Huntington Beach Drone Challenge

all right so as I do with most of my

vlog slash flight videos I want to

provide you guys with a little bit of

context currently I'm in Huntington

Beach California just south of Los

Angeles first of all the weather the

scenes are beautiful here second of all

I'm here for a long weekend right so I

flew from Philadelphia the east coast to

the west coast for three days I know

that kind of doesn't seem to make sense

and a lot of people when I tell them are

like why'd you do that well it's my

uncle's birthday so that's why I'm here

but I'm also gonna try to do a ton of

drone flying but there is going to be a

cap on the drone flying I've only got

four Mavic two Pro batteries which means

that I'm only going to be able to fly a

certain amount of time that should give

me like what an hour's worth of flight

time if that if I'm flying a little bit

more conservative so we'll see what I

can get with those four batteries I

don't have a charger the biggest

challenge is trying to perfect my shot

on the very first take so usually when I

find an angle I'll go and I'll try it a

couple of times and by the fourth or

fifth time I get it perfect but this

time I've got to get the shot and move

on to the next one so I can get enough

unique angles for this video so I

figured it'd be a cool challenge let's

see how the footage turns out because I

already burnt one battery and I pretty

much just shot all photos so technically

three batteries to shoot some video

we'll see how it turns out hope you guys

enjoy the footage