How, Where, When to Catch Carp (Tie an EASY Fly) Fly Fishing







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hope you guys have been doing okay with

this quarantine nonsense whatever it may

be we shall see I know one thing's for

sure we all got a lot of time on our

hands right now this idea I got laid off

but so it doesn't mean it should be idle

I get a little flat right now sorry for

the noise from the highway

because it is flood time in Charleston

before this a lot of wind

ambient springtime Charleston coastal

pressure going on I really wasn't doing

doing too much saltwater fishing for a

while so I hope you guys enjoyed the

bass video that we filmed a little bit

of yo with my my girlfriend and I went

out and got a couple that was a good one

so we're in post spawn now it's still a

good time to catch bass just kind of a

little harder on the fly rod post spawn

so I haven't really been like that

motivated after seeing like that many

big fish spawning when we were fishing

beds so that's always kind of like a

letdown when you stop seeing fish on

beds but something that I like to catch

every now and then our carp and it's a

really fun species because they're

basically like freshwater tarpon they

pull hard as hell they'll take you into

your backing they're stocked in almost

every freshwater pond especially in

South Carolina from the DNR the

Department of Natural Resources they

they are sterile carp most of grass carp

the one in this video is a common carp

oh definitely just like bat ugly ass

fish but anyway they're great species to

catch they're super super spooky and

they're super super hard to get to eat

so basically what this video is going to

demonstrate for you is an easy fly if

you want to call that that I like to use

for them and I make myself without much

tying at all and so we'll go over the

fly that I use and then just kind of

some tactics and then I'm gonna go try

to get this big one out of

retaining pawn there's always a couple

kind of weird rare carp around town some

places have koi in them I've seen like

some orange koi and I even like some

black koi which are always fun cuz just

like a another form that I get very

expensive Japanese cleaner fish so they

do the same thing they're kind of like

eating vegetation off random stuff and

keeping the lake kind of algae free

while at the same time getting really

fat and getting really strong with their

big fish so anyway we're gonna go into

part one which is making the fly so stay

with us



so part one's done got your fly right

so that's the easy part part two is

gonna be kind of tactics on how to get

your car first of all hopefully you have

an idea of where the car is or what you

want to catch at this point like if

you've asked fish ponds I know I mean

every pond usually has a couple

carpeting but find out the type of fish

whether it's grass carp or common carp

or mirror carp they're all pretty

similar but they all feed differently I

know my experience shows that grass carp

are the hardest breed to catch calm and

calm kind of eat a little more willingly

but they're also like a domestic farm

raised fish so they're kind of fed by

humans and then they're bought by

restaurants or property owners to clean

lakes that are going to be in the public

eye so a couple different behaviors of

grass carp first of all you have the

cruisers so these are gonna be like the

hardest ones to catch kind of sometimes

they're schooled up sometimes with one

fish but identify kind of what mood

they're in it's gonna take a lot to get

a cruiser to eat the real behavior you

want is a carp feeding you want that

kind of active active hunger going on

and even more optimal would be top water

who you want them to be eating off top

water it's just the coolest when they

slurp flies all that good stuff but

they're not going to reaction hit a lure

they're not going to kind of see

something plop on the surface and they

don't respond to lure movement or fly

movement so don't try to you know like

jig your fly in their face that will

only freak them out what I use to catch

carp is called a next in line approach

you'll see carp feeding and you'll see

them kind of

hitting off the bottom and eating moss

like I've seen some huge carp eating

moss and kind of ripping it off from

like moss mats on the bottom or you can

easily see them eating off the top now

optimal is eating off the top because

then it's a surface heat you obviously

get the exciting kind of take but if not

next in line approach basically put your

fly down the line leave the fish a good

bit because they spook maybe six to ten

feet and really kind of let it sit

the carp will come up in the Smosh it'll

eat some algae and then it'll come up

and eat like a leaf or something so you

want to be next in line you want to be

the next thing whether it's the bread

fly you're throwing or whether it's the

moss fly you're throwing whether it's a

bug or whether it's a leaf imitation or

whatever you want you want to be next in


so let's say you find a fish in a good

mood really rare already but not


it's just like not a frequent thing like

a redfish feeding or like a trout

feeding or like a vast feeding

these are instinctual things for them

they just kind of react they have to

survive not for a car for cars kind of

like like I said I like a mutant alien

fish and it's either you love him or you

hate him but either way let's say you'd

get one that's in a good mood and he's

kind of prowling around he's feeding act

what's not gonna be a thing is a

daunting strip set what I like to do is

let the carp eat and mouth the fly

before setting for two reasons

carp don't have teeth at all so they

have kind of like gummy lip tissue that

kind of breaks down and flattens out and

kind of dehydrates all the moss and

they eat so you want to want to be able

to get into that and if a carp is

lipping your bread fly or whatever fly

you're throwing it's gonna be really

hard to get that fly sunk in until he

actually has taken the flop no not in

their stomachs but we want them to

ingest the fly in their mouth for sure


I usually do like a three-second and

obviously this is a circumstantial like

if the car takes it and turns that it's

not going to be like that most times

they're gonna kind of slurp it and kind

of feel it and they might spit it the

first couple times but definitely

letting me set and then do your kind of

delayed strip set so strip like two or

three times and then let them go you

gotta let them run I even had them on an

eight weight and it's just they're just

too heavy you got to let him let him go

and get some energy out but with that

being said carp also do not build up

lactic acid like most fish most

predatory fish I don't know what it is I

heard this from a couple different

angles but they don't get tired like

calm in-game fish get tired they go a

long time I had a common on my five Wade

and took me almost like 20 minutes to

get him into kept on bursting off and I

had like eight pound tippet it was


I'll put a link to that video in the

description to most likely it's big and

less likely it's Poland so enjoy it so

as far as landing the fish they are

super slimy they've been in this pond or

body of water kind of cleaning things

and they eat a lot of gelatinous kind of

nasty so therefore their skins kind

of like nasty and they don't ever get

out of this nasty water and they just

kind of simmer so I recommend a big net

fish's life a lot easier less chance of

dropping it and really you shouldn't

keep the fish out of water that long in

general if you do you kind of getting up

taking a picture again now enjoy the

fish take gold pics and let them go let

somebody else catch him

oh it's got many someone riding on oh my

god god damnit where'd he go

alright let's just watch for him we're

gonna get him see him right at the


he's coming 47 for Ryan yeah I need to

change flies now but but they they have

really good sense they know what's real

and what's not

that's why the bread fly doesn't have

that spongy texture yeah that that's

like right there

that was a mini mirror I know that would

be a sick that would be a I've

never caught a pup I mean I have these

cuz he's interested in anything he's

hungry all right it's about to go down

where is he

I just want to keep this dry and fluffy

so I'm not gonna its ep

I don't know that thing is so crazy

holy here we go

a platform you made a pallet oh oh damn

we should have a net I might just go

right down here honestly

it's the worst

Yeah right

I'll let her get a little more tired I

don't want to lose her god it's so much

easier on the eight-way holy crap

no you can't live them number you got

him on the tail I know probably get it





I'll skip them pics real quick so I can

put her back


Elmo's ready hand thank God

dude look at that thing that's awesome


thanks for watching this video guys

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