very excited to say that one of my

favorite people favorite people is is in

New York City today in fact pretty sure

he and his his wife are sitting in three

6a right now waiting for me morning

whose face is coming together nicely and

it's exciting and I hate the noise so

loud here all the time those are the

construction that's already do to me

okay the human flying drone yes these

guys built it in flew no way

Justin eyelet Elaine's his

cinematographer together they're like

the best drone errs in all of existence

what are we doing well I thought we'd do

some drone stuff today No

so we have exactly 30 minutes now to get

from here to be an H photo to pick up my

new drone yeah we have 30 minutes you're

right thanks we gotta go this will be

the inaugural trip on the on the jump

bikes I don't have three super 73's

which is upsetting the way we're making

pretty good time on these things what do

you think and so cool dude it's go -

whoo - Jake hooter is South Africans for

porn and what is the hooter hooter is

something that uh well there's a

restaurant called Hooters that's yours

by the way that lets our kids that's

your that's your drone


how's it look it's amazing good job eh

hey good insanity okay

so three six eight is investing in some

aerial hardware today the big stuff not

the not the little drones you've seen

before we're getting the inspire - is

this mine girls mmm run the camera so

you're actually gonna like point the

camera and I'm gonna fly without Justin

you get a lot of stuff I gotta go pay

what are you talking about how you got

to start carrying have to run the camera

the camera store the drone book that

thing's got a big flat like landing area

and takeoff area in the middle it's like



we're gonna we're gonna apply the nude

row but Justin Elaine are kind of

experts on drone safety and what is

allowed and what is not allowed which is

why we're flying from flying from a boat

today what's happening I'm just setting

it up online we're not flying yeah

you're excited I'll tell you when we

five problems I'm very excited about

this so talk me through some of the

legalities why are you allowed to fly

from a boat we're flying as friends like

this is essentially us out having a good

time so this is hobby is this me and

Elaine like exactly we're flying for fun

we're also not flying over people we're

not flying in controlled airspace

what is this airspace so we're directly

over the Hudson we're outside of a

Guardia JFK to YouTube or all that stuff

we're out of all of the aircraft of

approach and weird about that heliport I

see right there so heliport we just

notify them so it literally takes a

phone call will be operating a drone

under five pounds

we're exactly where to do that so it's

simple I mean stop for a commercial

purpose we're lilius out testing your

new toy that we've bought so we are

we're following the rules which involves

a boat but we're still following the


leave me alone FA please please leave me

little just contact me


here goes here goes



all the way at that boat down there


she's gonna kick it

I like to have a lot of tools at my

disposal and I only ever fly small

consumer drones but I have been wanting

to upgrade to something more


I just haven't known how to do that or

how to fly that or any of it so today is

really like it's us out here messing

around but it's also us out here

learning how to do a level of production

that we haven't hit before like look at

this port it's ready


I've lived in New York City for 17 years

and I've never been to the Statue of

Liberty okay I'm about to have my first

lesson where I fly this thing

similar to flying you've got your left

stick which is your dog you know left

alright you want to try yeah good job

there you go I just did a good one want

to see it ready




yeah it looked at we're really close we

can't fly over the island because it's

his national park so because it's a

national park we can't fly over the

Statue of Liberty but we have a really

long lens like what would look like a

long zoom lens on the camera so it looks

like we're really close to the Statue of

Liberty but really for hundreds of feet

away from it so that was it that was my

first time operating camera how to do it

really well all right that's not good


this is really fun this is really

exciting see I don't get this

opportunity often mainly cuz I don't

like people teaching me things I like to

figure things out but these guys are so

good and I love them and they're the

best at what they do so and today

because I got all that new equipment

from B&H it's just like this is very



how you doing - uh 368 Broadway so this

is my new drone my new toy and that was

my that was my very professional drone

lesson I hope you enjoyed I hope you

enjoyed coming along with me

see you tomorrow 3 6 8