How to Choose Where to Go on Your Europe Trip

so many places in Europe and so little

time to see them all you're trying to

decide where you should be going on your

trip to Europe it's hard

I get it I've been there so today I'm

gonna help you choose where you should

go on your trip to Europe also have a

free gift for you at the end of this

video so make sure you watch it all the

way to the end it's going to help you

with your planning even more so what is

your budget like if you want to visit

the most popular cities in Europe like

London Paris or Rome but I'm hoping to

travel on a shoestring budget you're

gonna be eating beans for every single

one of your meals while you're traveling

those places are expensive to visit so

keep that in mind if you are budget

conscious and take note that Eastern

Europe is typically a lot cheaper than

visiting Western hero

so think about exploring that area more

than Western and even if you're not

traveling on a backpacker budget keep in

mind that prices for accommodation and

travel will vary significantly depending

on what time of the year you're

traveling how long will your trip be no

matter how long it is I need to stress

that you cannot do it all and if you try

you will get stressed and worn out and

you won't even enjoy your trip so what's

the point so even if you have a long

list of places that you want to see on

this trip you're gonna have to be

realistic and not over booked yourself

as a rule of thumb I always say that you

should spend at least two nights in

every destination that you visit and

that way you don't get worn out we waste

less time traveling on buses and trains

and you actually get to explore each

place that you visit properly although I

would say there are a lot of places in

Europe that you need it more than two

nights to explore but you get the point

do you want to visit the popular spots

or go off the beaten path I'm team off

the beaten path not only because I like

to discover in explored places that

aren't as well known I also like to stay

away from the crowds in the selfie

sticks however I know that's not

everybody's travel style and there are

some absolutely incredible sights to be

seen in the most popular destinations

including London hello but when you're

planning your trip decide if you want to

see all those world famous sights or if

you want to get off the beaten path

because that will help you to decide

ultimately where you're going to go

figure out what kind of trip this is

going to be do you

I lay by the pool in the beach all day

do you want to experience the best of

Europe's nightlife do you want to see

all the sights and the cities or do you

want to just relax in the countryside

knowing what kind of trip you want this

to be will help you to decide where you

want to go for example if you want the

beach and you want the Sun Croatia would

be a great place to visit however if

you're looking to see some of the world

famous sights you'd probably like to

visit somewhere else consider focusing

on one country or one region of Europe

when I went travelling after I graduated

college I didn't plan out my route very

well and we ended up spending a lot of

time sitting on trains or on airplanes

or at the airport instead of exploring

that's because I was hopping all around

Europe instead of sticking to one

specific area so that's what I recommend

that you do stick to one area which

means you'll have less time traveling

you'll spend less on transportation and

if you decide to stick to one country

you'll have to deal with only one

currency and one foreign language unless

you go to Switzerland there's like four

different ones finally okay it's time to

choose where you're actually going to go

so go ahead and sit down and make a list

of all the places that you'd like to

visit on your trip then narrow it down

to what you can realistically visit so

remember my two-night rule and

everything else I just talked about when

you're making that list if you're

sitting there being like oh my gosh that

was just so much information I still

need help then you're gonna want to

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see you in the next video so you want to

go to Europe but you're not quite sure

how to start your planning here's how to

do it first things first you need to

figure out your budget how much do you