So where can YOU fly your Drone in the UK? //MAIL- #114


guess what it's not Monday it's not

Friday's Wednesday which means only one


hashtag mail that day in the week when

you are said burning trope question and

I try and come up with some sort of

answer and this week's question comes

from stack mail I recently did some

filming around conwy castle which on WWF

line Skoda UK is under blue local /

private no-fly zone but the no-fly zone

doesn't appear on any other app that I

checked an apparently DJI go doesn't

warn of a no-fly zone if you try and fly

DJ products in that area is this no-fly

zone a valid be enforceable under the

ano it's awfully confusing to us mere

mortals I didn't use my drone but would

like to at some point but not willing to

risk getting my colorful in the process

what's your take on it

Cheers William wait to fly we're not to

fly asking more more difficult these

days isn't it I mean I had an email from

someone not the other day who said I've

just soared up all my drone equipment

because there's nowhere to fly so what I

asked him about why he then sent me a

screen shot off the drone assist that

which is from maps powered by altitude

angel and he was right you look at it

and there was nowhere to fly near him

but you need to understand about filters

on some of these maps you've got to

understand that on some of these apps

and guidance things for us for remote

pilots they do err on the side of

caution there are a lot of warnings and

there is a filter you can hit which

makes it more apparent on where you can

fly and where you can't fly maybe he

didn't need to sell all his equipment

expensive lesson so that makes a mistake

number one eh is it valid oh I've just

looked at no drone fly website whatever

it's called I don't want to diss it I'm

sure it's a good idea it's bore out of

of trying to help or trying to form some

sort of business early days maybe I'm

always cautious about anyone that tries

to give you advice and my opinion before

I fly there are three maybe

or sources of information I check first

to give me some sort of bearing some

sort of idea or some sort of guidance on

where I can fly and if it's okay for me

to fly there both whether it's

commercial or recreation I do the same

whatever the drill is the same doesn't

matter what the purpose is first thing

I'd like to make clear number one golden

rule it is your responsibility to remote

pilots make sure it is safe to fly in an

area you're planning to that you're not

in endangering any other craft people

persons property by your action number

two is no one owns the airspace no one

there unless it's a specific security

no-fly zone Airport or anything like

that no one owns the airspace what they

may be able to do is stop you taking off

and landing and using their land to do

so but they can't stop you over the

flying their property if you have the

right permissions in place if now I'll

put in the link down below they link to

the ano from the CAA that is the only

place I would go and read it it will be

unedited and as is it is a

responsibility of everyone to make sure

you read the ano link as as always down

below now the places I go to check out

my information before flying above one

is TTI comm and I suggest any flier does

this not only if you flight DJI or don't

fly DJI the reason I go there is because

DJI want to make it as accessible for

you to fly there warnings are on the low

level down to the bare minimum of what

regulation requires especially in the UK

number two is they have spent a lot of

money on legal representation and making

sure what they are saying is as near as

damning legal as possible it's a fine

line they sell drones they want to sell

drones they want to make it as as an

incumbent as possible for us remote

pilots go to now go right down

to the bottom into the bottom banner in

the black you'll see there's a little

tab there for fly safe hit that now you

can go on and choose your area whether

it's Europe United States North America

Asia Africa wherever it is it's a good

source of link

to the local regulatory body in that

area if you're traveling as well you

click on there so Europe UK and if we go

over to come where you can see there are

no restrictions on there there are no

fly zones if you go to the left hand

side Anglesey there are some some

airports and on the right hand side you

can see there's Liverpool so you have

those areas where there are restricted

zones but nothing in Conway now there

are a couple of filters you can switch

on and off the DJI fly safe map which

will make it look less scary more scary

one is the warning zones now they are

warning zones they're there to flag up

and say there may be an issue there may

not be an issue but it's down to you to

check if there is an issue and enhanced

warning zones for the super cautious so

if you don't want to get yourself in

real trouble now this is all powered by

altitude angel in the background I

learned last week through the Sutton

Technology Committee Brenda Suleiman

from from DJI said that the backend Maps

is powered in the UK by altitude angel

altitude angel also power my second

source of information which is the NASA

drone assist app which springs up with a

few more flight restriction zones and

prohibited flight areas and NOTAMs

really for drone pilots that are set up

to warn you of areas again there is a

filter system on the right hand side you

need to be very careful that you don't

have an overcautious setting on your

filter but likewise you also need to

make sure that the information you're

looking at is correct and up-to-date

what I do like about the drone assist

app is that you can hit the warning zone

it tells you in detail why that is a

warning zone and in some instances will

have a contact number for the person

that has requested that temporary no-fly

zone so you can see if you can fly or

not fly or see exactly what the

restriction is my next source of

information is via the drone code drone

safe link on the CAA which is looking at

the restricted flight zones around

airports you can go into each individual

map of an area and see how much of the

surrounding city because most big

airports are near a city how much of

their city is affected by the outer

restriction zones on the no-fly zone

interesting as well for anyone that is

trying to get permission and

permission is there to be asked for it's

not a blanket no you can't fly is just

what we're saying with a lot of this

stuff is in certain sensitive areas

they're asking for permission because

they want to know hey who's flying when

you're flying how you're flying how long

you going to be there and when you can

be done it is the job of air traffic

control be sure that everyone can fly

but in a safe manner and you know we are

remote pilots we are air users as well

it's not a case of all no definitely not

because you were flying a drone it's a

well we need to fit you into the flight

plan and make sure all manned aviation

avoids you as well this is what they're

basically asking for there is a link

through the CAA website for anyone that

is having difficulty getting permission

flying in those new flight restriction

zones around Airport so child controlled

by local air traffic control there is a

link also down below for that just in

case you have had a definite no and no

real reason why there's a simple log

where you can log on when how how you

applied and they also want a copy of the

denied fly as well so they can keep a

log off and I think what they're doing

is going through and then saying to

these air traffic control groups is

saying look come on there is another

thing which comes back to your original

question is it valid where they may be

able to stop you is if there is a local

by law or something stopping you of

taking off and landing on the land that

they control in that specific area so

that's where it may be valid may not be

valid but that is a local local thing

now there are there other like areas of

sites of scientific interest which are

seasonal especially for things like

nesting birds wildlife that is is

bearing young as and things like that I

mean if there is a sign that say don't

fly because there are nesting birds and

don't fly in my militant old age I look

at sign now and think why and then I'll

ask why and if there's a number I will

phone it and say why is there a sign

here because my understanding of the

navigation order is this sorry what's

yours don't know what do you think

sometimes you have to ask the question

always ask the question is it safe to

fly or not but what do you think let me

know in the comments below what are you

using to check out an area if it's safe

to fly or not and with us

I'll never get if you've got a question

fast okay open the comes below hashtag

mail and a link to YouTube site which

will now do and let's have a look now I

was here William you got some

interesting stuff on your YouTube

channel not a lot of dry stuff in and

you are flying a typhoon pirate weekend

check it out

2019 is a long video is one of those

funny videos you look at it and you

think I'm not hot I can't watch this but

then you watch it you get into it and

it's quite interesting so if you want to

kill kill half an hour check out that

video but I've just got this drone e1

here let's have a look at this one it is

a long video you know me anything past a

minute I struggle with my my

concentration but this is 19th of May

2019 see your only shot sums up why I

struggle with the typhoon is you always

see the undercarriage it's always there

there's some benefit to that under hunc

camera as long as you're in the white

orientation but then sometimes it did

just ah don't want it just and I don't

mean that in a bad way it just oh just

something just something doesn't I mean

when it when it shoots you get some nice

shots right now

but then you get a lot of prop shadow

like that and then that drives me up the


there's something about DJI Croft I do

like is they get the camera out on the

front there are some restrictions agreed

but nine times out of ten for most of

their craft the camera is out at the

front and you don't get that prop shadow

too much

some nice images there well you might

think what you need to do because it is

eight minutes I think there's a lot of

footage in there in eight minutes I

think what you need to do is you need to

go through and pick out those those

cracking shots and you've got some

cracking shots in there not when the

prop comes in to form like that though

I like the framing of it I think you've

got a good use of of what's there it's

exposed nicely I don't know what your

settings either and if you're on an auto

or manual if you're some nd filters on

on there or what your shutter speed is

you do get some distortion on I don't

what's going on there you get some some

odd remnant thing going on in in some of

the shots I think what I do is go

through and the other criticism I have

is the different music that has going on

or not and I'm the worst to talk about

music and and volume because I just pump

it loud on my stuff but just think about

one piece of music and think about what

it's saying and keep it short minute

minute and a half go on YouTube there's

plenty on YouTube now that are free to

use just you can print this on year one

whatever it is just pick that one piece

of music and just take those best images

you've got that you're proud of where

you've got a complete shot miss all the

turns and that and when you rotate

because you get the legs into short

where you're the props into shot cut all

that out and just focus on that piece of

music and and think about when you

listen to it think about what it evokes

in you those feelings and then try and

match the images to that and bring those

together I think that is the way to go I

do that I upload it again so we can have

another look but put more details about

how he's shooting what you're shooting

well your frame rates are what your

shutter speeds are as well because

that's how people learn they look at

something anything oh that's good I want

to try and do that how did they do that

how did they

get those shots and just look at the

details in the comments and that's the

place to put them anyway I hope that

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I'll see you on a sunny side