Fishing in Port Aransas! - Fly Fishing the Gulf - McFly Angler Episode 34

previously on McFly angler we went out

in kayak fished a place called shamrock

Cove but we didn't catch anything of

substantial size


hey guys so the last couple days have

been really tough and I haven't really

caught anything good I talked to the

guys down at Roy's about where it to go

and they recommended the jetties import

a so I'm gonna go try it I didn't think

there would be anything good here but

they said they're catching redfish bull

rats some sea trout but possibly at the

very end some tarpon and jacks that

would be a blast I don't think my eight

wade is gonna be good enough for that

but might as well give it a try I mean

this is my last day to fish gonna get

out there start fishing this was sorta a

Hail Mary move in the way anything I

catch will probably be a pretty

good-sized fish however I knew the

likelihood of catching would be slim

with the fly rod

the win was really bad though and it was

difficult to cast luckily I had this new

red fish line made by Rio and it did

seem to cut through the wind pretty well

check out this beautiful butterfly

trying to just fly in the wind poor


I did start getting a few bites but I

wasn't able to hook that so I moved up a

bit past the waves to see if there were

larger fish a bit deeper


it turns out that the fish that were

biting for the small needlenose fish I

was hoping for sea trout oh well



this mas was really slippery so I had to

be careful and the waves were coming up

over the rocks and getting me wet then I

realized my camera was in waves reach so

I had to quickly go and move it before

the next wave came


it was so windy that my camera kept

shaking and getting blurry


another issue I had was that my line

kept getting caught in the rocks I

really needed to have a stripping basket

for here also I had to check behind me

for people frequently walking up and

down the jetty


the wind was to my back on this side of

the jetty so it wasn't too difficult to

cast however when I switched to the

other side of the jetty it got really

difficult to cast and I had to double

haul really hard to get the fly out at

all also I had to cast downward because

the fly would fly back at me if I didn't

so I quickly left casting that side and

went back to the other I fished many

spots along the way as I kept getting

closer to the end of the jetty this is a

long jetty which stretches out about a

quarter mile or so out to the ocean


and my line got stuck once again on the

rocks but this time it was really bad

the waves ended up shooting line under

the rock and it looped up under and

there was no getting it out I didn't

want to just pull really hard and have

the rock shred my line either so I tried

just about everything to get it loose


but finally a wave came and knocked it

loose how lucky was that but while I was

messing with the line my fly sucked to

the bottom and got stuck as well



okay so now for a new fly by the way

guys I've really in liking these new

shirts I am selling now as you can see I

have the hood up and the neck gaiter

argued it is a hot and sunny day today

but I am NOT getting burnt at all I do

have a link in the description section

of this video if you want to purchase

some so I decided that I would try the

other side again but check out the wind

and these waves and the rocks were

really slippery from being wet but I

gave it a go anyway


I kept getting the waves coming up and

over and splashing me and it was making

me nervous that they would knock me off

the jetty so I stopped fishing here

again then I got a call from Johnny that

he was heading out he had to watch his

kid in the morning and ended up meeting

up with me around three o'clock I was

really tired of casting my fly rod into

the wind all day long so I ended up

borrowing his bait caster for a little



just like I was getting all day long we

kept getting those little needle fish

biting our lures

also all day long I kept seeing these

sea turtles they were everywhere

how cool well we kept trying until about

five o'clock and then started heading

back in he did try a few spots along the

way though I had to head back to San

Antonio to pick up my wife and then head

back to my house in Colorado the next

day I was really frustrated that I

didn't catch any good fish the entire

trip does not like the Gulf I usually

catch it non-stop

however the conditions just were not

right and most of the fish had gone

really deep at least I had a great time

hanging out with my buddy Johnny one of

my longest and closest friends hey

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