Chile Rivers and Streams - Patagonia Dry Fly Fishing

Chilean Patagonia vast spectacular a fly

fishers Navona

in this special episode we explore the

majestic rivers and streams looking for

large rainbow and brown trout this is a

place the trout will pounce on your dry

flies or streamers come join us on our

great adventure in the breathtaking

beauty of Patagonia


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Patagonia a place that has been on my

bucket list for a very long time in

every direction you travel

there's outstanding trout fishing and

scenery beyond compare a destination

that many say is nirvana for fly fishers

who love wild trout and fly fishing on

streams and rivers the trout fishing is

exceptional and exceeds any anglers

expectations trout are not native to

chile and were in fact brought to the

country in the early 1900s by european

settlers because they discovered that

the lakes and rivers of patagonia held

few fish species brown and rainbow trout

were successfully put in numerous water

systems and quickly spread throughout

Chile today trout are found in virtually

every River and lake in this region and

are considered a native species by

everyone that is one of the reasons I'm

here to catch the wild trout that

inhabit the rivers and streams of this

wonderful land


I'm the privileged guest of renowned

guide and lodge owner Francisco ville

says who's known to everyone as Pancho

Pancho has fished throughout the world

and for a period of time actually guided

in Canada his vast experience combined

with the CRA's Matic personality make

him the perfect guide to spend a week

with exploring the fatal waters of

Chilean Patagonia our first River

journey is a float trip down a local

river casting both dry flies and

streamers looking for aggressive Trump

in the other boat my good friend norm

Bowen joins us Pancho's asked me to cast

to the shoreline and what we're doing

he's got me throwing it basically a big

cone handed black leech it's not super

big he likes to start small and then go

larger and play with it but we're

smacking against the shoreline he wants

me basically to hit the rocks virtually

and he says the fish are gonna be right


or they're gonna be just on the outside

at the drop-off we've moved a couple


but right now we still are hunting

looking for that fish that's going to

come streaking out of the shallows

probably a brown



what's interesting is that that fish

poncho he took when it was dead like I

didn't stripped through when he

obviously followed it so they're not

super aggressive cuz he took it on the

paws when I was just getting ready to

pick it up okay all right

we've seen a couple fish move on the

streamer and with any luck things are

gonna start to change what I like about

this river and this is what Pancho told

me about it before it's like a lot of

rivers here is that there's great

structure to cast too and if we can get

a hatch going or some sort of activity

we throw grasshoppers and beetles and

get them coming up and eating so it

could be really exciting


one of the important aspects of coming

to Patagonia is enjoying time with your


beyond the fun of fishing relaxing on

the riverbank eating a great meal and of

course taking in the beauty of the

surrounding landscape this is truly a

very special place and to enjoy it with

good friends makes it even more magical

after an hour of casting bow streamers

and dry flies without success on show

recommended we change things up he had

me switch to an infant rig

since the trout seemed so lethargic that

day well the Sun came out and it didn't

take long for our luck to change well

I've been casting for the last forty

minutes I've moved a half a dozen

smaller brown trout but neither on tour

I have seen a single big fish follow

chase or hit my fly so Pancho thinks the

best thing we're not seeing any rising

fish right now so dry flies out of the

question and usually this is a good

place for it as well as the streamers so

we're gonna go to nymph n' the fish are

having their head down right now they're

kind of neutral we did have a change of

weather it was sunny philosopher for

days and now it's clouded over so that

sometimes can do that that's what Pancho

was just telling me so I'm gonna try a

nipping so we can get a fish


all right so I've had several fish on

empty for whatever reasons lost everyone

even with these small nymphs that's just

the way it happens sometimes in a bunch

of the way goes yeah I'm gonna have a

nice rainbow there okay

I'm gonna know he's ready he's ready

coming over here weigh them back here he


all right yeah this stuff




unlike a traditional lodge were usually

fish only one river or stream Pancho

likes to take his guests throughout the

region every day trying a new

fly-fishing experience we love this

travel an opportunity to see the wonders

of the region and of course sampling the

different types of river and stream

fishing today Pancho has brought norman

ID to a small stream which has easy walk

and wait fishing as we proceed in there

are grasshoppers everywhere buzzing

through the air already I'm getting

excited about the prospect of casting

small hopper patterns to hungry truck so

we're just moving down the stream

getting into positions and this little

feeder Creek poncho spotted a nice big

brown probably 14 to 15 inches and the

winds are cooperating right now and

hopefully I can lay the cast out far

enough ahead there's a smaller chart at

the bottom but what we're hoping is I

can get to the other fish without the

little fish getting the fly and I don't

touch the wheat on the side so it's see

how this goes

come all right

good eye there fine show

well he's coming downriver he's right

here punch Oh beautiful little brown eye

look how big this Creek this is so small


right first fish of the day the trout in

the rivers have a wide variety of food

sources of course it will jump on any

bait fish that makes the mistake of

swimming by

but for fly fishers it's the top water

food sources that are of the highest

interest grasshoppers are abundant and a

delectable food source for the brown and

rainbow trout the daily high winds blow

enough hoppers into the rivers and

streams to ensure the trout have lots of

opportunities to feed on these

terrestrials most unique to this region

and an absolute favour of the trout are

the stag beetles these massive insects

cause explosive surface attacks when

they fall into the water

whoo I'll bring him to you right here

all right

well that's beautiful look at that


good fly Thank You Francisco



good man

nice this is really hard I'm spooked

three fish coming up along this willow

francisco's on the bank giving me

guidance I just got this and there's

another riser up here so I'm hoping I

can find another good-sized fish the

nice rainbow thinkin it really is cold

cold water it's gonna revive or it



there's tall grasses and willow trees

that drape over the stream providing

cover to the trout from predators


however the same cover will make casting

challenging for us

one bad cast and you hook a branch

leading to a spooked route


stealth is the key here and poncho make

sure we position ourselves to hide from

the truck



well that's the second fish out of the

same hole fantastic they're sitting here

under the Willows beautiful bring a man

nicely done poncho all right so with

this the guy we got under the Willows

took him on a red humpy a nice little

release back into the stream so someone

else can catch him another day I love

this fishing in Chile and the Sun came

out today and now the fish are getting

very active so more beautiful let's get

another one





pancho owns a small but lovely lodge

with wonderful accommodations located in

the heart of Chilean Patagonia recently

built this Lodge has all the comforts to

make your stay memorable including

wonderful food his cozy Lodge is in fact

nestled on a hillside on the banks of a

wonderful lake that is full of rainbow



from here we base our daily operations

traveling to various streams and rivers

big fish whoa

likes coming out to rainbow he's coming

down oh what the head just came up and

chomped that hopper beautiful beautiful

fish yes baby that was outstanding

the rods have brought to Chile to fish

the streams and rivers are four to six


the ideal lengths are seven and a half

to nine foot in various actions based on

the size of stream or river were fishing

the patterns were used on the rivers and

streams in Chile were mostly top water

offerings Pancho likes us to use darker

colored hopper patterns that were

generally smaller than what we're used

to the same applied to any Beatle

patterns as well tied with foam or other

buoyant materials for streamers we also

use mostly dark or black colored

patterns which seem to incite the

greatest interest from the trout


now another one here

this water is proving to be extremely

productive we're taking a lot of fish

out of here I don't know if this is a

bigger one or hard to tell at first

pulling fairly well yeah yeah yeah it's

a good fish give me a give me a good run

for my money

another nice rainbow

oh no it's brown yeah the Browns here

quite whites colorful

yeah where is he

look we got caught up in my fly line

got him taking fish after fish out of

this one run here just working left to

right one under the Willows one just in

the slipstream there and the flow one in

the quiet mirror water there really

interesting just methodically moving up

here you know sometimes we move too fast

through the water and we're not

methodical enough when we miss a lot of

fish we look we don't see them we keep

going we keep going while walking by

fish so today we're taking a long time

to do this one stretch of water and

we're pulling a lot of fish out of here

so it's a good lesson for me to slow

down a little bit

beautiful fish poncho beautiful fish

ready to go back and somebody else can

catch him next time



today Pancho has brought us to a

wonderful lake to fish towards the end

of the day he took me to a feeder stream

to try our luck for big brown trout


nice now what happened there

Francisco spotted to take he saw the

flash and cued me in because I didn't

see the fish but he did I saw it after a

hit but oh but if I hadn't got that cue

and this is where a good guide is so

important I didn't see it in time and

the thing is there's more fishing here

they're all big oh you're gonna oh he's

a big boy they're eating of mergers and

we're trying to get him come up for

Drive just could not make it work ok so

one of the do Francisco I'll bring them

right in here into this part of the hole

let's get the line on the reel

ok Oh sizeable he's a tank oh what a

sweet fish yeah ok here to the last few

hours we go back in that hole there we



for my last river trip Pancho took me to

a magnificent river that flowed down

between the mountains the view here was

nothing short of epic Pancho had me

casting streamers most of the time

trying to entice trout out from undercut

banks and cover however the winds that

day were significant and often caused us

problems all right keep him out there

just hammered that fly around



we hope you enjoyed our incredible trips

Chilean Patagonia to fly-fish on their

wonderful rivers and streams our sincere

thanks to Pancho and Chile trout comm

for hosting us

thanks for watching and check out our

website for more information about

Chilean Patagonia the new fly fisher has

been made possible thanks to the support


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