Where to fly your drone in Hong Kong



Hong Kong is one of the more chilled

cities of the world when it comes to

drone laws and regulations it is the

birthplace of DJI and at one time

considered the wild frontier for drones

I've only been stopped once for flying

my drone in Hong Kong when I tried to

take off around the mansions and

embassies near the peak but I have flown

over the same area taking off from more

secluded places so come with me as I

take you around some of the better parts

of Hong Kong to fly your drone

Stanly main beach located on the eastern

side of the southern peninsula stanley

in a coastal town and a tourist

attraction stanley main beaches

protected sandy beaches are popular with

wind surfers and other water sports and

hosts hosts the Stanley Dragon Boat

Championships around the area of Stanley

Beach you will find a host of

architectural geological and natural

areas that are great for capturing from

a dark drunk but beware not to fly over

the prison as this is not recommended

just a short flight from Stanley Beach

is Stanley which hosts the Stanley

markets and the promenade and many more

architectural features




Stanley has many bars and restaurants on

its waterfront on the Stanley Main

Street or Esplanade promenade Stanley is

a great place to capture the city mix

surf divide most people in Hong Kong are

used to seeing drones and simply smile

if they see you find one or will

approach with interest



repulse Bay is in the southern part of

Hong Kong Island it is one of the most

expensive residential areas in Hong Kong


this crescent-shaped stretch of sand is

arguably one of the most beautiful

beaches in Hong Kong

repulse Bay is like having a Hollywood

movie set as a backdrop its pristine

beaches and manicured shrubbery is

always very very clean and there is no

shortage of multi-million dollar

vehicles and properties to view the most

popular flying spots can get crowded on

a sunny clear day so it's best to plan







quite underrated Devil's Peak is an

excellent place to capture the extensive

views of the fragrant Harbor Hong Kong

Island and Kowloon from the mountains in

the north to the South China Sea

Devils peak is in Kowloon Hong Kong to

the east of the peak is junk of a

Chinese Cemetery and yeah off tom was to

the west

getting to Devil's Peak takes about 45

minutes from the Metro MTR station but

you will be rewarded with one of the

most tranquil picturesque parts of Hong

Kong as well as extending your drones

flight and range while perched on the

top of the old battery