How to fly a drone Anywhere | Where to fly a drone legally Step by Step Tutorial




if you're watching this video whether

you're an experienced pilot or new to

the industry you probably realize by now

that there's more to flying your drool

legally than looking at the FAA

guidelines setting up in a parking lot

and taking off into the sky what about

state regulations is there any

restricted airspace around what about

local ordinances are the local police

going to show up park ranger well in

this video I'm actually going to go

through a real-world experience one I

wanted to go on vacation in an area that

I never flew in before I'm gonna go step

by step on how I researched how I got my

answers so I was fairly confident that I

was going to be able to fly legally once

I got there and I knew what footage I

was gonna be looking for once I showed

up now if you came here for an easy

answer this is what you have to do ABC

two minutes and you're done

sorry you're probably not gonna like the



hi this is Keith with daily injure

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so as I mentioned in this video I'm

going to go through my experience and

actually finding out how to fly my drone

legally now there is again as I

mentioned more to it than simply

following the FAA guidelines looking on

air map or looking on before you fly and

finding out if there is a restricted

airspace with regard to what the FAA

says there's a lot of local regulations

different states different

municipalities have different rules and

regulations on drones and you might find

that you think you're in good shape and

the police are actually going to show up

so believe it or not local police and

Park Rangers for instance have the

authority to actually give you a ticket

for doing something wrong and not only

can they give you a local ticket they

actually are in cooperation with the FAA

to refer incidents which they figure are

beyond their jurisdiction but might fall

into the FAA stirrers diction for

further prosecution at a federal level

so this is important stuff and what I'm

going to do is go through an experience

that I had and how this started was I

was going to take a few weeks and go to

California I love to surf love to get

out and I wanted to go to a new place

and fly the Mavic I'm gonna run through

the steps that I took and show how

things unfold it as I sequentially went

through the different things so first of

course when you start looking at where

you're gonna fly your drone the FAA and

that the federal guidelines are actually

going to be one of the most important

factors if you can't fly because of a

federal rule or an FAA guideline or a

restriction you're pretty much done that

is going to be the top level of the

authority then we're going to run

through some actual state laws and they

are going to vary and then I'm actually

going to peck into the local ordinances

a little bit so let's

with the FAA so I was going to

California gonna run to San Clemente

California and first I wanted to find

out if there was any restricted airspace

that I really needed to worry about air

bunk an open air map however you can use

any of the FAA authorized type

applications whether it's before you fly

things like that so first I'm gonna

actually go to San Clemente which is

where I was going to be going and here

we are okay so first things first we're

gonna find out if there's any major FAA

restrictions which are going to prevent

us from actually flying there so right

away we noticed that just south of San

Clemente there's going to be a huge area

of which is going to be completely

restricted and we have a military base

camp Pendelton which is just going to be

the South San Diego area so we know

we're gonna have to stay north of this

area so this is for the FAA so this is

going to be a controlled airspace so

let's zoom in on this just a little bit

here so I know for instance we're gonna

be up a little farther north so it looks

like according to the FAA here we're

okay with having controlled airspace

where I actually want to take off so the

reason I know I do see this peer

standing out here and I know if I want

to fly this pier and see what's actually

going on there so as we're zoomed in on

this area we notice that there's no

advisories now so one thing we do have

to be careful of if a local temporary

flight restriction comes up from whether

a fighter or responder for some

emergency we have to make sure that if

things change we don't just plot in

there blindly so I would suggest right

before you're good and ready to fly

you would check to make sure no

temporary flight restrictions have

popped up our FAA rules and regulations

are out of the way this is where a lot

of people stop and they actually start

flying now we may be okay but we may

have a local regulation so once we

looked at air map and we found that

there's nothing in the airspace we know

that we fundamentally can't fly in that

airspace however we still have to follow

the FAA rules and of course that video

is up here and actually what the

specific FAA rules are and I'm not going

to go through them in this video again

take some time just go through that


we'll go through the FAA rules that you

have to follow while you're navigating

the airspace now one thing that really

helped us from the FAA is a government

regulation that was reaffirmed in 2018

by the Trump administration where they

actually said that the FAA has the

exclusive authority to regulate aviation

safety and efficiency of the navigable

airspace now why this is important is

because up to this point local

municipalities started passing their own

laws with regard to airspace but this

means is you might not be able to fly

over an airspace by your neighbor by a

city building by a parking lot by a

city-owned restroom and you would have

no idea in the airspace you would have

you would have no way to identify what

those specifics are because everybody

would have their own ordinances from

County to County from city to city from

district to district and you could be

flying through the air and realize

you're going in and out of some

controlled airspace not from the FAA but

from a local ordinance so the Congress

actually stated that the FAA has

exclusive rights to the airspace which

is awesome because that lets us know if

we are following the FAA guidelines and

the rules and regulations that are put

forth by the FAA we know that in the

airspace we are good to fly now that's

really really a good thing however that

does not regulate where you can take off

land and operate the controls for flying

your drone so what we're going to be

doing now is now we know we have the

airspace cover because we did look up on

the air map that we're OK in this

airspace however let's now get into

where we can actually take off and land

so let's go to the next step so I

started looking for state laws in

California that would apply to drones so

the first thing I came across is the

unmanned aircraft system in state parks

document from the California Department

of Parks and Recreation

so as I browse through this I looked and

it said specifically drones are

currently allowed in state park state

beaches state historic parks and you can

read the rest but boy it is actually

allowed so I was really excited

no worries about state parks can take

right off from those and no hassles

there so no problems from the Park

Rangers I can take off I have this

document and that's one thing I would do

is keep this document in your possession

while you're flying in case somebody

comes up to you again if you're having

to argue with the police you're probably

going to lose regardless if it's on your

side or not

don't argue with that however at least

it gives you peace of mind you tried to

do the due diligence right so the next

thing I looked as I saw well it does

talk about wilderness areas natural

preserves and cultural preserves which

is fair enough however then there was

this little note here that talks about

checking with your local district before

operating it may have its own posted

orders so if the state parks are legal

to fly in except each state park may do

its own regulation I have to look even

closer and drill down into the San

Clemente area and find out where the

state parks are in that area that I may

be taking off from and find out what

those regulations are so digging a

little deeper I found that along this

coast in California it's actually called

the Orange Coast district so I did find

a document that talks about the state

parks in the Orange Coast districts

specifically so this one now you can

tell is a little more anti-drone so what

they've said here is UAVs are an

emergent technology that can have a

negative impact right away we know we're

in trouble right when they start the

paragraph by saying all drones are bad

news they have a negative impact we know

it's not gonna be good so it has a

negative impact on Park resources Public

Safety and generally inconsistent with

the park experience I bet these guys had

the same problem with the horseless

carriage just sayin due to the dramatic

growth and popularity of model aircraft

in the US with the Orange Coast District

and the Resource Public Safety blah blah

blah the restrictions are as follows no

person cell launce

land or operate a model aircraft within

any park unique Orange Coast District

boss at Chico State Beach Huntington

State Beach Corona del Mar State Beach

Crystal Cove the Haney State Beach San

Clemente State Beach Oh Oh San Clemente

sounds like something that may affect us

here exceptions to this directive may

include but are not limited to

commercial scientific other exempting oh

geez so so this is seven of 2019 so this

is only a couple months before I'm gonna

be in the area not good so now I see we

have to look at San Clemente State Beach

words the start where's the stop because

we can't take off or land in these areas

so let's pull that up so to do this

we're gonna actually pull up Google

Earth which is really cool if you

haven't used Google Earth give that a

try it is really pretty cool so sure

enough here we are San Clemente State

Park and here we go I'm going to zoom in

this even a little more see if we can

find that pier that I want to fly and

sure enough right here is the pier here

is San Clemente State Beach so you can

see the State Beach and maybe it's a

little harder to see in this particular

view here but there's the pier that I

wanted to take off in and here is the

state beach here and if we go up the way

here here is some more area here that

we're gonna have to stay out of this is

going to be Tehama State Beach if I'm

saying that wrong please let me know but

for the purposes of this discussion we

realized that we're gonna have a problem

taking off and landing there again for

now flying in that airspace is okay but

just taking off and landing it's gonna

be restricted so we have to make sure we

don't pile it too drunk from there so

here we are so we're in really good

shape here as well so we've dug in dug

in look at that so if I'm down here by

this pier

you know what State Park isn't there I'm

just gonna plop my butt right here on

this pier and I'm gonna sit right at the

base of this pic as look and we don't

have any FAA regulations on our way

airspace is open we don't have any State

Park issues in our way so we've got the

federal and the state out of the way so

there should be nothing preventing me

from actually flying this pier but we

haven't searched our local regulations

yet so let's go search the local

regulations from San Clemente and see if

there's anything that I need to worry

about from a look

remember the police can still give us a

ticket up to thousands of dollars in

fines and jail time so we want to make

sure that we respect the local

ordinances as well even though they

can't legally restrict the air space

they can restrict the takeoff and

landing so I actually went to the San

Clemente website and they did say they

had an issue with some drones in certain

areas of course I don't know where that


give some of the rules and regulations

that are going to be required so I

started going through these regulations

and you can see these are ordinance

numbers here and I got down and talked

about a visual line of sight and 25 feet

in for another individual seems fair no

problem there and then I got to see no

person shall take off land or operate a

UA on or over private property without

the written or electronic consent of the

property owner if the property owner is

a person other than the UA operator when

the consent to up or UA is required to

take off land or operate a UA on or over

private property UA

operators must have in their possession

a copy of the written or electronic

consent from the owner of the property

properties over which they take off land

or operate a UA no way this is not cool

I know that the city of San Clemente

cannot have an ordinance that prevents

me from flying over private property

Congress has provided the FAA with

exclusive authority cities and

municipalities are not permitted to have

their own rules or regulations governing

the operation of an aircraft so that is

not true

FAA can only do this now I was concerned

about it maybe I was misunderstanding

something and there was some uniqueness

to this area so I contacted the FAA

directly so I'll show you the email that

I actually sent to the FAA to clarify

this matter and it says I'm planning to

pilot a UAV in the near future in the

area California and researching the

local ordinance the city it states and I

took this directly from the San Clemente

ordinance no person shall take off land

or operate you a on or over private

property without the written or

electronic consent of the property owner

I continue by saying the way I

understand you

in law humans municipality cannot

restrict the airspace by stating that no

person may operate over private property

I am part 107 I understand taking off or

landing however I'm confused that the

municipality can regulate airspace can

you clarify so quickly I did receive a

response from the FAA and it said key

thank you for contacting us you are

correct local municipalities can

regulate the launch landing recovery and

manipulation of the controls on the

ground so the requirement of taining

property owner consent to take off land

or operate on private property is valid

however quote the require owner consent

to operate a UA over private property

part is beyond the scope of the

authority airspace is considered public

use and it's exclusively regulated by

the FAA if you have any further

questions please let us know so I was

correct now this being said even though

the municipality cannot regulate the

airspace I contacted them again and I

talked to a gentleman actually at the

city and said how can you regulate the

airspace according to the FAA you cannot

do that and their response was we are

not attempting to regulate the airspace

but you cannot operate the controls over

private property not fly your UAV but

operate the controls so they said on or

over and the way I take this is they're

trying to be purposely deceitful so when

somebody looks into flying your drone in

San Clemente they will scare you from

doing it that you cannot fly over

private property so I believe it's

probably purposely deceitful just to try

to keep people from launching because

they're too scared because it says you

can't fly over our private property they

must know what they're doing I don't

want to have a problem at the local

police but that is not the case they

said it is only operating the controls

over so don't lean over the private

property when you're operating the

controls with the remote and you'll be

fine so since we know now that San

Clemente does have some areas which they

will not allow you to operate your

remote we do have to find out what those

are to make sure that when you pull up

in a parking lot or along a road that

we're not standing in an area which

going to actually send the local police

and give us a ticket we don't want to

have that so I contacted the city for

specific information and they did send

me a few documents and directed me

towards a website which has some of this

information so here's one of the

documents that they sent me and they

said these are the areas where you

cannot they said operate you know

flyzone areas of course now take off

land or operate is not true we know that

but operating the controls taking off or

land is valid so we can certainly fly by

most of these with exceptions of prisons

and such however these are some areas

will be certain you don't want to pull

in a parking lot and take off because

we're gonna have an issue it is specific

to their ordinance so the ones that were

close to where we're going to be taking

off or down here you're talking about

Linda Lane talking these restrooms in

here base of the pier pier restrooms

this is all the pier that we were

talking about taking off from and this

is an actual map of where they

restricted the operation of the controls

in the cell San Clemente area so again

we want to be focusing on the pier area

because that's where we decided we're

going to fly so here we are and here's

the pier going out into the water and

look at that they did restrict by local

ordinance that we cannot take off or

land from this area they have a 500 foot

buffer around these so 250 foot radius

500 foot diameter we were thinking about

taking off the pier no can do we know we

have a state park right down in this

area we can't take off from there

however I want to fly this pier don't

know why it's just something sticking

out in the water but I wanted people to

do it and I want to do it legally

so looks to me if we go down here far

enough down pass these Linda Lane here

looks like we can probably fly from

there keep our visual line of sight and

fly down to this pier and in the ocean

along there and then up up the beach as

well so if we go into our friend Google

Earth again and we look at where we are

here's the pier this I know is the

building and there is a pure restroom of

another building in here this is the

Linda Lane and

that we just saw in this other map here

so if we were a dirt down in this area I

think we can take off and actually get

down to this pier so that's exactly what

I did when I got to the area we drove up

actually figured out where we were and

boy look at that we came right in here

this is white this guy wasn't there by

the way

however we weren't right down in here

went down in the corner went down a

little ways here so we knew we were far

enough away from the ordinance area that

Brewster cured us and look at that

there's the pier we can still keep on

UAV within a visual line of sight go up

along the tracks here really nice so not

only can we fight the fly the beach here

maybe get some footage of some of the

surfers that are along the beach all

along the pier so according to the FAA

we're good controlled airspace we're

good local ordinances we're good for

taking off and landing we are good to go

so we have a spot and we're actually

going to be able to take off from here

legally now does that mean that

somebody's still not gonna come and

harass you and say that you can't fly

here it's possible but you will have

done your research you will have done

your due diligence so you will be as

confident as you can yes I have done my

due diligence I've done my homework to

try to do that best I can will it be

perfect not necessarily so but you know

you've went through the federal

guidelines we've checked for controlled

airspace we've checked for temporary

flight restrictions on air map we've

checked for our state regulations with

the state parks where we can and cannot

take off and worthy boundaries are we've

checked the local ordinances and

regulations of where we can control our

remote from where we can take off and

land and of course while we're doing

this we are going to follow the FAA

regulations and rules that keep us and

everybody around us safe we're gonna

still not fly above the 400 feet we're

not gonna fly over people we're not

gonna harass any wildlife of course all

the things that we normally would do as

a responsible drone owner that is how I

would approach anywhere that you're

unfamiliar with even if you're familiar

with it even if it's a home area start

with your federal your FAA

controlled airspace then go to your

state level then go to your local level

do your research

contact the county personnel contact

your state parks if you're not sure

contact national parks if you're not

sure and even if you're on the ground

and you see somebody walk up introduce

yourself you are a responsible drone

pilot and just say hey I plan on taking

some footage over here you know just

making sure you don't have any problems

with that I'd be happy to take your

suggestions if you have maybe you want

to stay over in this area because people

walk what have you you always just want

to be a good neighbor when you're flying

your drone is well you don't want to be

that drone guy that ends up on a

national news right so that's all I have

for you today I hope it was useful to

you and you found some interesting

information that you didn't have before

you watch the video and if so consider

hitting the like button I always

appreciate it lets me know that

something that I was doing was useful to

you with that I do want your comments

let me know down below have you had any

areas where you've had hassles or you've

done your research and somebody has

still given you a hard time or did this

was this useful to you well have you

done your own research and found

something similar I just want to know

well let's start a conversation for the

community so that we can all learn from

it so comment below I always do

appreciate that and if you have any

questions of course let me know those as

well I'll be happy to answer them if I

can hey you're still here that's awesome

since you're still here I'm gonna give

you one piece of advice that was given

to me a while ago by a fellow drone user

and that advice is fly it like you stole

it now while this is not a

recommendation to be a wild man when you

fly your drone it does have some

validity now hear me out

so what this fly it like you stole it

mentality means is when you're ready to

fly an area get some great footage

whatever you're going to do research

that area figure out what you're gonna

do first without your drone and when you

show up make sure your batteries are

charged all your equipment is ready you

unpack you go to a little bit less

populated area take that drone out do

what you've got to do exhaust a couple

of batteries get your footage and move

on if you're going to need to get some

more batteries charged up don't sit

there and

middle of everybody and be a spectacle

take your battery someplace else charge

them up in your car whatever and don't

sit in the same area for six hours

fiddling with your drone because there

is going to be somebody that's going to

be a jerk they're out there they're

gonna say you know what I don't like

drones are noisy you're spying on me

they're gonna hurt me whatever there is

people that don't like anything if you

give me one hobby I don't care what it

is somebody's gonna say they don't like

it for some reason and just try to make

your life hell so it's not worth it

so flying it like you stole it really is

good advice in that you go in you get

what you need to you get out so that you

just avoid some conflict that is likely

going to happen at some point in time

while you're flying your drone so with

that I do appreciate you being here this

long and until next time good flying