbles but I didn't want to stay in

like an actual blow bubble because those

songs show you might be like messy and

it just doesn't look as nice as it did

when I got here because I messed it up

and it's all so dark outside can't

really see it there's like a cool title

of and then you know there's like the TV

that I never ended up using then you

kind of just walk around in a circle

here's the bathroom

Wow so frickin cool about to get picked

up to go to a port to go on a boat to go

to the island okay I'll see you guys

when I'm next time I see you

so my driver arrived and then we drove

an hour to the boar and then I hopped on

the ferry and I just hand all the time

but then I booked another flight to Bali

for March 31st to April 12th but

obviously I didn't go and then I got on

the island and hopped on horse and

carriage that's the only we can get

around and then I wouldn't the pool and

blossom Madison beers for it's like hell

hi okay so I just arrived in gili t

which is gili trawangan already I'm so

excited to be always one to go here but

I just never really hear anything I love

this place like I really do so this is

my villa I'll show you guys I already

went swimming for a little bit just cuz

it was so hot so this is just the pool


and then my room sorry if you hear that

noise in the background I'm going to

head to the beach now I'm gonna go bike

to the southwest Beach which is only 1.5

kilometers away so I'm really excited to

go ten anyway second time on the beach

ever go into Bali so okay I biked to the

beach and oh my god it is so nice like

biking and it's like no one's yet it's

so hot I do not do well in the heat like

I'm dying I just got some fish and chips

and I'm tanning right now let me show

you the beach the water is so clear and

no one's here I don't get it okay update

it's thundering if you guys can hear

that I just took the fattest now like

the fattest nap you know those now after

utan and like you're exhausted you take

nap as a car so this I hit my head on

the pool okay I usually open my eyes

underwater and the one time I don't I

bought my head on the pool but I'm gonna

go get some pizza right now and then the

weather is not the best it's cloudy out

but the thing is it's still hot we gonna

rain soon a few moments later yeah next

Melling good morning so it is the next

day and I meet a catching us up so this

morning I woke up at like 5:00 I hopped

on a private when I went to go

snorkeling so I went to these like

underwater statues which were so freakin


there was only a couple people there

wasn't really early I didn't bring my

GoPro which just kind of sucks but so

nice and then after that I went to go

snorkeling with Turtles and there was so

many turn and I got really close to them

but I never actually touch them because

I don't want to do that and then I hop a

boat and then I went snorkeling to go

Sea World

so now I'm on an island called gili meno

which is literally like a kilometer away

from the Gili Island that I was on the

floor eating here and then I'm gonna

head back and probably shower and then

head to the beach the next day the next

day I hop back on a ferry I went back to

Bali but this time I was in ubud and I

went to this new Villa and oh my god

it's probably one of my favorite villas

ever the people there are so nice and

the place was just so nice in general

I'll leave it down the description box

if you guys are interested but I'm

definitely going back there when I go to

Bali next time but then I just kind of

drove to waterfalls by myself if you

guys don't know I'm absolutely in love

with waterfalls I have a waterfall

tattoo and waterfalls are like my

favorite place on earth


the next day I drove through this

waterfall which ended up being my

favorite waterfall out of the whole trip

and I saw these really cute guys and

decided to talk to them and we actually

had a lot in common so we ended up

hanging out that night and then we

decided to travel Bali together so here

we go you're the clip hi okay so it's

much later now I'm at a villa that's not

mine I'm with three other people that

weren't here before basically I went to

this waterfall today and then I was like

doing nothing and then I started talking

to them it turns out that they're 18 and

drop on student so I was like oh my god

I'm starting hanging out and then here

we are now and then tomorrow we're gonna

go on a tour yeah crazy how life works

eh oh my god but today we're gonna be

doing this tear that we I mean I've done

four four times now but they've never

done it so our driver is coming right

now hungry and I've been up since 4:30

a.m. but we're not gonna talk about it


okay so we just drove like an hour and a

half to the location we're here but the

thing is you have to like walk down

actually to the location and I don't

want to do that I requested to get a

motorbike to drive me down there because

I am so lazy and you guys know I'm lazy

but like I'm telling you I am so lazy so

that's what's gonna happen I just want

to mention that physically pains me to

do exercise I don't know why but it does

and that's why I can't breathe whenever

I got this here also it was a really far

walk and then after we got the mopeds

Jarvis there the boys were like oh my

god I'm so glad the drivers to drive is

there because it was really far I was

like two three kilometers okay so we

just stopped to drink coconut water

I don't drink coconut water I actually

hate coconuts and eat fruit so after

this we're gonna go to a natural

waterslide we have watching my

volleyball Explorer it's in every single

wine so much fun but my phone is crashed

yesterday I was driving a moped then I

put it in like little cup holder and I

hit a bump and it was on the highway and

it fell out and I'm surprised it didn't

get whoopsies [ __ ] and I'm surprised it

didn't get ran over so I had to stop my

moped off the road and I I had to get

all my moped jump on the highway and

stop the traffic to go get my phone and

it's so crazily it's like still word I

can't like bring it underwater with me

anymore because it's cracked okay so

like I've mentioned a lot of laws these

sewers that I do are with Bali

customized series and you guys have

probably seen really popular youtuber

named las along to this really the best

here in Bali but you can do I've done

this four times because it's so good I

literally never get so if you guys want

to go this two-hour hit up all you

customized tours literally just texting

you guys are planning to come to Bali

and have no idea what to do just text

them on whatsapp and they'll literally

do anything you want range boat rides or

anything you want to did them up though

we down write a search box below

yeah it's so nice

behind the scenes so I'm going to eat

[ __ ] I'm gonna eat [ __ ] I'm gonna eat

[ __ ] Wow hey so let me show you my Crocs

off because it wasn't aesthetically

pleasing but I'm over here wanting to

[ __ ] died because it hurt so bad oh my

god you're such a model I have literally

have a dip in one picture yet and then

v's out here just taking so many sorry

strap I really got the Instagram shot

later you also wanted this curved shot

no I don't know what you're talking

about but Gopal my Instagram if you want

to see it so we just finished the

waterslide I went back around and holy

[ __ ]

it's scary photos so my last vlog you

guys saw that there was cat but these

are the same cats and they're so cute

there's so small oh my god here we go

again Instagram model for flying the

drone and I flew my drone and actually

kind of learned how to use it for the

rear side I'm not like - useless anymore

are you for real

no but now we're like the cliff it's not

tall at all and I'm just so afraid of

heights and I'm a [ __ ] he's like a

professional skier and like they both

did like crapple beam tricks and shovel

yacht so they're gonna be good at this

and I'm gonna be [ __ ] at it it's just

kind of how everything always goes with



so they're all during flips I'm not

because I'm going to eat [ __ ] and I'm

afraid of heights but like look at this

quality Mayfield I have abs like I don't





movie Anya and I can't [ __ ] swim

you're awful

my camera died show you what goes

through the process so every place we go

we stop or at least like at least 45

minutes just looking at all their

equipment out take a bunch of shots so

right now he has a gimbal with this

camera he has a GoPro and then he has

another camera and then they're probably

gonna use a drone after and it's just so

much work



so we just finished up with this way but

now we're gonna eat because we're hungry

and we haven't have a brush to say and

I'm starving and I can't even walk

upstairs what I have a lot of interviews

so if I have no energy I'm probably

gonna be stuck down there for the rest

of my life

but cheers know I've never had an energy

drink in my life and he's addicted so

after we eat these cover ramen noodles

we're gonna go down to the waterfalls

which is like these chairs are the

steepest stairs ever but the waterfall

is so earth it's like the tallest

waterfall on wall-e and then after the

back up the stairs I'm gonna die and

then we're gonna eat food again these

stairs are so cheap it doesn't look like

it's the phone camera doesn't make it

look like it but my legs are shaking and

I want to die from this angle you can

even see the end of this one or it

starts like brah

the next day hey guys okay so it's the

next day at currently 7 a.m. and I woke

up at like 4:30 and I slept for like 2

hours which is not me at all because you

guys know when I'm at home I sleep for

like 13 hours straight I will compare

leave this morning hour at the rice

terraces and I've never been to a

specific rice terraces in Bali like

there's like these popular ones cuz like

baby rice terraces are harvested right

now and it's been harvested every time

I've been here so I just have to be

worse lockers we should like make every

different juice okay yeah alright so

there peer pressured me to vlog because

they say that I'm a bad vlogger which is

I feel like you don't give a [ __ ] about

what I'm doing but right now we're

finding the jar I'm not flying the drone

I can't fly very but he's lying the

drone I told you no this does not tickle

why not

because it doesn't take a look somewhere

oh oh 1:00 p.m.


okay so it's the next day now I just

want show you guys where I've been at

the last couple days because they

offered me a place to stay for free and

I've actually been here we times the

first two times I actually paid with my

own money and everything like that I

love this place it's the only place that

I've like stayed that's like an actual

religious they have villas where there's

like no room service like no restaurant

in the villa no spa or anything so I

definitely think that staying at like a

resort is nice if you guys want to relax

and if it's your first time here and you

guys like don't really know anything

because people here can help you I also

just did a like celebration of flowers

but I've done this multiple times also

too because it is the ice where everyone

takes their flower bath pictures it's

the iconic place in Bali you can get a

flower bath so definitely recommend

checking out here they have facials

massages so nice let me show you guys my

room so this is what it looks like when

you walk in definitely a lot bigger than

I thought I'd be and then here's the

pool I had a floating breakfast this

morning and it was so freakin pretty and

then over here I just have been eating

room service here because I never

ordered room service when I'm in volume

but since they have it I'm gonna order

it and it's also so good the bathrooms I

only use this one

going up the stairs that you go to the

bathroom and there's this huge tub which

is so cool because look where the water

comes out isn't that's so cute you could

also have a flower bath here if you want

it use the mirror double sink for my

little me a shower and then the toilet

and this toilet has like one of the

things they like shoot water and I used

it for the first time and I got and then

here's the room there's like this thing

for mosquitos so that's why it looks

like and here's my box of rice because I

dropped my phone in the water and it's

messed up now - huge balcony or just a

little couch don't that's the room tour

hope is enjoyed so we went to this beach

club called Mississippi and poppy on was

doing a bunch of flips and stuff like

that but then we decided to go to the

beach but then it started raining and

then all of this happened and then we

were driving on a moped and then here's

the love story honestly just watch for

yourselves pop tea

so it's raining super hard so I stayed

at this place with such a nice view of

this volcano and then I moved to this

other place so my last day in Bali I

went to seven yak and I stayed in this

super nice hotel it I had such a nice

spa such a nice restaurant I'm actually

in love with it and then you know I ate

some breakfast and everything like that

and then I headed to the airport

so I'm guessing I stayed this long for

an update on Fabiana dies so he lives in

Norway I live in Canada we're not dating

we're not together sorry I hate to break

it to you we're not gonna date after

knowing each other for five days but we

are planning on going to Bali again

right after this quarantine everything's

over so that should be exciting you guys

will see the vlog of course don't worry

but we're gonna do another Bali trip

we're also gonna do the Philippines

together so stay tuned subscribe I don't

know but if you guys want to see the

pictures that we took in everything cuz

like you know use my Instagram boyfriend

we took lots of pictures go follow my

Instagram and add me on snapchat for

updates and everything like that but I

really hope you guys enjoyed this vlog

I'm so sorry that I posted it's still

late but I thought might as well post it

since the footage was like actually good

so yeah if you guys enjoyed make sure

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next time peace eastern or western

reckon up on my brand off power on me

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