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finding the best travel deals during

this quarantine now I know some of you

guys are even saying why are you

thinking about traveling why are you

thinking about traveling as you guys

know everybody loves to travel during

the holidays to go see family that they

haven't seen and even if it's not during

the holidays that you can't see your

family it could be maybe during the

summer time your kids are off of school

or maybe you want to take your week off

your two weeks off from work and you

just like to travel that's cruises or if

that's just getting away somewhere right

now amidst all this craziness that we're

surrounded with there is some insane

deals now don't let things hold you back

that you cannot travel now I'm gonna

show you guys something for me I had a

lot of plans already that I had to

cancel that I wanted to do in January

February March I cancelled a lot of

stuff in January because I already saw a

lot of things from the whole wuhan thing

that was coming around and I was gonna

go to Thailand and I'm just like there's

no way I want to go out there if it this

if this is gonna turn out to be what I

think it's gonna be and I'm very

thankful I didn't take that trip because

it obviously got really bad out there

very fast and Thailand is right you know

Thailand I was I was gonna go check out

Manila the Philippines Malaysia there's

just so many places out there but it was

too close for comfort to go so I'm gonna

show you guys those some cool things

here and some of you guys might even say

you know what forget China forget the

Asians the Asia the Asia countries but

you know what if that's a dream that you

wanted to go to go it'sit's you're never

gonna run away from something if you're

like I want to go to Africa there's

things in Africa that can get you if I

want to go to United States there's

things in the United States I can get

you if you want to go to Europe there's

things in Europe that can get you it

doesn't matter where it is the key thing

is is that you make sure you're healthy

you check with your doctor if there's

any kind of vaccines that you need

before you travel you should always look

into that now for the video I'm gonna

show you guys something here check this

out and of course they're gonna have a

little too

lemur here that says we know that you

are concerned about your traveling or

experiencing I call volume if you're

trouble between this day and April 30th

we have options to change or cancel your

trip online which is great a lot of

companies are doing this now I like how

Expedia I I like checking their site

first it's one of the first sites I

check in this is why if you click on

here on departing and if you scroll down

just a little bit if you're leaving

anytime soon I I'm just checking LA to

Miami and look at this some of these

deals are this is a round trip prices by

the way round trip prices under a

hundred bucks and may again cheap now of

course we're not thinking of traveling

anytime soon this will be now towards

the end of the year so let's go ahead

and check this we're gonna come and

let's look at like September September

150 bucks round trip now from LA to

Miami that's a steal that's a very very

good price most of the time you're

looking at a hundred and fifty bucks if

you find a sick deal with a coupon one

way and that's extremely rare and if you

keep coming here usually you'll see some

of the prices are starting to come up

and I think it's cuz it's getting

torture towards the holidays so you can

see her 200 bucks 260 even this these

prices here look at this for I'm sorry I

was gonna look at this for November

you're looking in the 400 and this is

all during like Thanksgiving time cuz

people are gonna want to travel during

that time so obviously you know airline

companies want to take advantage of that

too just to make some money but you know

what some of these deals are still

pretty good because during the holiday

season prices do go up now if we want to

go let's just say January look at this

like these deals are not that bad 250

ish average here's 236 this is actually

very very good like look at this low

200s and March this is a very very good

deal when you want to fly out there now

I'm gonna do something crazy

let's just say I'm gonna go from LA to

London let's do London so if we do

London this thing's gonna start

refreshing itself I'm gonna click on

this and there you go check that out

typically tipic

when I look into flying I think last

time I checked cuz I was gonna do a

Europe tour when I went to go look into

Europe we're talking about over a

thousand bucks and some of the deals

that I found were like about 800 ish

dollars which isn't too bad

round trip but look at this to London in

January of 2021 you're looking at like

353 400 bucks here 343 right there guys

like it look into March I can't go past

March and of course the prices the

here's our 720 but look at that if if

you want to go out there to London and

and check out some stuff you got some

crazy good deals and this is from LA to

there now let's just say you want to go

to Brazil and of course I'm checking

everything from la la is just one of the

hottest like spots to travel from and

you can go a lot of places look at this

if you want to go to La in January 20

from LA to Brazil these these are

usually in the in over over a thousand

bucks easy to fly out there and look at

this 600 bucks

here's 700 here's a 486 486 TV final

Wednesday that's that's insane now I did

book a trip to Hawaii coming in

September and I'm calling a holding on

to dear life that we could still do that

trip because it's gonna be a well worth

trip typically with a good deal you're

looking at 500 bucks with a good deal

and I mean it's like if you find a good

deal during their offseason but if you

want to go to Hawaii right now look at

this you're looking at three hundred

three hundred seven bucks round-trip and

these are that this is this isn't their

downtime is typically around

Christmastime where it's kind of slow

it's not that bad but look easy 300

something bucks there those prices are

staying very steady if you go around

like February and everything great let's

just look into let's go to Thailand so

we'll go to Thailand and these flights

I'm telling you they're well over a

grand most of the time and

you're not gonna believe some of these

prices look at this it's 500 some bucks

in the low six hundreds here on the 20th

for whatever reason that's about a

typical price and remember these are all

round trips these are all round-trip

flights so in March like all this is not

their wet season so this is like a

really good time to go but look at that

it's it's so good so I'm gonna say if

you want to travel somewhere even if

it's within the United States if you

want to travel somewhere and and I'm

gonna go ahead and do this because I

know someone's gonna say well what if

what about somewhere local like let you

know let's just say you're going from LA

to like Denver and you know that flights

a very easy flight to do typically that

flight is you know three four hundred

bucks like it it's not it's not that bad

you know when people think like oh three

four hundred bucks it's okay I don't

know if I'll do that but look it's like

half the price during the Thanksgiving

time Christmas time let's look around

January they're not even listing prices

here because in the United States this

could change super fast but we can we

you know let's just go ahead and take a

look let's just say you know we want to

fly out from from this state to this

state so if you look at that like two to

twenty-seven that's actually not that

bad and I'm pretty sure once they start

opening up they're gonna get even better

deals right now they're not listing them

because you're not sure what they're

gonna do there's so many cancellations

there's just so much stuff going on but

if you're planning of going somewhere by

flights now this is the time to do it

before they hike up a prices so if

you're planning a big trip if you're

like you know what I really want to plan

a big trip remember they have that

cancellation change plans because of the

whole the whole Cova thing do not stop

yourself from doing something and if you

had a dream vacation this is the best

time to do it this is the best time to

cash in and say you know what I've

always wanted to go to Italy I've always

wanted to go to Rio de Janeiro if I've

I've always wanted to go to Fiji or

Australia or wherever it is wherever

tropical places you want to go or maybe

not so tropical winter places cold

places Northern Lights there's just so

many cool things to see out there in the

world today is the best time to do it

and I know this

was just a rant in a talk and a lot of

talking I just wanted to show you guys

that you guys can get some good deals

check it out

check it out and check it out you guys

will not regret it by doing this now and

when it comes to the later down the road

if this is still going remember you

could always cancel this later

this will help the economy stay afloat

this will save money in your bank and

down the line you'll be able to enjoy a

memory a trip that you thought you would

never be able to do you guys take care

wash your hands and take care of each

other I'll see you guys