Where to Fly Your Drone in Las Vegas - Part 1 (Henderson)

hi everyone Mark Anthony here - The Vegas tourist and about a month ago I went out

and I bought one of these bad boys a drone this one is the Maverick Pro I

love this things primarily because it folds up and travels really really

easily plus it's just like fun to fly now be in Las Vegas being in the middle

of the Mojave Desert you think that there's a lot of areas to fly

a Drone in as a hobbyist which I currently am. Yes and all so this video I

was going to go over where you can fly where you can't fly in the Vegas Valley

and it turned out to go this going to be a multi multi video um this one's going to

focus on Henderson which is where I live but I wanted to go over some

general things first of all in the Vegas Valley here you have man coming is it's

not all Las Vegas the city you have the strip and all these other little tongues

are on it and each one has its own rules and regulations about flying drones I

happen to live in Henderson which is very practical and I'll get into that in

a second next door we have Boulder City which is very impractical they really

don't want you to fly drones in Boulder City or else they're not making it easy

for your slate a hobbyist growing pin up weather see but I'll get into it later

in the Las Vegas Valley now if you have nine communities here but you also have

airports you have McCarran you have north Las Vegas you have Boulder City

you have Henderson you have a several private ones you have all the helipads

from the hospitals with the law enforcement centers and the corporate

centers you also have flight paths for the tourist helicopter and the truer

plane so you have to watch out for that we have a we have Nellis Air Base we

have Creech Air Base so we have military areas that are off-limits we have

national parks which are completely off-limits

you also have state parks which are different you have a as a good example

you have value fighter value player no drones Red Rock not a problem

come on in here are your guidelines here or you rules play you know play it safe

don't hurt anyone okay be happy now each each state part kind of does it their

own way each community like I said earlier does it their own way Henderson

made a very interesting honor website they said look we have a lot of parts

here we like to keep it very very family friendly and so we're going to limit

drones to very specific parks good what are those parks though they don't list

so I sent a instant message on Facebook to the city of Henderson and almost you

know very quickly they responded thank you Mark

we have four parks and we would like to keep your drones in as a hobbyist and

here are those perks you have a question parks house which is very large has a

lot of open areas Hidden Falls which is a nice park it kind of overlooks the

city of Anderson you have cornerstone Park which is kind of in an

up-and-coming area and then you have Amador Vista do not go to Clark County

wetlands that is off-limits there's wildlife there cornerstone part has a

marsh there it's got some wildlife there do not disturb the wildlife okay that is

illegal do not disturb the wildlife okay


I'm into revista next part small surrounded by it but by houses

Hidden Falls hidden balls actually has two areas here it's it's kind of a

almost a curved shape park plus plus you have a mom site here so and it kind of

overlooks the city of Henderson so it's kind of really nice sure my favorite is

equestrian park self-priming because you have a lot of open land to fly over you

are and your software will warn you you are in Class B airspace be careful where

you fly it is a it is in the flight path to McCarran International Airport so be


so there you have it kind of a really quick overview on droning in Las Vegas

and specifically Henderson there will be more grown videos because

I really really love this thing so please I would really love to hear from

you so it down below leave me your comments and your and your questions as

always like this video subscribe to my youtube channel look down below for all

of the show notes and links and please do me a favor fly safe and fly wheedle

this is Marc Anthony the Vegas tourist and I will talk to you all later