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hey guys welcome back argue after don't

media group the Chicago Ullaeus or drone

ordinance has many pilots scratching

their heads as to how and where they can

and can't fly their drones while at the

same time many pilots don't even know

that the drone ordinance even exists

the Chicago or disappear is pretty

restrictive at first glance however many

of the rules mirror the FAA part 107

rules I talked about this in the

previous video on local ordinances I put

a card up here so you can check it out

one thing that I want to mention up

front that is much easier to fly in

Chicago as a commercial UAS operator

than a recreational pilot I'll explain

why at the end of this video for the

second time I'm gonna hit the major

points in each section of the ordinance

this will answer the question of how to

fly your drone in Chicago I also put a

link to the Chicago ordinance below so

you can download the pdf and read it

later let's get into it

first you must register simply put it's

illegal to fly a drone or UAS in Chicago

if it is not registered the required

registration info is name address and

phone number of the UAS owner make model

and serial number of the US or the drone

as well as proof of insurance the cost

of registration is $50 and it will be

valid for one year the renewal fee is

also $50 for each year thereafter also

you must have insurance $100,000 for

personal injury or death for one person

$300,000 for personal injury or death of

more than one person in one accident

with a maximum of $100,000 for each

person and $50,000 for property damage

you must also have identification tag

within 15 days you will be issued a

registration tag that you must firmly

affixed to your UAS or you're drunk no

surveillance unless permitted by law no

flying within 5 miles of an airport no

firearms or weapons can be equipped to

the US or the drone you cannot operate

within 1/4 mile of any open air a

sibling unit that will be sporting

events soldiers field Comiskey Park

Wrigley so forth also schools hospitals

and places of worship you can't fly

above 400 feet or beyond the

side of the operator or under the

influence of alcohol or drugs or

whatever the weather conditions would

appear you to do so safely you can't fly

between the hours of 8:00 p.m. and 8:00


it also says notwithstanding the

prohibit ation set forth in this section

a person may operate a small unmanned

aircraft in any location designated for

such operation by the general

superintendent and team

officer of the Chicago Park District

after numerous calls to the Chicago Park

District I've yet to find out where

these designated areas are located

within the Chicago Park District now the

penalty for violating the ordinance can

be not less than $500 nor or than $5,000

for each offense or may be incarcerated

for a term not to exceed 180 days that's

six months or both fined and

incarcerated now there's another section

on seizure and unlawful use but you can

download that and read it later so my

friends this is the answer to how to fly

your drone in Chicago legally that is

let me wrap this up with how it's easier

to fly as a commercial UAS operator

versus of recreational operator in

Chicago one of the sections states this

again notwithstanding the prohibition

set forth in this section any person

authorized to operate an unmanned

aircraft pursuant to a waiver

certificate of authorization or air

worthy certification under Section 4

4704 of title 49 United States Code CL

be authorized to operate a small

unmanned aircraft in city airspace in

accordance with the terms of such

certificate of waiver certificate of

authorization or air worthy

certification in plain English that

means if you have your FAA part 107

remote pilot certificate you fly under

part 107 rules not the Chicago ordinance

so with that if you thought about

getting your part 107 license check out

remote pilot

link is in the description below with

over 14,000 test pass included mine you

can't go wrong well that's my rant for

the day I hope I didn't bore you to

death and

you know just a little bit as always

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importantly fly safe