We Went on One of the LONGEST FLIGHTS in the WORLD (while pregnant!) | Qantas Perth to London

So this afternoon we are about to catch one of the longest flights in the world.

Big long day. I am.

Big long day.

Exhausted and we can just fly directly for 17 hours straight.

Is your body ready for this? Yes, I'm excited.

No layovers gonna be amazing.

Almost finished your packing? Yes, I hope it all fits

So this afternoon we are about to catch one of the longest flights in the world

from our hometown Perth all the way to London direct no stops.

Now normally when we head back to Europe,

it's either a stopover in Dubai or Qatar and that takes us about 20 to 21 hours.

So this is shaving off a good three to four hours on this flight this afternoon.

So the route is on Quantas and it's on their 787-9 Dreamliner.

And now this was made for the route and it's crazy because back in the 40s this

kangaroo route from London all the way to Australia would take four days and

have seven stopovers.

So now it's crazy to think that we can just fly directly for 17 hours straight.

By the way, Steve, this jumper is getting me so excited for where we're going.

Well, yes, you guys will find out where we going very soon.

Tell them what you told me about the whole Lord of the rings and stuff.

He was making it sound like the flight was going to be forever.

You're probably thinking what are we going to get up to for 17 hours and I was

looking, if we binge watched the entire Lord of the rings trilogy,

we would still have eight hours left on the flight and if we watched episode

one, all of the episodes of Rick and Morty,

we would just make the 17 hours plus last one.

We just subscribed to Disney+, which by the way, Jess has been loving.

If you subscribed for the flight and watched every single new show,

new TV on there, you could watch it all and still squeeze in an hour nap.

That is my plan.

I downloaded all the new stuff from Disney+ and I'm just going to watch that all

and they'd have an hour nap and i'll be in London. All right.

I have packed as much warm stuff as I can cause the next month is going to be


This is the last time we see it as beautiful Ozzy sun till next decade.


I am so excited for this trip.

I'm about to have my dream Christmas and we actually aren't coming back to

Australia next year.

So technically we can say we aren't gonna be back home until next decade.

Awesome. Thank you. Alright, ready?

Last time on land last time in Australia until the new year.

Love your videos by the way. Thank you so much. Cheers.

So this is going to be our home comfy? yes and the screen's are big.

It's like a brand new plane, isn't it? Yes.

This is the brand new plane and we've got our little bankey My head thing,

got my noise-cancelling headphones.

But...we don't have a window. What's with that?

I was super intrigued on how many meals they would give us and i think it's 2

main meals. So it's dinner, which is going to get served soon.

Then breakfast at some point tomorrow. Also there's mid-fight snacks.

So if you look at this menu,

this is the most food i've ever seen on a flight menu.

Also they gave us a little kit, eyemask

and a toothbrush as well, so once we've had dinner, we can brush our teeth.

I think I can squeeze in probably my final gingerbeer of the year.

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So make sure you check out the links in the description below for all the

products mentioned.

Now let's go check on future Stephen and Jess to see how they're dealing with

this flight.

Welcome to the United Kingdom,

where the local time in London is now 5:18am.

Thank you.

Thank you. We made it. I feel like it was quite an easy flight in the end.

I think it's because the flight left at 7:00 PM in Perth.

So by the time you have your dinner,

you're tired and ready to sleep and no one was sitting next to me,

so I just slept for 12 hours out of the 17 hours.

I think the worst thing about that flight is how addicted we're probably going

to become to that flight because not having the stopover meant we were are able

to sleep with 10 to 12 hours on the entire flight.

Without being woken up and we ate so much food and the people that worked on

that flight were the friendliest,

Super nice and also because Qantas is like an Australian airline they have..I

Have never seen this before.

Almost like a snack fridge at the back of the plane, stocked with Tim Tams,

ginger beer, like all our favorite snacks.

I ate soo many Tim Tams.

And now it is 6:00 AM and we have four hour wait and then we're flying to our

final destination. Should I keep it like suspense? Okay.

You have to wait a little bit longer.

So we've finally decided that we have invested into lounge access this year.

We stayed in a couple trying to test it out and now that I'm pregnant and we're

having the baby next year, well you know what?

I think it's time to finally invest in priority pass and for black Friday

they're 20% off,

so we both got a card and we've worked out that within a year we need to use it

10 times, 10 times,

we need to go to 10 lounges and in the next month we're already going to be

going to seven so I think it's definitely going to be worth it.

And I'm so excited because we've now come into Heathrow airport.

We have a four hour layover and we're just going to go and sit in the lounge,

have food.

This is going to be good.

They said the showers,

This is the app here,

it's called priority pass and it's like a yearly subscription.

So we just pop into the airport.

We are at Heathrow terminal three lounges and then we can see that there's two

lounges that we can access.

We're just around the corner from this one and then we can see everything if it

has, it needs showers, food, perfect.

I am so excited, we've always wanted to invest in this, but it's kind of pricey.

So we're waiting for the perfect time. I was like this is the year

Three hours of pure bliss nice and relaxing. Had some breakfast,

had a coffee. I have zero regrets on signing up to that,

but we are now boarding our next flight one that's been on our bucket list for a

very, very long time.

it's cold.

Welcome to Finland!

We are kicking off this Christmas trip in one of the most Christmas's countries

ever. Yes, we are going to be here for a week.

We started our trip off in Helsinki and we just jumped off a plane.

Jet lag is really kicking in.

Oh yeah I am exchausted.

We feel like zombies. We also,

when we got to the airport for an Uber to get into the city,

it was 46 euros or you can catch a train that takes you right to the city for

four Euro 60. So we just did that.

It was currently 4:30 PM entities already pitch black like it feels like it's so

late. 4:30 in the afternoon.

Christmas lights are out and there's a 10 minute walk and we'll be at our warm

Airbnb ready for bed.

A little apartment.

She said no bruits in the house or it's off boots off.

Oh, it's super cute. Oh, this is cozy.

So like a full kitchen over here. Our bed, our windows,

our couch all in one area.

And then I'm guessing this in that bathroom then we have got a shower,

but I think it's time to cook fresh soup. Hot chocolate,

maybe some garlic bread and put on a Christmas movie because we have just had I

think one of the longest travel days in a long while.

Big long day.

I am long day zoster.

I think it is not even that late. I think it's like 10 to six. You know what?

I think let's put on a Christmas movie and fall asleep in the first five

minutes. Yeah, sounds like a plan. Thanks so much for watching guys.

Enjoyed this. A lot of European fun Christmas videos are coming your way,

so make sure you hit subscribe and we'll see you tomorrow.

Maybe a 2:00 AM 3:00 AM whenever we wake up. Exploring Helsinki. See you guys.