Drones Illegal in Philippines | How to avoid Airport Confiscation

hey guys so Michael and I decided that

we're going to go into the Philippines

and we're leaving in two weeks I'm super

excited about that we're going to go see

my parents check out some places in

Manila and then we're going to go up

north travel the coastline

one of the reasons I'm kind of excited

is because I want to fly my drone Tokyo

in itself it's highly regulated and you

can't fly your drone anywhere in Tokyo

it's just completely prohibited you have

to go way outside of Tokyo to fly it and

there are restrictions obviously now I

thought this was going to be very

different in the Philippines obviously

can't fly near airports and whatnot but

I thought that the regulations would be

a little more slack I've done some

research online and it looks like it's

going to be a little more complicated

than I originally imagined the reason

being is the documentation is a bit

sparse and from what I've gathered is

some people will say no you can just

bring your drone there I've had no

problems which is probably the truth and

that's kind of like the unwritten rule

like they don't really check and that

you know you're free to fly the drone

anywhere but looking closely at the

rules and regulations something came out

December 2015 of just like very defined

regulations and I think manly is for

flying commercial type drones that are

over 100 kilograms

I think anyways the point being doing

some more research

it looks like the customs of the

Philippines have actually confiscated

drones and they find they made them pay

that find it but they made them pay an

import tax of a hundred thousand pesos

which is roughly two thousand dollars

for an import tax to be on the safe side

what I've done is I've mailed a CA AP CA

P stands for civil aviation authority of

the Philippines I went to the website

found a few emails message a few of them

and covers two responses one person sent

me the document saying here's the

December 2015 regulations can't fly la

jolla blah they pretty much couldn't

help me out and another person emailed

me basically they said yes you can bring

your small drone but you have to write

us an official letter that signs it must

include your address the purpose of it

which would be recreation not commercial

purposes also you need to send us the

serial number and dimensions of your

drone so I've gone ahead and done that

I've sent them my information is a

signed letter now I'm just waiting to

hear back they said if you write us this

letter and we'll send you back

permission letter or you can show it to

the customs officers when you get to the

Philippines I guess this is something

that a lot of people who buy these you

know consumer type drones like the DJ

Matic pro which I have or the phantom 4

you're going to come across this so I'm

going to kind of bring you along on our

journey getting to the Philippines with

Astro NAND showing you whether or not

the customs forms were required or the

permissions were required from the CA AP

and maybe show you some drone flights

when I get there so quick update I got

my drone permission from the Philippines

you can see that I'm feeling kind of

just a little bit nervous just because

they said that it can possibly

confiscate my drone as well as you know

put a hundred thousand pesos fine which

is like two thousand dollars so

hopefully with this letter if they do

check us then we won't have any issues

now we got to get through the airport

and customs hopefully no issues alright

see you guys in the Philippines


on our way we just got a bag

I actually didn't put the drone in my

suitcase and check it in I got it as a

hand carry and just brought in my


once we picked up our bags we didn't

actually have any issues customs didn't

ask us any questions and we went on

through so the plan is once you get a

SIM card then we're going to go call an

uber we arrived in Manila but because

we're so close to the airport we didn't

fight the drone there

we waited to go and fly the drone in the

Union which is my parents place so they

just gave us permission to fly the drone

at the restaurant this is awesome we're

going to fly this guy this is actually

the first time we'll be flying it in the

Philippines as I showed you earlier I

got my permission from the government I

asked I guess the authority is just now

whether or not I can fly this and they

said yes







after a lone Yin then we went down to


and we flew it there


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