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how to get cheap airline tickets

are you the one who always looks for how

to get the best price on airline tickets

if yes then keep watching this is the

information that you have been looking


if you are a travel freak or you used to

visit different countries and regions

for your business or job


airfare is the most costly element of

the tour

although costs for transatlantic flights

have been decreased now

still they can unbelievably affect your

travel budget

no matter you are looking for cheap

airline tickets to vacation abroad as a

family or a solo traveler

finding a pocket friendly flight deal

can be the best part of your traveling

because if your flight is too much

costly you're going to put the trip

on hold for some other time we've

observed it happening time and time


and still daily airlines have many

attractive deals

from wrongly published fares to specific

promotions to whipping costs to compete

with other airlines

cheapest airline tickets are out and

they can turn your dream into a reality

if you know where to look for it in this


we're going to help you rule the art of

getting discount airline tickets

here are the steps you must follow for

cheap flights to europe or the usa

or wherever you want to travel in the

world start your search for domestic

tickets five to six

weeks before your travel date

if you have a plan to take a domestic

flight it is a budget friendly idea to

look for cheap airplane tickets about 15

to 30 days in advance

keep on checking it weekly to know if

tickets or flights get any cheaper until

the time arrives when you can make your


if you plan to fly internationally you

should begin your ticket search about

22 to 24 weeks ahead because ticket

spares fluctuate and it will be a good

idea to buy a ticket when it is

available within your estimated budget

secondly searching for international

flights three months beforehand may look

like a long time

but most airlines increase their

international flight costs

several weeks before increasing the

price of domestic flights

buy your tickets at least 15 days before


the best time frame to purchase your air

tickets is 15 to 30 days before you're

preparing to fly

many airlines will increase the costs of

their tickets once lesser than 14 days

remain before publishing fares of the


this is extremely important if you're

planning to fly during busy travel

months like before thanksgiving or

during spring break

as flight fares can get double or triple

at times as the flight date reaches

if you're traveling internationally

prepare to start searching much farther

ahead as international flights charge


be very active to purchase the tickets

at least two to three months before


if you don't plan to take a follow-up of

ticket fares you'll have to bear very

expensive tickets even if the airline

you have chosen as budget friendly

if you didn't remember to buy your

tickets one to two months before the day

you are planning to fly

the next best thing you can avail is to

wait to buy tickets until fewer than a

day before your flight

most of the time airlines decrease the

ticket fares dramatically to fill the

complete seats over the plane

still if you wait for a nearer date to

your travel date you could see that the

whole flight has sold up or the tickets

available are extremely expensive

look for alternate days to get more

affordable airplane tickets

if your tour plan is flexible and you

can alter the date and time of your

flight departure and arrival

you may be able to get the cheapest

flight fares

you can compare the prices offered from

different airlines across a five to

seven day window using an

airline or an aggregator site if you can

handle and reorder your traveling


choose the days in which most discounted

flights have been offered

let's say you were preparing to travel

on april 1st and come back on april 22nd

for 400

usd if you inquire about the alternate

dates you may get that some airlines are

offering it in 325

to fly on april 1st and return on april


save your money by booking your flight

late at night or early in the morning

most travelers try to fly at a time that

is convenient for them that don't

require to get up very early or stay up


for the raised demand for flights at

specific times airlines charge high for


like for 10 am flights contrarily

red eye flights that land between 9 pm

to 9 a.m are usually marked down in a

steep manner to set off the discomfort

of traveling

many airline and aggregator websites let

you select the particular times that

you'd prefer your flight to take off

set the timetable of your departure for

a saturday or in the middle of a week


airlines usually offer sales for

particular routes on monday nights

because they plan to attract

travel agencies to grab wind of sales

ahead of times in the week

competitors compare the deals offered on

tuesday morning

which makes airlines reducing their

flight fares

so the best effort you can do in

obtaining cheap or discounted flight

tickets as to look for flights that fly

on tuesday or wednesday sunday and

friday are the two days that tend to be

the most

costly domestic travel days so stave off

looking for tickets these days

if you're planning to fly

internationally book your flight on a

weekday to get

cheaper air tickets undoubtedly this

strategy isn't

extremely effective but still it's a

better idea to do a casual search for

particular routes of interest on

different days of the week

this way you can get an idea about

tickets fares of how much the tickets

cost and you can key out a sale whenever

it is available

you can also join any airlines flyer

program online by providing your name

address and credit card information this

way you will be assigned by a frequent

flyer number from that airline which you

can use for logging into your account

and cash in your collected miles