Wide Open - My First Film Festival Film! Fly Fishing for Yellowfin Tuna in San Diego!

hola hey Alice Marc come on down there

in San Diego Marc not much man

tuna bites pretty wide open down here in

San Diego though

wide open wide open I'll tell you what

get on a plane get out here let me show

you what a wide open tuna bite really is

sound good pretty good man let me get on

a flight I'll be right there

I called Alex because the tuna bite has

been hot this year again better person I

think up to get out here and rip some

lips and catch them to number one reason

I'm here is to spend more time with my

good friend and it just also happens to

coincide with the most epic tuna bites

going on in San Diego in some 2530 years

that's pretty special if we can find a

fish in that 20 to 30 pounds class on a

fiber app we can find a fish in a 40

pound class even better if you can find

a bluefin compared to a yellowfin even

better chasing fish hunting for fish has

become something that has consumed my

life this year's been pretty exciting

because we've seen larger fish fish that

just don't stop constantly kick and kick

your butt I know that when I'm fishing

with Mark we're gonna be out there the

entire time we're gonna take every

opportunity we take every chance we're

all gonna be coming back when it we've

gotten it done and now we have only four

days to make it happen four days of

chasing what may be the most powerful

fish in the ocean

day one was a little bumpy we got out on

the water definitely already white

capping in the morning looks like a wind

stayed on it all night



we went out we were very fortunate we

found the fish pretty fast

we had to circumnavigate his sails

around Navy vessel but we had tuna

busting all around the boat


we found a school of fish that literally

stayed with us for two or three hours on

the drift you know when you find the

right yellow fin to do that it's game on






day one let into pretty great wide-open

tuna bite



if you wanted to go ahead and make tuna

fishing a little bit farther than it

already is put two at one time and get

those that are both




I would say all in all day one was

mission accomplished day two was an

amazing day because it was one of those

days where we just decided to go and say

I wonder what's way out there


we went out this day about 40 miles into

the bluest blue water into water that

looked like it was purple I knew getting

outside we find some patties hold some

different fish the yellowtail Dorado


by the boat


we found Patti after Patti a beautiful

green yellow right color big Dorado when

it comes to catching a couple well we

didn't find our 200 pound tuna and which

is probably a good thing we found it an

amazing little fishery going on on its

own we came back inside and got back on

tuna like we've done the day before



we got some serious drag on this ring

going to come on baby

I can't move this thing





have too much beautiful big fish


let's say we waited a little bit longer

but we still found them on day two day

three was our toughest day day three

took most of our morning looking for

signs of life trying to find fish I

think the fish were down you know the

birds weren't working

focus pay on target

whenever Ilyich Schneider fishing

together and the fishing gets low I

never really know what to expect

why can I like to rent a lot of songs

long fishing nothing that would ever

make any money but trying to be smarter

trainer works smarter hey good luck with

that mark you're not short just not we

did stick it out longer than anybody

else did and that always pays off day

three was a long day it's a pretty fun

time caught up in the hit and run yeah

or is this just a hit it's just a hit

and run tuna it doesn't matter where

you're at in the day you gotta keep

looking because those fish may be down

and they may come up







we did find them in the end

in the later in the day in a good class


daydreams day food was good a lot of

work but we found last day day for

started out with phone calls last four

days and today was pretty special


I think you're doing fishing I think

it's pretty amazing

it's an explosive fish


very powerful fish

all existed

the fish that can pull as much if not

harder than you can


good fish


you're pulling as hard as you can give


you can the rod is bent and angles that

use on thick broad Steuben

and you have to keep going you have to

keep pulling with that rod bent that way

part of my back to mono e mono and if

you're ready for your hands your knees

your back your knuckles your waist your

lower abdomen to ache the tuna fishes

for you

the hardest part about tuna fishing on

the fly and catch and release is the

last 20 feet there's the shooting head

soon as you get your fly line back

you've lost it once again


all right I'm talking I'm talking to do



bluefin baby

I knew I was coming out the official

mark and that's something that I just

love to do

the fact that it went as big as it did

as one day as it did with the rod of

yellowfin big yellowfin to bluefin

that's pretty special

this will be another time another

experience in my life that I'll never




then wrap it up by showing us your

secret handshake what all fishing

buddies I know you're not a secret


it's been fun man