AZ Trout Fishing: Catching Some Big Brown Trout in Arizona

Oh Saturday morning Dallas and I just

leaving the gas station here we're

headed down to go fishing we're gonna

meet my friend Thomas and his dad Darrin

down here hopefully catch some big

Browns it's big rainbow so

we've got to ride the razor down into

this canyon we'll try to get a good

video show you guys what it looks like

and hopefully get some good footage of

some fish


at the bottom


we just made it down to the bottom here

where we're gonna fish or park and

getting all our stuff unloaded

we got Dallas Thomas and Darren with us

so hopefully we'll be catching some fish

here shortly

getting all the gear unloaded we should

catch a few big one

I just want to film you guys catching

some fish and that is a good looking


thank you swim here's Trent he's got his

first brown on let's see how big it is

hey grab that net right here by my right

there somewhere

that's fantastic that's like the one I

cut yeah it's a nice brown

Dallas's hooked up

yep Dallas is hooked up I could try the

net with my right hand do you think less

you can add them too

you tell if it's a brown or a rainbow

it's a brown it's a good-sized one dude

really nice one it's the thing about

careful yeah

I need to break all these branches away

it's worth it it needs a good size

that's not poison ivy

yeah I know that's poison ivy

if you can get them over here I think

probably not them right here

unless you want to try to net them

yourself there

easy-easy right there you almost need a

bigger net yes oh boy that's even bigger

than mine he's freaking a tank yeah

big old brown twice as big as mine twice

as big round of mine

to get sound your hood blew that one

that's a hook awesome


he caught it yeah and added it himself

Dallas's hooked up with another brown he

decided to go all in and get a bit swag

dude I cast three times over there as

soon as I threw it over a log I had a

rainbow on boy let's get some pictures

this time

another tank dude yeah buddy

swallow it pretty good

nice nice one dude all right let me get

some pics


so feel like you're in Alaska fishing

the Russian River waiting for a bear to

pop out any minute

Thomas is up here sign shouts elk shed

last year's dragger nice job

picked a good spot to take a leak well

we're probably gonna see how your dad's

doing then maybe bust out of here

thankful for the cloud cover

I heard evil yeah earlier I did

at first when you thought it's like

double the size of mine look at that


fatty nice job

who the hell rub that one is the color

on that Mel what just don't know if it's

egg time

how much do you think that was 20 pounds

basically 15


that's just your walking stick found

that fish and pull down here

yeah it sounded like a razor



just making a backhand down the creek

our gear these guys got their vehicle

here and we'll just separate

head back to the wives and the kids and

probably go get some food

for fish sex I had to he never

brought it to shore

we kept three three Browns

but not a bad day hopefully you guys

enjoyed the foot

taken back and because of not receive me


all right I'd like to go camping well

Tom hey appreciate it Darrin see a good

one okay yeah we're gonna head out of

here it's about 12:30 I got you I'll get

some old duels for you isn't that your



we just made it back to town we're gonna

eat at the skillet meet the wives here

and get some food a pretty good day we

both caught two fish I had two more on

that I didn't get to shore and now it's

time to grub