Fly Fishing Southern Alberta - Three Great Rivers



that's a great-looking pool oh man it

sure is seeing some fish rise right out

here there's some over there yeah one

down there okay well how about if I go

up top this time Clint can go right here

all right work down that way sounds

great all right do it

close your eyes right there oh just a

slow rise

nice class oh yeah see the fish

whoa I'll try to get over an edit for

your Clint Clint got the fish on the

reel just in time because it took off

and some powerful runs and you get wool

it is running oh that's a beauty Wow

look at that

got them right Wow good job Aladdin

thank you I just saw that big fish just

come slowly up to the surface and take a

bug it's like a stride out there and

thought I'd missed him and then pretty

soon I see that slow rise coming up to

my thigh awesome yeah just a beautiful

fish yeah that's exciting it was so

awesome you're in this pool here and the

water is moving slow and it's clear and

I saw this big fish come up just slowly

come up to the surface and suck a bug in

so I cast it out there and thought he'd

left and pretty soon I see this big body

slowly rising up he came up and got it

good job

was another one I was looking at but it

might have been on the soft tackle oh


that's twice where they've been right

next oh that's a hot fish that's a hot

fish that is a hot fish just in case you

were still wondering Steve head on a hot

fish job Steve yeah that was cool just I

saw him rise right down below me and

just cast it and let it drift and boy he

came up it's just later

got a little rainbow in in there it's on

the soft tackle that's great yeah it was

wasn't it stop it downstream just a

little bit awesome

let me get down down below you there

it might be easy if I'm down sure I'll

bring him over this way to it

yeah that's a good fat fish gosh that

was fun boy that's a good cut throw when

he hit he just took off - that was

something really fought hard that was

awesome yeah nice nice fish fought

really well and it was so cool how it

took it just right behind you here there

was or just kind of cast right

downstream and walked with a little bit

so it floated and that fish just nosed

up and grabbed it and then the fight was

on this this holes been good it sure has

yeah I don't know I've tried some

different flies and I'm for something

new now yeah and this I just put this on

this is a PMD which didn't get the

strike but I can see it really well and

then this followed it with with a little

soft tackle and that's what that fish

took right there and we've got a couple

more of those okay might be a good idea

- I'll tie it up then yeah see if I

can't get one awesome nice

that's someone

that's a good fish whoa

gotta be light that was really cool tape

Wow nice Lynn thanks Clint I just toss

whoa holy smokes

just to me net him for you you know what

yeah that would be great

Wow this thing just keeps taking off oh

go away oh boy I think it's I think it's

a rainbow

again the way it's fight and it's fight

not like a cutthroat that was so cool I

just saw it over that rock that rise and

I tossed it that thing just came up and

hammered it ready Clint huh using your

way oh nice scoop thank you that's a

beautiful ball beautiful bow Wow

is it a cutthroat oh man outstanding

gorgeous it's a nice fish

yeah was and Clint I saw that fish rise

right by those two rocks out there and

so I tried to just a couple three casts

right over it and third one it just came

up and just hit it just pounded it is a

great take yeah I didn't I wasn't

looking I didn't just turn another fly

on so I was a heck of a fight good fight

I saw that boy

we were fishing a deep canyon in

southern Alberta when I hooked in to the

first fish of the day

got the fish nice oh that's a good one

yeah good fish awesome on the San Juan

II yes the fish was flashing brightly in

the crystal-clear water

oh oh there she goes yeah

oh yeah what a nice cut my god that's



if it's gorgeous cut on this beautiful

Mount Stream and oh what a great start

yeah yeah that was awesome as soon as it

hit you could see it flashing in there

and it was a nice fish oh yeah its water

so crystal clear and just amazing place

yeah off and running way to start the

day thank you you're up my turn yeah

thank you ladies and gentlemen we're

here up in Alberta and we're staying at

the Palmer ranch and we have the

opportunity to fish with guide Brian

Larson from the bow river guiding

company Brian could you tell us a little

bit about the river yeah you bet the

water river flows out of water National

Park in southwestern Alberta the water

flow is very clear it's coming coming

out of Waterton Lakes and we expect it

to be catching brown trout on a dry fly

oh that sounds great

give it a shot boy this sure looks like

a nice spot yeah it's kind of fun back

in here

now Brian took us down this little side

channel the river and not a lot of water

I wasn't really sure if we'd catch

anything big but boy there sure was a

big one in there good hook up oh that's

it that's a dandy and another Slurpee

take there he goes whoa I'm go he's off

for a run downstream I think we can just

get out of the boat on this one and

finishes pretty shallow you might want

to just walk over to the bank

put you put your rod down down low over

here yeah there you go in the in the

little back channel a nice call on that

dude lucky this guy is a great guy no

doubt about that


the brown was resting calmly after the

long fight then rocketed away I've seen

rain before they take off he went right

under that Bank good job guys

well done I really thought I had set

that too soon but looked real good

did you see it come up or was I in the

way you're yeah you're right between me

at the time I couldn't tell you but then

you said big fish um yeah and then I can

then I was I was going after your pants

there to keep you from going overboard

who's gonna grab something