Best Place to Fly a Drone in Los Angeles

I get boots on hey guys Armando here at

the Woodley Park Apollo 11 model

aircraft field and we're about to go fly

my first drone if you own a drone in Los

Angeles you probably have a hard time

finding a wide-open space to practice

with it especially when state and

national parks are no-fly zones

the FAA F is also very little help only

telling you when you're within five

miles of an airport which is basically

every inch of LA luckily there are model

aircraft fields like this one where

veterans and rookies have a space to

spread their wings now I'm new to all

this so I'm going to keep it simple and

say that they have a runway section for

airplanes and further down there's a

section for helicopters when I'm not

with me here is a DJI Matic pro not DG

I'm a Victrola bunch of people with a PG

I DJ I can't really you have to have an

app for the throne I have to log in so

I'm trying to sign up for it right now

yeah okay so taking off with this thing

is a breeze I pretty much put it on

beginner mode and the app guided me

through the process and look at how

steady this opinion it's just hovering

in place okay one thing about this place

that I don't understand is that it's

light include air field which is the

worst possible place to have one of

these mini air strips because I keep

getting warnings on my drone saying that

you're in an unauthorized area yada yada




so one can you fit of view it's Flyers

grown directly over people that are not

participating in your operation depends

we're all in this together doesn't

matter if I can just press the

down button all the way right now

actually after some research I realized

that being five miles within an airport

is not necessarily in no-fly zone so

next time I'm definitely going to try to

get some sweet shots of LA but for now

I'll just take you on a little tour of

this airfield



I was trying to talk to the camera here

but apparently drones don't record audio

anymore so that was all for this episode

guys we got a drone you don't know where

to fly it comes down to the Woodley Park

Apollo 11 airfield and subscribe