Flying a Drone in Australia (2018) - AUS drone rules in under 2 minutes

what up YouTube if you live in Australia

and you've recently bought a drone or

you're thinking of buying a drone or

maybe you're traveling to Australia soon

on a holiday or maybe just live in the

country and you're just curious as to

how a drone rules work I'm gonna be

showing you as simply as I can the rules

around flying a drone in Australia in

under two minutes so let's do it


drones have been around for years and

haven't exactly been mainstream but they

are becoming more and more popular

especially as they filter through a lot

of major retail stores in Australia such

as JP high five

by having joins available in such large

retail chain stores they're becoming

much more accessible and they're

becoming much easier for consumers to

just walk into a store and buy one and

throw them up in the air like with any

new technology there's always certain

rules and best practices that you should

learn before you start using the product

and cos I'd make a big deal about

setting out important rules for any

drone fly around there to make sure that

everyone's privacy and security is well

taken care of they've even gone so far

as to develop an app it's called can I

fly there and it really is a great app

for anyone starting out or for anyone

that's unsure whether drone is allowed

to fly in that area you can literally

load up the app and it will come up on

screen and tell you yes you can fly you

know you can't fly here or yes you can

but be aware of these certain

restrictions why are you watching this

video go ahead and download that up now

because it really is important and it's

probably step number one if you want to

fly drone Australia and recently DJI the

leading manufacturer of drones has come

out with a mandatory quiz that you must

take before you fly there worked in

conjunction with the Australian

government to come up with that quiz and

make sure it is mandatory so it's a

great step in the right direction to

make sure that everyone is safe and

everyone understands the rules so let's

set that two-minute timer down below and

let's get started on those rules right

so there's three basic rules that you

have to ensure that you follow to start

with first one is that you can only fly

it one round at a time no exceptions

second is that you must always maintain

visual line of sight which means that

you cannot fly your drone kilometres

away if you can't see it and it also

means that you can't use any goggles on

your face if you can't directly see the

drone itself

you must always ensure that you never

exceed a maximum altitude of 120 metres

now if you're out and about and you want

to catch some great shots of some

scenery or some action happening nearby

that's fine but you must make sure that

you don't fly directly over crowds and

this is so that in case your drone

malfunctions it doesn't fall and cause

issues to anyone so with that in mind

you must also maintain a 30 meter radius

around other people around you it's fine

but around others at 30 meter radius

must be maintained and a little-known

rule if you're out in the water then you

must also keep 300 meter radius

around marine animals now moving on to

airports there to be create a controlled

airspace so in Australia you cannot fly

within 5.5 kilometers of a controlled

airspace there are some areas where you

can fly your drone where it's not a

controlled airspace for example around a

helicopter pad for a hospital they're

typically marked in the Casa app with a

yellow coloring and what this means is

that you can fly in the area but if

another helicopter or airplane comes

into that area then you must safely land

your drone as quickly as possible to get

out of the way similarly if you're out

and about an emergency services in the

area then you must also safely land your

drone as quickly as possible and that's

so that you don't interrupt them and of

course nighttime you cannot fly because

you can't maintain visual line of sight

so nighttime is out of the question and

lastly there are some no-fly zones

around the country so make sure you use

that Casa app as it will tell you if

you're in a no-fly zone the only

exception to that rule that I've

discovered so far is that it doesn't

include National Park and national parks

are generally a no-fly zone but you can

get an exception if you wish you just

have to contact the park manager for

approval and last but not least just

make sure at all times you use common

sense and respect people's personal

privacy there are major fines for not

following these rules and you can cause

serious damage to others if you don't

pay attention and you don't know what

you're doing and if you're ever unsure

about any of these rules feel free or

visit the castle website on their they

talk about all the rules and if you're

still unsure feel free to leave a

comment below

ask me a question and I'll help you out

thanks again for checking out the video

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