Where Can I Fly in Florida? - Every Drone Law 2019 - Miami, Orlando, and Jacksonville (Episode 9)

now I get asked all the time about drill

mods and specific states cities counties

so in this pity party series I'm gonna

go over every single state and drill

mods that exist in that state so make

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oh also this is not legal advice


beautiful beautiful Horta now as of 2019

these are all the drone laws they need

to follow in Florida but I would not be

surprised in the near future if they

don't pass new ones cuz I've seen

multiple near misses with helicopters

especially in Miami so fly safe now

there's three different parts of this

there's the federal laws the state laws

and the City laws now if you're flying

just for fun a la notte for cash or

cheque doesn't matter here are the rules

you must abide by now if you are flying

commercially skip to this time code now

first you must register your drone

before flight to the FAA drone zone

website I'll link it below you must fly

within visual sight your drone must be

under 55 pounds now that is very very

heavy most consumer drones are like

between one and three pounds you must

never fly near another aircraft if

you're flying within five miles of any

Airport you must notify the control

tower and lastly you must never fly near

emergency response efforts now for the

commercial fliers you must hold a remote

pilot's license issued by the FAA you

must register your drone with the FAA

Jerome's own website again I'll link it

below your drone must be under 55 pounds

you must fly in Class G airspace you

must fly below 400 feet you must fly

during the day or at civil twilight

which is thirty minutes after sunset you

must fly under a hundred miles per hour

what drone goes a hundred miles per hour

I barely drive it hunter mode

you must yield the right away to any

manned aircraft can't fly over people

and lastly you cannot fly from a moving

vehicle unless you're in a lightly

populated area which I'm guessing is

like farmland now these eight things you

can actually get a waiver from the FAA

to void them so you must go through the

legal process now that we got the

federal laws out of the way

which are countrywide remember you

always have to abide by these rules here

are the state and local laws it is

illegal to fly over any critical

infrastructure those facilities it is

illegal to fly over any critical


now those facilities include power

plants gas refineries military

facilities government buildings and

water treatment facilities it is also

illegal to own or operate a weaponized

drone anyways it is also illegal to

record someone who has a reasonable

expectation of privacy now for the city

laws let's start in Miami it was illegal

to fly within a half-mile radius of any

sporting event or large venue event

basically do not fly over stadiums in

any sport or large venues you may also

not equipped your drone with any

detachable cargo now in Orlando you may

not fly your drone over any city

landmarks stadiums venues or any

gathering over a thousand people you

will also need a twenty dollar permit to

fly anywhere in Orlando for flight now I

did do a little research and you can pay

$150 annually to fly your drone as much

as you want

also in Orlando which is by far one of

the stricter rules that I've come across

if you fly your drone drunk or higher

and the influence of anything you will

be on top of flies now in the city of

Bonita Springs you now in the city of

Bonita Springs you can apply your drone

of community park but only during the

hours walls unoccupied

you may also not fly your Joe within 25

feet of a person paralyzed like pictures

and buildings

lastly in Gifu me Atkins oh my golly so

to say lastly and zucchini axe Springs

it is illegal to fly over public and

private property without consent so

basically immediate consent to fly

anywhere and if you're flying

commercially you must register with the

local police it take the drone flying

seriously over there now every law that

I just mentioned is linked below thank

you for watching make sure to fly safely

and if you have any additional questions

just ask I'll see you next time