How to follow the law with your new drone

this holidays hot items comes with a

whole lot of rules so be ready for me if

you don't follow them you could have

police at your door here's the nails

investigative reporter Jace Larson the

popular item this year is hot because of

a big drop in price and also new

technology its drones spend a few

minutes watching and you can see why so

many people want one drones provide

amazing photography and let you actually

race against your friends in the sky how

much effort does it take to fly this

thing with the fpv as it takes a little

bit of effort but not a ton zip Vega

isn't just a drone pilot he's also a

Salesman I think we've got about three

new ones compared to last year and

prices have dropped hundreds of dollars

but like anything good there are rules

so before you give or get a drone listen

up filing your drone in your back yard

is usually okay but be careful that you

don't invade your neighbor's privacy

you can't take video or pictures of what

they're doing on the other side of the

fence if you don't have your consent to

have your image taken and somebody takes

it that's definitely violating your

right of privacy in your front yard or a

public place photos are fair game but

other rules apply no matter where you

are on Christmas morning open your

wallet you're gonna have to pay the FAA

five dollars to register your drone

that's if it weighs more than a half a

pound watch your elevation new pilots

because you can't go above 400 feet or

anywhere near planes or helicopters

you're supposed to stay five miles from

airports but the FAA conceded to me that

using common sense is most important

if you fly with your smart brain you're

likely to be okay

even if your takeoff zone is closer than

five miles if you're gonna fly over a

private area like on somebody's land ask

them let them know hey is there any way

I can do this 90% of time people are

gonna say yeah that can I go with you

that might have helped alleviate this

Louisville Kentucky man's situation he

saw a drone near his daughter as she was

sunbathing so he shot it down but the

right to quiet enjoyment of your

property means that somebody can't be

flying your drone over if you're

sunbathing in your back chair they can't

be hovering a drone ten feet over your

head that doesn't mean that you can

shoot them out of the sky by any means

understand that in the age of tiny

cameras people might be suspicious you

don't want the cops calls on you that

you should probably talk to your

neighbor first for the now I'm Jace