How to register a Drone in the UAE || For a Hobbyist Permit

what's up guys welcome back to the

channel and for today's episode I'm

going to show you how to register your

drone here in the UAE so stay tuned


just to let you know that there are two

types of government entities here in the

UAE where you can get permit the first

one is the GCE which is the general

Civil Aviation Authority of the UAE and

the other one which is here in Dubai

specifically in Dubai

the BCA which is Dubai Civil Aviation

Authority so for the general Civil

Aviation Authority just type G CAA first

then you'll see the GC a a website just

click on it and you'll be diverted to

their website so just go to eServices

then scroll down to others all the way

down then you'll see drones click on


once you click it you're gonna be

diverted to their page where you can see

how to apply for GCA certificate for

your job

once you scroll down you will be

required to attach valid Emirates IB

that's the UAE national ID and then you

can need to attach also your own serial

number and attach also a photo of your

Joan so this is a free registration and

it's applicable for all amulets in the

UAE except to buy so Dubai has a

different registration which I'm gonna

show you later once you click this

access service over here diverted here

to the main page where you need to fill

up the form so you're gonna see the name

as for your UAE ID or passport surname

and yeah here you can see asking for an

Emirates ID photograph une idée an email

address and this is scroll down you'll

see the unmanned aircraft tails the

manufacturer for example it's the GI or

a parrot or something the model name is

maverick Pro or something if you're

equipped with camera and you're the

serial number you also need to attach

the serie the photograph and the serial

number you need to take a photo of your

own so with the serial number clearly

shown to that photo and upload it as

well so other than that just need to

tell them the color and the weight so

once you click Submit gonna be emailed

back by GCA and you

can download the certificate from the

female so for the Dubai Civil Aviation

Authority dcae I'm gonna show you how to

apply for a hobbyist permit from their

website so you just need to type DCA so

you will be diverted to their website so

once you click search you'll see that

the by Civil Aviation Authority just

click on that and then just wait for

some time and you will be diverted to

the website you just need to go to

eServices so on the third part you'll

see the our pas application so just

click on that and you'll be directed to

another page where you can see the

different types of permits that you can

get from dcae so we're going to mainly

discuss the hobbyist but as you can see

here there are different types like

professional commercial freelancer a

tourist but this is mainly for hobbyist

permit this is the one that I'm

currently having at the moment this is

for the casual drone enthusiastic if you

own a drone you just missed using it for

a hobby this is the type of permit that

you need to get so you need to register

on their website and they will require

you for your details like your email

address and the joan number you need to

submit also a drone photo

your Emirates ID mobile number and the

main important thing that they require

is certification from drone school here

in Dubai

so I'm gonna show you in the next video

how my friend got his certification from

sonnet Academy so we're here at sanity

Academy I am helping a friend Daniel

Xavier to get his our pas certificate so

he can apply for a DC a hobbyist permit

so I'm gonna show you how it's done

so the obvious permit requires you to

take a theory exam first before the

actual Joan exam you can see the nila

yeah so this is the facility to take

your exam we're inside San and Academy

as you can see

so it's a basic theory test it's 25 -

yeah total of 25 items so with any list

now on his second part of the exam which

is the practical exam where they going

to let you fly your drone and instruct

you to do some commands and we have to

execute and do that so in order for you

to pass you have to properly know how to

control your drone so you can see danilo

with the examiner and he's currently

flying his Mavic pro you can see over

there so after the theory and the

practical exam mr. Daniel Xavier got his

certification from sanh Academy

congratulations another thing to mention

is there's an app for the GCE that you

needed to download to check the flight

zones area here in the UAE it's called

my drone hub so I'm gonna leave the link

below so you can download that it's very

important because that is the map where

you can see all the flight zone areas in

the whole UAE

it will also show you your registration

and which drone number is under your

name and it's a pretty good app for you

to track your registration and where to

fly here in the UAE so after getting

certificate from Senate Academy you then

need to upload that along with the

application form to the DCAA website so

they can start processing your ID and

once it's ready for collection they're

gonna send you an email again for the

GCE a it's very easy after you submitted

all the application form and attach all

the required documents you will receive

an email after you

and from that email you can already

download the certificate so that

certificate you need to print and always

bring with you whenever you're flying

all over the UAE so my last reminder for

the drone usage here in the UAE please

please adhere the rules and regulations

when flying drone you can get someone

really hurt if you happen to fly your

drone recklessly here in the UAE or any

part of the world so be responsible on

flying a drone a drone is not a toy it's

something that will help you to capture

beautiful moments if you use it properly

before we end this video I'd like to

thank my friend Daniel Xavier for

letting me document his process of

applying for an RPS certificate here in

the UAE and also give a shout-out to our

drone group here the Pinoy drone junkies

and also to sonet academy this video is

not by any means sponsored by San attack

Adam II this is based on my personal

experience of their services that's why

I highly recommend checking out Sunnat

academy with regards to any drone

inquiries they have a very good facility

here and they'll take care of everything

that you need to know about drones so

thank you very much guys for tuning in

and as I always say children and we'll

see you on the next one