I Got Stopped by a Park Ranger While Flying My Drone (in a LEGAL fly zone!)

Do you have it with ya? Yeah.

May I see it? Sure thing.

Hey, it's KRUSER! Where I show you how to make

professional drone videos. Today I'm showing you when I got stopped by park

ranger for fly my drone in a go fly zone. Stick around to find out why.

So what happened was me and my family were on a vacation out in Central Oregon.

What is that?

Oh **** What is that?

Black Butte, if any of you have ever been out there.

And we went to hike Black Butte.

As you see on the picture

here it was a fly zone. No issues. No um.

Nothing prevented me from flying there.

And we climbed to the top and I was gonna get some sweet footage.

I'll show you that right now.

*Indiscernible screaming*

Pretty tight right?

The part where I'm flying by that fire tower there was a

lady who was in that tower and she came running out

and she was like instantly she

started yelling and screaming at me,

"Get your drone down! Land that right now!"

And we were all kinda like,

"Whoa." Like what the heck. Okay.

Like obviously like immediately I flew

it back landed it and I like put it away.

And I'm looking up at this fire tower and

she's just out there, binoculars and everything like looking at me.

And then she gets a camera and starts taking pictures and I'm looking and she pulls

out a walkie talkie and I'm just thinking,

"Oh, I'm in it now." Like, "I'm in for it."

And so our whole family like okay let's just get down the mountain

like let's just forget about this and so like from flying the drone landing it

was probably up there only for like two minutes total before she told

me to land it. And I didn't try to contest it.

It's landed, it's put away.

I put it back in the bag.

So we're heading down the mountain and half my family's ahead of me.

We're starting to go around a bend and then my mom's waiting there and she tells me,

"Hey, I got a text from dad. There's a park ranger waiting down at the parking lot

who's waiting to talk to you."

And I'm just thinking,

"Oh great"

Like, "Come on. You gotta be kidding me."

Like, I didn't do anything wrong here ya know?

And my mom's telling me, "Don't, don't cause fights with him. Don't get at him. Don't get in

his face." And of course I wouldn't do that.

I would never do that to law enforcement but we head down the path and we see the law

enforcement officer.

We actually got

I got a little bit of video of it.

To kind of show you the conversation because I figured whatever he was going to tell

me it would be something important that I could share with everyone on my channel

of, you know, what I did wrong here in this situation.

So check out the clips.

So it's cool to see that I did get slammed with a heavy ticket or heavy fine.

I was really worried about that and essentially the message was don't fly a

drone over camp sites or anywhere where people are sleeping or living and as

well federal buildings.

Apparently that's what that lady was

saying on top of the tower was you know no flying near federal buildings.

Tell me if I'm wrong in the comments below if there's a regulation with FAA about

not flying your federal buildings.

If there is I completely

missed that but that fire tower was a Federal Building so he said don't

fly near that as well.

Good to know in the future!

That was a mistake on my

part for not knowing that.

But essentially it turned out really good.

The park ranger supports drones.

They use them to help fight fires to look where

they're at and catch them and so overall it was a really good experience.

Glad nothing bad happened but watch out in the future in case your caught in the same

situation as I am.

And thanks for watching.

I hope you all really enjoyed

this video.

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And comment below if

you've ever had a run-in with

the law, with a park ranger of any level of authority who's told you that you

can't fly a drone.

And let me know why.

And as always thanks for watching.