How to SCORE last minute CHEAP FLIGHTS | Using Google Flights

so yesterday I put this photo on my

Instagram story that highlighted this

roundtrip ticket that I got 450 bucks

from San Antonio to Phoenix I got a lot

of questions from different people

asking how I was able to find such a

cheap ticket it got me thinking and I

wanted to create this video to show you

guys the tool that I use in my process

when I'm hunting for cheap fares so with

that being said I'm gonna jump on the

computer here and try and show you how I

find flights using the Google flight

system fill in your departure city so

for me in Texas I can fly from San

Antonio Austin and Houston and then

we're gonna leave arrivals empty this is

how we can find something in the next

few days this is really good for like

spontaneous trips and then for the dates

don't focus on when exactly you want to

fly what you want to fill in is how many

days you're going to be gone so I'm

gonna mark five days and then I'm gonna

click search to find the the cheapest

one in the nearest proximity now you're

gonna see is everything in the u.s. from

these airports on these days like quick

glance $66 to Albuquerque 111 dollars to

Chicago so it's March 23rd right now

this is flying two or three weeks from

now well okay so let's say you don't

want to fly to the US and let's say you

want to find you want this map but in

Europe so 648 to Dublin 612 to Moscow

but yeah let's go back to America

let's jump into Seattle I like Seattle

so view flights and that's not Alaska

air so what these four boxes do is they

show you tips to save you money so the

first one is if I picked a different day

I could have spent 83 dollars instead of

119 so I'm gonna click that shows me

this $83 flight on frontier now if you

don't want to fly on the budget airlines

like frontier spirit you can mark them

off you can come to Airlines and check

off frontier and spirit and there you

can see it auto updates to a nonstop

that's four hours long for $217 where

you can also save money because we've

selected these five days you can go to

come to the price graph here and you can

see on average when the best time to

leave is so now we've got this filter

set and you can see average price is

about two hundred and twenty four

dollars but you can see this dip on May

2nd were May 9th for one hundred and

thirty seven dollars so if I click that

you can see that on United still a

nonstop flight for four hours at 7:45

from Houston that's how I've been able

to find flights just a couple weeks ago

I found a flight for $74 to San

Francisco from San Antonio so on well

the cheapest you can find is 166 I paid

seventy four dollars but it looks like

the average is about two hundred and

fifty so I saved four times the amount

that I would have paid if I hadn't used

Google flights yes so in the comments

guys let me know if this helped you let

me know if you find really awesome deals

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