Planning to fly a drone in Dubai? Here's how you can get a permit

you would apply online through the dch

website okay and the website that says

they register drone you go to that you

click the icon and then you basically

follow the the instructions so it will

give you a ski for your name mister

missus your name your surname your

location your Emirates ID because you

need to have some form of identification

and then it would go to for example the

drone that you're flying has a serial

number all turns have a serial and the

same as your your mobile phone that

serial number needs to be included it

will also be the type for example a DJI

small Khadija and then a pro a DJI

phantom okay and then those the

documents in other which are small size

copy of the photograph that gets

submitted online and normally between

five and ten working days we can turn it

around you get an email to visit the dca

offices whereby you'll be given your

registration card as well as a safety

brief on the contents of the leaflet and

the leaflet will show you exactly where

you can fly where you can't fly what are

sensitive areas what are no-fly zones we

are now in agreement with the with the

license holders for a number of large

retail stores that we have a process the

process is you would go to the to the

the retail store let's say for example a

sure FDG or a caramel you would identify

the turn that you want to buy you would

pay for it but you wouldn't be able to

remove it from the store they would

require that you register online get

your registration card return to the

store once you show them that you are

registered with the DCA with your

registration card you collect the drug

so at least that we know that you are

operating inside of the laws of the

emirate of device and that you're not

going to have any problems

Eddy's for the hobbyist which is a blue

card and if you were a commercial

operator there you can see the stinky

that one has a red line

from a device civil aviation perspective

we we track and monitor all shown RFS

UAS activities within the emirate of

Dubai how do we do that through a little

scar tracker device this device is

attached to the drone whether it be

something as small as a spark to

something as big as the m600 by eji and

allows me to plot on the screen where

the drone is at any one time with

reference to commercial traffic so what

we do is we put in parameters in other

words distances that we want to turn to

remain clear of control there commercial

traffic as well as height limitations

and the areas

so every year for example there we can

see a drone that's flying now right that

means is green that means he's got safe

operations that's his call sign and he's

got all the permissions if it changed to

Amber or to red I would know that he's

transgressed the airspace or otherwise

is operating outside of for the the the

no objection certificate says so there

we can see that's a green flag and is

well clear of all traffic so

my dashboard OBS shows me that it's a

safe operation and I know that I'm not

going to have a problem with him and

that information that's giving me this

location comes from this tracking device

it's called the sky commander and it's

mandatory at the moment for commercial

operators to attach the sky commander to

the RFS for UAB when they are doing any

kind of event project


a no-fly zone for example this is dxv

you can see the red and obviously the

traffic coming to and departing from

Dubai International has to be protected

so a no-fly zone is that you may not

operate in that area at any time 24/7 a

green zone means that you need to have

permission from either the landowner or

the entity for example of yeah that's

that is the the men head military base

this is a via this is the virtual Arab

so you need to have permission to

operate within that net area other than

that remaining below 400 feet outside of

controlled airspace away from Holdings

and people you can offer it operate



from a divine police perspective they

looking at irregularities in other words

someone that's maybe driving mischief

Italy may be crossing the the white

solid line going through stop signs etc

so their part is looking for any kind of

criminal act associated to driving a

vehicle so they're able to monitor that

by means of the drug looking at

continuing with the proof-of-concept

through the rest of this year which is

only a couple of weeks by early 2018

will have this mandated mmm and monetary

we take it be taking place in the skies

over the image of the