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it's about Ricky Jones jr. this is

Krystal Jones we are back with that

action yes I'm so excited because y'all

know we like to travel if you didn't

know now you do know in the country out

the country by airplane by cruise ship

by car we just like going places we like

going places we got doing things living

our best life and I say you know what

what I feel like our followers lights of

the day best life too so but Dane trying

to spend all their money you know at the

same time no they not so I'm going to be

giving you I think it's 5 5 steps 5 to

be able to find the cheapest pricing

when you go on vacations when you take

trips ok and you want that because we

know them tax refunds coming in you know

I'm saying if you in school

we know what's the call when you get

that refund refund check yeah you get

that refund check we know what it's like

well I mean I don't know what it's like

things like that but I know where you're

in college you know you get alone and

you get to refund check it may be fun

exactly so you want to make it to Miami

or whatever with the rest of your


but alo you want to go to Vegas or

whatnot but alo well we gotta do you

want to go on a cruise or whatnot vital

oh we like to show you how so without

further ado we're gonna take you to the

computer so we can jump right into this

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skirt okay but yeah so we don't get you

right with your clothes we're gonna need

you right with this price and we'll get

right to the computer alright you guys

so I came over to my computer because

I'm about to show y'all firsthand

step-by-step what to do to find these

cheap trips

but the first thing you're gonna do is

pick a location so step one it's always

gonna be pick a location like I said

it's five-step step one know where

you're trying to go you can even narrow

it down but at least know where you kind

of want to go so that then it could be

easier you could be going to Bora Bora

you go to Savannah Georgia it really

don't matter wherever you're trying to

go have that location in mind for me I

want to go to Las Vegas is one of my

favorite places for me and my husband to

travel we go like every year so that's

the location that I'm going to be using

in the demonstration today so let's get

to the computer

all righty so once you've chosen your

destination you're going to go to Google

like I did right here and you're gonna

type in your airport code so we live in

Florida Tampa to be exact so we're gonna

type in TPA to LA s that's a Las Vegas

Airport code because that's where we're

going so TPA to LA s are you gonna push

in turn and so once you press into

you're gonna see these different lights

these different airlines show up it's

gonna put a random day that's fine just

go to search flights and then once you

click search flights you're going to see

this larger screen pop up and then

you're gonna pick the calendar now once

you pick the calendar and look at this

it already starts showing me in the

green when the cheapest days are so I

can actually click through March 31st

cheap April 21st cheap it's showing me

the cheapest flights that I can take

from Tampa to Las Vegas and these are

round-trip prices not each way okay so

you're gonna go and you're gonna do that

so now let's say I'm picking a day just

my baby birthday to 26 I'm gonna click

that day and that's actually oh I'm

gonna come back on a second because

again it's populating and I'm gonna

click that so now I'm gonna click done

and now it's showing me the flights that

I can get I could fly from big Tampa to

Vegas non-stop

May 26 2013 8 dollars round-trip yo so

the reason you start with your flight

first is because that's the thing that

fluctuates that's the thing that's

really making a trip expensive a lot of

times unless you stay there like some

you know sandals resort or something

like if you looking for cheap places you

know cheap prices you probably not maybe

staying at sandals doing all this stuff

I'm doing but it's all good so again you

want to find your flight first so it's

like ok I can see that I could take a

nighttime flight get there boom so maybe

I selected

and then you give me these other options

again it's showing me the cheapest one

but it's also still gonna give me other

options maybe I'm working with some

people and they're scheduling and

whatever but I'm gonna just pick that so

now I know the cheapest days to travel

for when I want to go after you find the

cheapest days to travel when you want to

go the next thing you're gonna do is

you're going to go to a third-party

booking site I like to use Orbitz

because they give me reward points but

you can really choose you know whatever

Priceline whoever or

whatever so you're gonna type in your

airport code again after you pick

package so again I'm TP a to LA s4 Las

Vegas Viva Las Vegas and I already know

the dates that I want to choose now that

are gonna be cheapest because I looked

it up on Google basically so I'm gonna

do the 26 to June the second and I'm a

bucket from me and my husband two people

we only need one room and I'm gonna

search so I'm doing a vacation package

because you also save money when you

book your flight in your hotel together

but it's gonna be super savings because

I'm also making sure I'm booking at a

time where I know the flights are gonna

be like cheapest and then you wait for

it to load and then look at this it

starts popping up places so I only want

to stay on this trip because I'm not

trying on those places but you could you

know filter that how you want to and it

just starts showing you all the

different top prices and basically this

is making sure that you're going to get

the cheapest price when you do it this

way when you go from finding the

cheapest flights and then finding the

hotel this is how you're gonna get the

cheapest right now the next thing that

you want to do is you can check around

on some other third-party booking sites

I always also check at the hotel

property itself so let's say I go and

I'm like oh I'm gonna stay

the Paris hotel I'll still go online and

look at the Paris hotel look at their

rates whether they charging for the room

compare everything make sure that I'm

still getting the best price by booking

through this third-party website and

bundling everything together know me

that's how it is I'm not worried about

it all so I'm gonna throw this and this

says $400 you guys that's because it's

Thursday night and they know people are

booking stuff literally earlier today

when I look at these fights

yesterday when I looked at these um this

fight and hotel package for like dish

Treasure Island it was for 15 so it only

went down by $15 but dollars is dollars

okay so and this is 400 per person so if

I say $15 for me and $15 for my husband

that's $30 that's a whole meal okay so

know when to book your flights too late

at night late at night anything I feel

like I was saying it's 935 now once you

start getting me like nine up until like

3:00 a.m. that's when your flights are

gonna start getting cheaper that's when

your hotels it's gonna start showing

like different little flash deals and

stuff so you got to do that also they

have all the technology these days and

so if you keep looking at something like

on your same computer on your phone or

whatever it's gonna notice how much you

really want to go I feel like and

sometimes the prices started going up

and going down and going up like you'll

click it to book it and the prices start

going up it does that so again just try

not to look it up like back to back to

back to back to back all day for hours

and hours or it's doing some type of

algorithm just like Facebook know how to

keep showing you stuff that you talked

about or you know you looked up on a

whole nother website they got autumn

trips and stuff in your phone and they

looking and they trying to get your

coins don't let them now I said it's

gonna be five days old the last thing

that I'm gonna tell you that you're


want to do that's really helpful if you

have good credit is to get a travel card

now when it comes to travel cards that

will give you reward points I don't

suggest going with a particular airline

like Delta or Southwest or spirit or

whatever because sometimes that airline

may not have the lowest price for where

you're trying to go however if you just

get a car that does overall travel

rewards like Berkeley arrival card

that's a good one they do overall some I

could book on any airline that I want

that has the cheapest pricing and I'm

still gonna get points I can still use

my points on those places as well so

maybe you can use your Delta SkyMiles

card anywhere you want to use it but

when it come for you taking a trip you

want to go to Vegas you want to go to

Bora Bora and now you got to spend all

this money because Delta flights are

really expensive and you have a delta

card and you go I can only use my points

with Delta when I'm trying to fly right

you don't have to deal with none today I

was safe personally me myself personally

I would say get you a card that allows

you to use it on any airline on any

hotel like anything like that so that

then you're always able to get more

points and you're always able to use

your points wherever you want with

whoever has the cheapest prices yeah I

keep looking right here because I'm

seeing that Bellagio is having a sale

right now rates from 149 that's a good

little price right there back over here

my computer now I'm sorry if I got

distracted yah I really did okay let me

let me focus for y'all so anyways those

are five things you want to do let me

recap it for you

so one pick your location to go to

google and type in your flight plan

again that's gonna be from your airport

cold to simply type tio to the airport

code for where you're trying to go 3 go

to a third-party website so that you can

see about a package deal because package

deals are normal

the cheapest and then shoot what was for

I think I was a former side check around

you can rewind if you know whatever but

check around and see is this the best

deal that I'm getting all the dye and

then five is gonna be if you can book it

with a card a travel rewards card

because then you're gonna be able to use

your points to get tickets and stuff to

go places for free me and my husband we

had went to Paris and London a couple

years ago when he I graduated from

college against masters yeah it's my

baby is so smart he was games masters

with parents we went to London and we

went to New York action who went to all

three places in one trip his travel was

paid for with points so we only had to

end up buying like my tickets his stuff

was free so that's the rewards of using

rewards card you to go far for cheap and

I did the same process I saw when it was

gonna be cheaper to go I saw when the

pricing um what the deals were gonna be

like as booking stuff together as a

bundle as a package so a lot of times we

want to go places we think oh this is a

date I want to go as high it's fun

whatever whatever and then you wonder

why you paying premium prices for every

time you try to go somewhere no go to

Google like I showed you they will show

you exactly when the cheapest on the fly

is gonna be okay

so we're gonna be dropping these tips on

y'all don't keep up with the Joneses

have fun live your life travel like us

but do it for the low alright don't

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