$5,000.00 Drone Fine - NEVER flying drones again?





good morning by the time you see this

Canada will have implemented new laws

that make it nearly impossible to fly a

drone anywhere legally this video is

outlining the tests the new rules and

how insane it is to fly drone in this

country let's begin these four Korea

secure lunch perimeter you don't make a

secure launch perimeter no I don't you

didn't you didn't bring your

navigational maps I forgot them at the

store where you bought you have your the

app on your phone

tuned to the local watched air traffic

control tower I don't have that either

I'm just just making vlogs I'm not a


I think the wind's coming from the north

right now so what runway I think they'll

use zero three eight at button Ville

today that sounds like the runway I

would use given ya given that wind

direction you have no idea what I'm

talking about do you

zero clue what you're talking about but

I know that you just went to like drone

school to get a license is that what

this is you don't even know how to read

a Matar report starting to get




this is a lot of stuff for flying drones

yeah it's not just a hobbyist thing


now with the new drone pilot licence

rules in Canada there's a lot of steps

and procedures and flight records and

things that you need we're good here for

like a little bit uh actually I was

flying here yesterday I got a parking

ticket on my car but probably won't

happen again new spot


all right all packed up let's go the new

licensing system they've made it so that

anybody can fly a drone almost nowhere

- almost nobody can fly a drone almost

anywhere so for everyone else in the

world that didn't understand that Canada

as a country as a whole has changed the

drone laws basically now illegal to fly

a drone anywhere without very specific

licensing and certificates and a whole

bunch of things that I'm gonna explain

to you in this video I will say though

the water right now is prime jet ski

conditions there's AG 0 chop the wind 6

kilometres per you wouldn't even have to

turn the jet ski you just lean and it

would just do the work for you love that

we should be we should be riding those

instead of talking about rules is that

guy gonna give us a ticket okay let's go


okay we are trying this again we will

probably have better luck at this spot

because nobody's out here so after

you've done your general flight plan you

have to set up a secure perimeter do you

actually have to do that like you have

to do well you don't have to use your

signals but you'll get in trouble if you

don't islands if you could wear safety

vest I'm out I'm not even I don't even

care you can have my drones this is just

beyond ridiculous


direct Kenzi on course maple 76 no it's

air traffic control you have to have

communication with the airspace that

you're currently in and have an ability

to contact air traffic control should

you have a flyaway or any unexpected

emergency that's about three percent of

what you need to know



so Gabriel here just spent the entire

time that I was in San Diego in in like

a flight school like an actual flight

school to get a new certificate to be

able to legally fly his drone anywhere I

guess it's like legally like so if you

don't have that as of June 1st you

cannot fly in Canada without it at all

at all right okay so any drone over two

hundred fifty five grams basically the

second you buy it you have to register

it so as to be registered with Nav

Canada they've broken into two different

licenses it's basic and advanced so with

basic you need to stay a hundred feet

away from people and you can't fly in

controlled airspace can't fly over

advertised events with the advanced you

can fly within six meters of people up

to four hundred feet over people and in

control airspace to an extent when they

sent me the study material I wrote them

back and he sent me the material for the

wrong course this is for aviation and

nope it's 320 pages of exam preparation

PDF for flying a drone oh man I wouldn't

even have read like a ten page PDF 300

yeah so you need to know just about

everything that a pilot needs to know

less how to actually pilot the aircraft

so you need to know radio communication

you need to know theory of flight you

need to know how to read maps how to get

the actual weather report my drone

flying days have come to an end in

Canada so you have to know how to read a

met our report METAR it's a weather

report given in the language that pilots

know how to read it and so it's all in

code going across the winds blowing 150

degrees at 13 gusting to 18 knots the

visibility is 15 stat pile out

temperatures to M but the dew point is

at 1400 really where I live I should be


we're gonna get definitely gonna get the

pulled pork wrap

definitely going with a hot dog fries

and gravy and cheese and everything

that's gonna kill me tomorrow I'll start

eating healthy tomorrow tomorrow I think

I got too much food all I got is a wrap

of course you could feed about seven

people with it so the course that I did

to pass the test it was Friday Saturday

and Sunday about ten hours per day

there's just so much information you

need to learn I think for the people

they're gonna put in the effort I think

it's actually a really really good

system it makes a lot of sense

keeps the skies a lot safer it's just a

lot a lot of work to actually get it

have you see the new drone laws yes I'm

literally retiring all my drones I don't

know what I'm probably never gonna fly

in Canada ever again actually probably I

don't know are you gonna take the test

now that it's I'm not getting a pilot's

license like I don't need a pilot's

license I'm not doing all that so either

I'm gonna have to always have somebody

who does have the license fly the drone

for me or I'm just not flying I think

I'm really the same thing like I mean I

never really fly it in Canada as it is

but yeah I think I'm done to here it was

I thought you were gonna you know shout

out my new video or something and

instead you came and reminded me of the

depressing fact that we can I drones

anymore yeah so drone wars you were the

official champ

so put over there Thanks yeah you win I

thought we were gonna know just a quick

like okay like the hair by the way

Thanks so there it is that's uh that's

effective June 1st so if you fly a drone

in Canada you have to have the

certificate basic or advanced to fly

without you know the chance of getting a

ticket so what am I gonna do because a

lot of people have been saying like well

Pete are you gonna keep flying your

drone and as you've probably put it

together Gabriel has been doing a lot of

the drones stuff for me in this vlog as


late so the stuff you see of the office

and the lake footage and all those types

of things

since he's kind of works for me now he

just flies the drone wherever we feel

like flying it and he does that and

gives me the footage so that's probably

I'll keep doing here

unless of course like Maddie and I are

flying it in somewhere like Norway where

it doesn't matter way up in the islands

and nobody's around then we'll probably

be piloting those I think drone sales in

this country probably just got cut in

half at least maybe that's why they

started making action cams what I'm very

curious about though is if this is gonna

happen in the States or any other

countries if it's just gonna start

getting harder and harder and harder to

fly these drones the one plus side that

I would maybe be able to carve out of

this is if you do have a certificate

your skills are worth more now so you

can probably charge more money for

commercial projects or any type of

projects that you know require drone

flights because now your skill is far

more limited than just anybody being

able to go out and buy a drone you now

have that license you'd be able to

charge more for your work with that and

be able to you know probably get more

work because you are licensed and have

the certificate that might be a plus

side if you're willing to put in the

work all the hours and read that was it

300 pages so those are the drone laws

what do you guys think let me know below

I'd love to hear what the drone laws are

in your country and if you think this is

gonna affect sales of drones and just

the general discussion of is it getting

harder and harder to actually use these

things thanks for watching hit the like

button subscribe do do w-want it's your

life see you guys in the next video


it is certainly food that looks cool a

police car and you can make it look like

you're being arrested that's a good