Where you shouldn't fly your drone in Arizona - Do your own research to be sure

so hey everyone welcome and good morning

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we talked tech here lots of drone stuff

we used to talk a lot more about travel

and hopefully this fall we're gonna

pepper some travel back in there with

some more drone work now if I seem a

little subdued this morning there's a

really good reason so last week right

after putting my last YouTube video to

bed and load it up I got hit with a

sinus infection that you would not

believe I'm still actually recovering

from it here we are a week later and Wow

absolutely crushing I had a friend back

in Telecom who worked for me hey Doug

and um he had a sinus infection one time

where he couldn't comb his hair it hurt

so bad so so he took a couple days off

from his cell tech job to get that under

control and basically that was me last

week so not a fun week I'm still really

tired and I'm actually stealing some

content from a video I did two weeks ago

for this week's video so today I wanted

to talk about where to fly in Arizona

actually more importantly where not to

fly in Arizona the other week I stumbled

across an article about great places to

fly your drones in Arizona and the

article said Page Arizona Antelope

Canyon no tribal reservation land you'd

need to get nokey dokey they're also in

the page area that is all restricted

because it's part of national parks and

national monuments and you know you've

got the dam there you've got the

Vermillion cliffs there so it's all

these areas that you're not supposed to

fly and yet this article on this drone

website was saying hey great places to

fly your drone

no so I will warn you in the video the

first one they mark off is Sedona and

while there is legal flight in Sedona

there are concerns about flying in

Sedona area there's a lot of crowds

you know just a lot of people and there

a lot of traffic in the area so I'm

gonna leave that one up to you but

basically what we're gonna do the second

part of this video is actually from a

couple weeks ago I'm going to show you

that website I'm going to show you their

recommendations I'm going to show you on

Kitty Hawk and you can also use

skyvector it's clearly no-fly zones for

the Grand Canyon for Saguaro National

Park it's a national park and so that

was one of their recommendations well

bottom line what I wanted to share with

you today is that you need to do your

homework about where you're gonna fly

not only in Arizona anywhere in the u.s.

whether you're a hobbyist or a

commercial part 107 pilot so it's up to

you and seeing someone's articles even

seeing an article on my website or

anything you still need to do your

research I don't I don't care if you

consider these sites authorities or not

you need to do your due diligence

because you don't want to get fined you

don't want to lose your drone you don't

want to ruin other people's enjoyment of

the places that they're visiting

alongside you so make sure before you're

going out to fly some amazing locations

that you're legal to fly in those

locations and like we talked about the

other week we've got Kitty Hawk we've

got Sky uh vector we've got before you

fly there are so many applications out

there that it's it's it's very difficult

to claim ignorance at this point um with

all the tools available to us as drone

pilots alright so now we're gonna cut

over to that segment that was clipped

from a video the other week because the

video went too long

shocking I made a video go too long

sorry about that I know the videos are

longer here but I'm really trying to get

you information that's useful to you as

a drone pilot

especially if you're building your own

business so before we get into the

second half very simple do your due

diligence don't depend on other people's

articles or posts online you need to

make sure that you're following all the

rules that apply to you and that you're

doing the right thing as a drone pilot

so that we can keep enjoying

this hobby and this new growing business

community all right let's cut over to

the video from a couple weeks ago now I

want to move on to one other item and

I'm gonna bring skyvector back up here

and we're gonna use Kitty Hawk as well

so I recently read an article on another

drone website I was just doing some

searches on drone websites drone service

providers in Arizona I wanted to see how

my search engine optimization was

working and it's working pretty well

especially if people are looking for

press get drone pilots but while I do

the searches I stumble across other

pages and I stumbled across a page that

really disturbed me so I just want to

share this with you so the second half

of today's video is very simple where

can I fly in Arizona the bigger question

is um you know where can I fly anywhere

and you can find out where to fly using

skyvector using Kitty Hawk using the

tools at your disposal you can find out

where you can and can't fly so you can't

say well I didn't know about that

that's um that's disingenuous we've got

a lot of tools out there and if we need

to talk more about tools on this channel

let me know as well but so I'm on my

iPhone because I just I was doing the

search the other day and I just found

this website and where to fly in Arizona

so number one place to fly in Arizona's

Cathedral Rock Sedona I know that um I

know that there's some flight allowed in

Sedona I would take this with a grain of

salt this is such a popular area I'd be

very cautious about flying in the area

and I'm gonna check this one off as

uncertain and I'm not trying to pick on

this website it's just the rest of the

suggested ones blew my mind because

they're so wrong Saguaro National Park

is their number two place to fly your

drone in Arizona do not fly your drone

at Saguaro National Park there are two

words in there called national and park

the national parks are not available for

drone flight there might be a permit

system in place for big movie crews and

things but you are not launching and

landing your drone in a national park

don't do it it is a absolute no-go the

number three that they have listed gran

Kanyon are you kidding me it's a

national park I'm going to pull

Kittyhawk back up here because I want to

show you something all right so I got my

strange little signing again I'm gonna

zoom out here I'm on Kitty Hawk and I'm

just gonna go ahead and zoom out and I

would like to bring you up oh look at


Grand Canyon do you see how it's all lit

up in red that is a no-go don't fly

there I've seen other drone pilots

talking about the fact that they can

take off from outside of the national

park fly into the national park and then

land back outside of the National Park I

know that's legal I know it's a loophole

but basically the intent of the National

Parks they have a lot of people coming

through every year and safety concerns

have led them to decide no flight in the

national parks I think it's reasonable I

think there's a lot of other great stuff

in this area that you could fly and so

they also on that article suggested Page

Arizona let's go ahead and look at all

this red in here no there you go there's

the answer

no I'm gonna do the authorization again

here because I just want to show you

something on the Kitty Hawk app I am

going to look up joven weap National

Monument joven leap is a favorite place

of mine to visit with my Airstream it's

an amazing National Monument with

ancient ruins in it and it's not an

overly popular location which is awesome

you have a lot of privacy when you go

out there it's quiet it's beautiful it's

pristine and night photography is

incredible there and so I looked up

joven weep which is a National Monument

you see that red block around it on

Kitty Hawk that means no okay

it means no now I'm gonna go back to to

that webpage so Grand Canyon so so far

we've suggested Saguaro National Park

which is no we've suggested Grand Canyon

National Park

no let's continue scrolling down

Antelope Canyon that is in the page area

that is tribal lands um so you would

need to be checking with the with the

tribe but they did Antelope Canyon comma

Monument Valley Monument Valley

is nowhere near Antelope Canyon this

article has it so wrong

this article is more about amazing

places to photograph in Arizona but

they've picked off a bunch of places

that are no-go the wave is incredibly

popular it's a beautiful location it's a

permit system and to get in there and

last that I had seen that was a no as

well a blocked off area just around the

way there are other amazing rock

formations in the area that are not

restricted that are not a National

Monument or in National Park and I would

suggest looking into flying some of

those areas but the whole point of me

doing this I'm gonna set this phone down

now though the whole point of this one

is you've really got to do the research

yourself you really have to use things

like skyvector you really have to use

things like Kittyhawk you have to use

things like before you fly from the FAA

it's our responsibility as drone pilots

to make sure that where we are where

we're supposed to be and that we're not

in and crossing into these areas where

we're restricted from it's it's really

simple you know it's um you can drive

your car some places and you can't drive

your car other places you can drive an

ATV some places and you can't drive an

ATV other places it's the same thing in

this situation so I would recommend

using the tools at your disposal

watching out for articles like the

article I just showed you because they

just had it so wrong and it's a

supposedly drone website making these

recommendations so in the end you check

skyvector you checks kitty kitty hawk

you do your appropriate planning

beforehand and then you go out and fly

safely and have a great time so like I

said unusual for back-to-back videos

today and sorry for going a little long

I really wanted to cover that second

topic as well let me know if you want to

know more about the Lantz system and the

use of Kitty Hawk like I said there's

probably a million billion videos on

this this morning and the only reason

I'm doing this one is because I had so

many subscribers here get in touch

privately and ask questions I've

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