It's Getting Harder To Fly Drones Anywhere in Southern California Anymore 😡

hey guys what is going on there's a

on the lid hey guys what is going on so

I'm here with John from here b-bar say

hello John going on people so John is a

new flyer to the world of drone pilots

he just got his Mavic he's flown it like

two or three times today is number four

we didn't have some issues today

but we'll get into that so if you want

to see the vlog from today's entire

experience which includes this we hear

police sirens so we are turning a drone

off gets robbed then you need to go over

to his channel the link is in the

description below but guys we're here

we're talking about drone issues

especially down here in Southern

California so is this what you expected

in terms of like drone flying like did

you think that we're just gonna go fly

honestly coming from New York right

nobody can fly mean the whole cities and

clearly off-limits I figured Southern

California away from the beaches in the

airport it would be a piece of cake but

it was not the case at all no so there's

like nowhere to fly in Southern

California anymore

most of the places that you think could

fly like beaches out in the hills this

and that like all these places you just

can't fly anymore and like we had an

idea we're here in Anaheim at VidCon

he's here from New York checking out

VidCon on his way to Hawaii got some

cool stuff coming but he wanted to learn

some drone flying techniques and you

know sharpen his skills before he heads

off to Hawaii so we figured we would go

out to the the hills right out here in

Anaheim and do some awesome drone flying

but you know what happened well I mean

we just kept running into dead ends and

people at parks wouldn't let us I mean

why the drums and all but we went to one

park and we asked the guy it's a huge

park out in the middle nowhere we drove

like 30 minutes from the Convention

Center and the guys like no drone flying

and then I was like so where could we

fly and he shut the door on us

thanks experia in general flying drones

is getting so hard I've noticed in the

last 6 months that's getting harder so

new pilots out there John you know all

of you out there that just getting a

drone I really urge you to make sure you

know the rules before you go out and fly

because anywhere you go especially like

places like Southern California New York

you're not going to fly anywhere and if

you do fly you might get caught by the

cops and that might end up at the ticket

might lose your drone

we're getting so crazy and I looked on

some drone forums before I came here to

meet John and Anaheim and all those

forums said that yes you could fly in

these parks that we went to and there

was no flying whatsoever guys if you

want to see some of the footage that we

shot and some of the things check out

John's channel yeah please check me out

and one thing I do want to note kevin

was just talking about if you're a new

drone pilot my first flight I flew with

a friend who knew what he was doing it

gave me a lot of confidence you can find

somebody out there who has a drone

already hopefully the drug you have try

to fly with them your first experience

it'll make you a lot better off trust me

John that's a really good tip thanks for

spending the day with me doing some

drone flight one time we had a attend

just you have to check out the flock

it's ridiculous but guys make sure you

subscribe we'll see on the next one guys

I'm going to try to bring you the most

up-to-date drone information of the

different places I fly I fly everywhere

I travel I'd love to bring my drone with

me all right guys me house we'll see on

next one