"Miami Beach on a Budget" by Mike & Nelly (Makingithappen) – EF Guest Vlog

Hey, what's up guys? I'm Mike. And I'm Nelly.

We are Miami-based travel vloggers and today we're going to be guest vlogging for EF.

We've been living in Miami for over three years and we know Miami can be really expensive.

That's why today we're going to show you Miami Beach on a budget.

Today we're going to talk about a few topics: how to save money and how to get around Miami.

Not only are we going to show you how to get around Miami on a budget,

but we will also show you a few fun and inexpensive activities in and around town.

Miami Beach is amazing to explore by skateboard

but, if you don't skate, there are many other ways to get around.

CitiBikes are a great option. They are inexpensive and flexible.

You can pick them up at one station and return them at another.

And then there is the Miami Beach Trolley that takes you around town for free.

Just hop on and off - wherever you need to go.

Not in the mood for public transportation?

Uber has an option called UberPool or UberPool Express.

It's much cheaper than uberX and just as comfortable.

So let's get to the inexpensive activities.

Number one on that list has to be strolling along the beach

and going for a dip in the refreshing water.

Want to stay in shape while in Miami?

Muscle Beach has got you covered with a jungle gym, weights and like-minded people.

If you need something a little bit more relaxing, head on over to the free yoga classes

every morning at 3rd Street Beach Yoga.

Alternatively, you can just go for a run and enjoy the sunrise at South Pointe Pier.

This spot is also great for sunsets as you have a great view of downtown Miami and the harbor.

When you are in Miami, don't just stick to Miami Beach.

Try and check out the neighborhoods on the mainland as well.

Right now we're in Wynwood, an artsy neighborhood with galleries and murals all over the walls.

There are some guided art walks, but you can also just go out on your own.

Check out some beautiful murals. Look them up online and read up on the artists.

It's really a lot of fun.

We should have taken a sun umbrella with us because Wynwood gets really hot.

There's a ton of small little artsy shops, coffee shops and restaurants

that you can try in Wynwood, so take your time!

When it comes to eating out on a budget in Miami Beach, happy hour is the name of the game.

Just check online which restaurants have happy hours.

We're standing outside Bodega, one of our favorite taco places in Miami Beach.

They usually have a happy hour with 2 dollar tacos, 4 dollar salsa with chips,

4 dollar guacamole with chips - you get really full on that stuff.

Groceries can also be expensive in Miami. The solution?

Little Cuban shops and Cuban markets where the food is way cheaper.

They even have pre-prepared meals that are really tasty, fresh and delicious.

As we already mentioned, Miami can be really expensive

so make sure to check out the neighborhood spots.

One of our neighborhood spots is GoGo Fresh Food where we get our daily fresh salads.

They have amazing soups. They have the best empanadas here.

The value for money is just amazing.

Another great tip for online resources

are the ones that I use for food recommendations.

One of them is Miami Eater. Another one is Miami New Times Food & Drink.

There is a website about Miami on a budget.

It's called, and you can find some really good information

and things to do in and around Miami as well.

All in all, Miami is an absolutely beautiful place to hang out, but be careful...

The weather can actually change within seconds.

We want to say thank you to EF for having us as guest vloggers on their channel.

I hope you guys will enjoy your stay in Miami Beach.

See you next time. Goodbye!