Air Tahiti to Bora Bora Flight | PPT to BOB VT 402



the 60 on the planes 60th year



hello wherever this probably higher

front is fun look apparently laughs

sighs I don't know we will see are we

can just set separately that way we both

got window shots missile esata passenger

located in the middle of the cabin

willing to move towards the front of the

aircraft thank you generally we go to

the tablet and seek a good cash flow

rate syllabus if you guys could follow

multiple people

ladies and gentlemen good morning

captain and his crew am pleased to

welcome you for this ATR 72 600 pound

for Bora Bora Sean rich poor of around

about 50 minutes now for the takeoff you

please fasten seatbelt follow you to a

table bring up your window shades and

remove your headphones



everything the most from the window like

as a disagreeable





according to forecasts to weather should

we be find that at present and this

relation sweet girl estimated in current

water dust

Thank You sugar three



Michigan Sun it's all about truce with

seafood importable ah Monsieur

monumental Shabbat ladies and John we

have just landed at Bora Bora please

remain seated and keep your seat belt

fastened until belt sign has been

switched off